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Turn Around Bright Eyes….

Alex Gray gets totally eclipsed.


Chippa Wilson’s New GoPro Footage Makes You Want To Surf…Bad

I can’t get enough of drone GoPro footage, especially when it’s filmed in clear emerald water.


Arnette Presents: Chippa Wilson-Anything But

Chippa’s favorite things go beyond huge ollies in the ocean.


Shane Dorian Playing Hide The Hawaiian

Cameo by Ian Walsh


Nick Rozsa Gets Busy With Last Weeks South Swell

We had a couple days of really fun surf here a week or so ago. Nick takes advantage of what it had to offer.


Burned By Someone In The Water? Go For The Tackle, It’s The Obvious Choice.

This is funny.


Surfing Is Getting More And More Like Skating Above The Lip

Eli Steele gets it done with a collection of solid air time and deep turns.


Never Mind The Black Shorts, The Black Swans Are Running This Beach

Somehow every time I hear that song I picture Peter Griffin.


Surfing In Water That Will Turn Your Grapes To Raisins

Modern wetsuit technology has come so far.


Who Is JOB Episode 10: Pipeline

This being the final episode of this season of Jamie O’s crazy life. What better way to end things than in his backyard.

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