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WTF Did I Just Watch?

Um…..I can’t stop watching this…I can’t explain why, I just can’t.


Quiksilver Pro France: Dane VS Kelly

Kelly would move on out of this round from what was probably the most anticipated heat of the event.


A New Wes Kremer Edit Drops With More Crusty Clips

Extra Crusty By Nature has more skate footy and just Wes being himself behind the scenes of his recently released part.


The GoPro Hero 4 Launch Trailer !

The new power box will now have you filming your cat at 4k @ 30fps !


Lost Surfboards Present: Basilone Road

A collection of rippers riding on Matt Biolos’ shapes during the Hurley pro last week.


Junior Jaws Homoki In : The Junkyard Baby

This collection of footage from when Jaws was just a baby shark shows that he didn’t give 2 shits about landing on his face right from the start.


This Looked Like It Hurt…Bad.

This guys goes so damn fast downhill it’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like to slam…and then 2:26 happened.


“Get The Case”

Pretty sick vid starring a couple of my good friends as they try and retrieve a lost Lowepro camera case !


You Need To Watch Absinthe Films ‘Heavy Mental’

Available now on i Tunes !


Noa Deane Does The Most Stylish Frontside Spins In Surf

That back knee tho…

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