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Leo Fioravanti Rips The Marinara Out Of Some Waves In Italy

I have had the pleasure of knowing Leo since he was a little grom. Now he’s a big grom with power hacks.


John x 2 Chucks A Massive Backside 540 To The Flats At Lowers

JoJo Flo is on fire up at the Hurley Pro at Lowers. He has been dominating the lay day free surfing sessions with huge moves like this. Look ma, no hands !


Gabby Medina Up Your Ass

Well, maybe not your ass, but this dude got cannonballed.


Kelly Slater’s GoPro Footage During The Recent Teahupoo Event in Tahiti

Having that much control in such a big barrel would be nice.


Lake Superior Surfing Takes Some Seriously Hearty Individuals

As I watch this, I still can’t believe that’s a lake left point that they are surfing.


Josh Kerr Has A New Movie Dropping Soon: Kerrzy

Josh Kerr has made a fast climb from his position as an air show stand out surfer just a few years back, to one of the sharpest surfers on the CT. His new movie will be chock full of airtime and perfect barrels.


Did You Know Yachts Make The Best Wake Surfing Boats ?

Hey, you scratched my anchor !


This Is What It Looks Like To Be Able To Do Waist High Slobs On Your Surfboard

I probably wouldn’t make all those animal noises though.


Vans Presents: Get-N Classic 3 ( Full Movie )

If you have the time today, sit down and take in one of the best surf films of the year. With footage of Dane Reynolds, Nathan Fletcher, and the Gudang brothers Get-N Classic 3 is and instant classic.


Cory Lopez Keeping It Spicy After All These Years

Keeping up with the youngsters is no easy task these days. Cory still got’s it !

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