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Aqua Grip Surfboard Wax

The guys over at legendary snowboard wax manufacturer One Ball Jay have surfboard wax too. They have actually been making this for a long time but I just noticed this sweet packaging for the wax. Kids love skulls.

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Nabit at awsm.com

Do you want to shoot action sequence photos of tre flips down 30 sets but all you have is your iPhone?  Thank goodness that there is an app for that. Now if there was only an app that would let you actually land tricks and stop wasting gigs upon gigs of memory.

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Shaun Wipe: A Winning Streak at awsm.com
Shaun Wipe: A Winning Streak

This made coffee fly out of my nose this morning.  I don’t know if this is an actual product or not. If it isn’t, hats off to whoever did the legwork. If it is real, then…oh man, things just got really weird.

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Crystal Skull Shot Glass at awsm.com
Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Hold on guys, I just need to skull this Don Julio…ahhhhh. Now where did I put those car keys?
Kids, if you’re going to booze, don’t drink and drive. Also if you’re going to booze, make sure that you drink from the glass of doom!

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The Voodoo Wave: Inside a Season of Triumph and Tumult at Maverick’s at awsm.com
The Voodoo Wave: Inside a Season of Triumph and Tumult at Maverick’s

Pete Mel is a friend of mine.  Pete is a Maverick’s legend. Maverick’s will kill your ass and then feed you to sharks. I love reading anything that has to do with the mythical Half Moon Bay enormo break. Did I mention I am friends with Pete Mel?

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Snap Infusion Supercandy at awsm.com
Snap Infusion Supercandy

Um…supercandy? Sign me up! I have spent the last 40 years of my life trying to convince my body to turn high fructose corn syrup into an energy source.  Now it seems that I have found the holy grail of snacks!

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Thrasher Playing Cards at awsm.com
Thrasher Playing Cards

Thrasher magazine is one of the best companions someone can have on the road. Now that they have playing cards, they have a lock on the travel boredom category in skateboarding. Play poker, go fish, or just figure out how to throw them like weapons. I think that’s the coolest thing that you can do with cards, just flick them at people and inflict pain.

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Zombie Feet Sandals at awsm.com
Zombie Feet Sandals

You know what? I think that I have seen some feet that actually look worse than these novelty sandals. People, it’s summer time, cut your friggen’ toe nails. Seriously, if your feet look like they belong on an undead brain craving creature from the crypt, get yourself a pedi.

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Light Saber Chop Sticks at awsm.com
Light Saber Chop Sticks

Force feed yourself. Light saber chopsticks are awesome. Eat your Mon Calamari with style.

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Volcom Hoo Farted Tee at awsm.com
Volcom Hoo Farted Tee

I love this shirt. It’s like the owl is asking who farted with his weird owl talk. My daughter sleeps in a child-size version. In our house, there’s never a question about whoo farted.

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