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The first-of-its-kind, frictionless, ownership distribution and management platform.

Awsm supercharges consumer brands by turning ownership into the ultimate advantage.

Unleash the untapped potential of your stakeholders and turn them into brand champions. In the Awsm universe, you don't just create value—you multiply it, exponentially.


Level-up your client relationships—transform them into vested partners. With Awsm, it's not just about delivering work; it's about creating a shared future.

Consumers & Fans

Turn your customer base into a powerhouse of brand advocates. Awsm lets you make owners, not just shoppers. The upside? A spike in revenue and long-term loyalty.

Influencers & Ambassadors

Revamp your influencer relationships from transactional to transformational. By giving them a stake, you're not just boosting content—you're creating 'perma-influencers' that massively increase referrals.

Employees & Contractors

Say goodbye to transient talent. Awsm helps you align performance with ownership stakes, boosting engagement, productivity, and retention across the board.

Ownership has never been so breezy.

Ever wanted to "Venmo" someone a bit of ownership in your brand?
We've made it that simple.

Here's how it works...

Sample UI showing Collective data
Sample UI showing growth related insights to admins
Create and Allocate

Set the stage.

Launch an Awsm collective and determine how much you'd like to allocate. Unsure about the numbers? You can lean on our expert valuations or bring your own. We're here to support you every step of the way.

Tailor the Terms

Your brand, your rules.

Outline contributions and their corresponding rewards. Whether it's as straightforward as a product purchase or as intricate as a full-blown campaign, the structure is adaptable to your needs.

Sample UI showing the process of creating a new Activity
Sample UI showing bit values for various example Activities
Sample UI showing a comment from an Admin user
Sample UI showing a conversation related to a posted Activity
Engage the Creators

Ownership meets opportunity

Now, it's time to bring in the MVPs—your stakeholders! These can be businesses, individuals, or anyone who contributes to your brand's growth. By joining your collective, they work alongside you, sharing in the success.

See the Impact

Real-time validation, real-world results.

As agreements are activated and tasks are completed, members will see their portfolio value grow. Every contribution elevates the collective and the overall value of your brand.

Sample UI showing a recent bit earning
Sample UI showing a Member user's account data
We practice what we preach

At Awsm, we believe that those who contribute to the success of a company should participate in the upside. We reward the Brands, Agencies, Partners, and Customers that refer other customers to us, with ownership in our company.

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Influencers get ownership

Influencers and ambassadors can earn ownership in the brands they promote and evangelize, and in Awsm for referring their brand partners to Awsm.

Consumers get ownership

As employees or loyal customers, individuals can earn ownership in the Brands they are loyal to and share with their friends and family, and in Awsm for referring their favorite brands to the platform.

Agencies get ownership

Agencies can earn ownership In the Brands they help launch and grow, and in Awsm for referring their brand partners to our platform.

Brands get ownership

Brands can earn ownership in Awsm by referring their growth agency partners to the Awsm platform.

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