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Winter Is Coming….To The North Shore

LNF just dropped this new piece filled with butts, barrels, and beat downs.


Jordy Smith Lets Loose In Africa

Nobody out at a spot in Africa means you are the only item on today’s menu.


Kolohe Andino Drops A Heavy Combo Line In Portugal

Portugal really served up the goods this year.


Dane Reynolds In HD Is Just Like Coffee In The Morning

Holy shinto! This is all older Dane footy but that backside air about 20 seconds in tho?


Bethany Hamilton Is A Bad Ass !

What an inspiration !


Behind The Scenes With John John Florence: How Many People Will Try This Today ?

So when John is surfing Pipe, he duck dives once and pops up out at second reef ?


Kelly Slater Fights His Surfboard After His Loss In Portugal

He was pissed after his loss to Aritz.


Game Of Throwing Yourself Over The Edge: Tywin Lannister Narrates


A Basin Is Open And Guess Who Got First Chair…Again ?

When you have 3 G’s in your name you have to take your job seriously.


So, Kelly Slater Just Landed This… (Now With After Interview)

It’s easily the best frontside 540 revert ever landed on a surfboard. I would even argue it’s a frontside 720 reverted to 900 because of the similarity in wall to a half pipe. Either way we haven’t seen anything like this put down that clean.

*The first 540 were done up in Santa Cruz about 15 years ago

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