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Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer Is Certified AWSM

I can’t wait till October for my zombie soap opera to come back on.


Flash Back Friday: Pat Duffy: Plan-B Questionable

Back lip in the rain…nuff said.


Turn Around Bright Eyes….

Alex Gray gets totally eclipsed.


Chippa Wilson’s New GoPro Footage Makes You Want To Surf…Bad

I can’t get enough of drone GoPro footage, especially when it’s filmed in clear emerald water.


Arnette Presents: Chippa Wilson-Anything But

Chippa’s favorite things go beyond huge ollies in the ocean.


Shane Dorian Playing Hide The Hawaiian

Cameo by Ian Walsh


This Video Will Change Your Day To AWSM Guaranteed ! Prepare Your Stomach Muscles

100 ways to attack the groin…sounds like my high school girlfriend.


The Three Worst Mustang Drivers On The Planet

Lolz for days !


The Drink Water ‘Rat Race’ Is The Best Thing To Happen To Snowboarding Since Backside 180s

A super fun race up on Mt Hood all for a great cause. Get up there and check it out next summer. I know I need to, because Bryan isn’t going to stop giving me shit until I do.


In Finland All The Best Skate Spots Are Made Out Of Rocks

Madars Apse goes to Finland to skate some rocks and pee in the bushes. Go to 3:38 to see Finnish rock skating.

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