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Want To See A Really Big Wave ?

Portugal is holding.


I Love You California

I can’t get enough of that big hurricane Marie swell footage.


Anthony Walsh Gets Barreled GoPro Style While The Greatest Band Of All Time Plays

Rad collection of clips with some vintage ATDI.


Watch A Jet Powered Surfboard Zip Kai Lenny Into Bombs At Jaws !

Besides the fact that jet powered surfboards are essentially the Segways of the ocean, Kai Lenny is still a mad man that can ride anything that floats in huge surf !


Kalani David’s Amazing 9.80 Wave From Haleiwa Yesterday !

So much control on that frontside air.


Ever Wonder How Bethany Hamilton Surfs ?

I have, and I was stoked to find this video of her explaining how she makes the miracle happen.


Dion Agius Flys Around A Beach Break Somewhere

The signature flappy open shirt thing and 75 reverses. Dion Agius is sure good at doing ollies,


Attractive Distractions: The Official Trailer

You can get Attractive Distractions now on iTunes.


The True Science Of Surfing !

This is pretty rad stuff. Jake Marshall took one for the science team by strapping on all kinds of goofy gadgets, but the data that came out of it is fascinating.


Look At This Little Guy Surfing !

They start them young on the islands. This kid will be charging pipe by the time he’s 10 !

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