January 11, 2024
Something wicked (good) this way comes
Awsm is the secret sauce brands can use to convert customers into evangelical fans
Something wicked (good) this way comes

So... we did a thing.

Made some sauce. Some Awsm Sauce. It's a little tangy, it's a little sweet, it's quite surprising. It's like super ranch with a little kick and some magical pixie dust sprinkled in.

We wanted to create a memorable gift or leave behind for marketing. We wanted something unique. We wanted something people would talk about. We wanted something people would have strong opinions about (for better or worse - but hopefully better).

A few members of the Awsm team are foodies. They make wicked good stuff. So they decided to whip up our own homemade sauce (we love our sauces here). We'll share it at local events. We'll give it to podcast guests. We'll share it with prospects and customers and partners.

Awsm sauce is a metaphor. Awsm is the "secret sauce" brands can use to turn their equity into a powerful tool to reward and motivate their customers. Once customers get a "taste" of the upside they are more loyal, spend more, and are more evangelical. It's amazing. It's not been possible before now. We've created something new and striking - kind of like this sauce. We want all consumer brands to get some Awsm sauce in their lives.

It was fun to make, and fun to eat and we hope our friends (and frenemies) love it!

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