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Painfully Accurate LEGO Snowboarding

Everything is awesome.


John John Makes Ally-Oop Rodeos Look Far To Easy

Since Pipe has been on the small side the past few days, it seems it’s more of a airtime wave than free falling into a pit type wave.


Jamie O’Brien May Be The Best Tube Rider Alive

His ability to navigate water cylinders is beyond normal humans.


A Japanese Snowboard Movie That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

I mean this in the best way possible.


Did You Know Wonder Woman Rips On A Skateboard ?

Amazonian shred.


Jaws Will Drop ! HOLY SHEET !

Jaws’ new part is the stuff of legend. Hey knees, I’m going to beat the shit out of you today, ok?


Once You Watch This You Will Desire Jackson’s Hole

Not that hole, the one in Wyoming.


Ever Wonder How They Get Those Amazing Surfing Water Angles ?

Amazing Larry Haynes is the answer.


When Downhill Skateboarding At High Speed Try Not To Get Hit By A Bus

Good lord this was heavy. ¬†Go to the end of the clip if you don’t care about high speed longboard bullshit.


If You Liked The Office And You Like The Hobbit You Will Love This !

SNL killed it on sunday with a shot recreation of the first episode of the OG British version of the office with the folks of Middle Earth. This is amazing !

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