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Alex Grey Has Been Inside Some Big Ones

Some were spitters.


The Surf In New Zealand Is All That

Soli Bailey finds some gems in Middle Earth. I am actually here in New Zealand right now and the surf has been so damn fun.


This Is What Surfing At A Rave Would Look Like

Surfing waves of that size at night takes balls ! I don’t care how many glow sticks you have up your ass.


Dusty Payne: 2 Days In Mexico

Sometimes that’s all it takes.


Patagonia Presents: Deep Water Surf

Nathan Fletcher gets the beating of his life. Scary stuff.


Kelly Slater + 1 Penis Shaped Surfboard+ 1 Fish = Hilarity

Paul Fisher is really milking the dick.


Mason Ho Does Work On His Mayhem V2

That water looks so warm and inviting. Mason also does one of the most solid indy airs I have ever seen anyone do on a surfboard at 1:48.


Dillon Perillo: Surfing Is Everything

I thought chocolate was everything ?


Holy Crap ! Wipeout Of The Year Nominees

The Billabong XXL Wipeouts of 2014 are more impressive when you think that these dudes lived.


14 Years Old And Making It Look Way To Easy

Noah Beschen is the future of surfing. Check out the style on those hack backs.

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