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John John Makes Ally-Oop Rodeos Look Far To Easy

Since Pipe has been on the small side the past few days, it seems it’s more of a airtime wave than free falling into a pit type wave.


Jamie O’Brien May Be The Best Tube Rider Alive

His ability to navigate water cylinders is beyond normal humans.


Ever Wonder How They Get Those Amazing Surfing Water Angles ?

Amazing Larry Haynes is the answer.


So This Is What Pipeline Looked Like 30 Minutes After The ASP/WSL Called Off The Event

Good call guys. ¬†Doesn’t look like those were guys stacking 3′s out there.

Oh and Jamie O is a beast.


What Do You Do When It Rains 2 Inches An Hour In SoCal ? Go Urban Boogie Boarding !

@chriscote took to the streets to get his sliding fix today. With the Pacific being turned into poop soup with all the runoff, the steep streets of Encinitas become his playground. #sopitted


So, The Surf In Lake Tahoe Was Going Off Today…Yeah That’s Right, I Said Surf !

The strong Pacific storm that is to bring up to 5 feet of snow and an unusually low lake level made for some amazingly clean waves in Carnelian Bay today.


How To Do Laybacks In The Tube With Dane Reynolds

Reclining in the green room.


Kelly Slater Is Soo Kelly Slater

Here is some footy of him doing Kelly Slater stuff in France during the Quiksilver Pro.


Oliver Kurtz Wants You To See His New Video Part “Serotonin”

Oliver put together a good mix of heavy almost drowning type waves, and flying through the air waves.


Holy Toledo: Filipe Toledo Surfing Tiny Waves Is AWSM !

Talk about making something look way to easy. He did about 60 perfect twirlarounds on a wave that most would have trouble getting speed on.

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