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You Riding

This free to play web game is so damn addicting. Why this isn’t an iphone app is beyond me.

Play it here.


Aqua Grip Surfboard Wax

The guys over at legendary snowboard wax manufacturer One Ball Jay have surfboard wax too. They have actually been making this for a long time but I just noticed this sweet packaging for the wax. Kids love skulls.

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Wilco’s New Wetsuit Is So Titties at awsm.com
Wilco’s New Wetsuit Is So Titties

Matt Wilkinson has the best wetsuits ever. ¬†This one is in honor of France’s topless beach bonanza.

Categories: Style, Wetsuits

Surfboard Wall Mount Bottle Opener at awsm.com
Surfboard Wall Mount Bottle Opener

The best thing you can have outside next to your barbeque is a bottle opener. What would make the opener even cooler?¬† If you have to ask then just…

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Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model at awsm.com
Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model

Josh Kerr absolutely rips on a surfboard. I should know, I was having a coronary in the announcing booth at The Quiksilver Pro NY surf contest last week when Kerrzy decided to go apeshit and turn his heat into a video part. These pro-model shorts are an undergarment of sorts. Meant to be worn under your board shorts to keep the boys in check. They act as a compression short. This can be very important if you suffer from the dreaded long nut* syndrome or if you are going anywhere that sea lice can sting you on your pee pee.

* From Urban Dictionary
Long Nut: when a man’s scrotum becomes stretched out over time and hangs lower than it should.
i.e.-you know you have long nuts when you get a temperature reading of toilet water whenever you take a number two.
potential causes: inadequate support for the hairy beanbag during impact sports

Buy It $59 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

Coffin Surfboard at awsm.com
Coffin Surfboard

Are you really into True Blood? If so, this might be your surfboard of choice. Actually, I kind of think it has more of an Adam’s Family vibe. One thing’s for sure, coffin rides will be that much more legit.

Buy It $850 Categories: Surf Hard Goods

US Open Of Surf: This Is How Slater Dusted Dusty

Seriously, Kelly Slater must have dolphin dna or something.


Viper Bodysurfing Fins at awsm.com
Viper Bodysurfing Fins

Have you ever body surfed? No … not riding the whitewash on your belly. But actually riding on the open face of a wave with a weird rippling feeling on your tummy. It really is a unique experience. If you have doubts on how rad it can be, check out Mark Cunningham bodysurfing at Pipe. It’s amazing. Viper makes some of the best fins out there for both body-surfing and body-boarding. Get some and get barreled on waist high days.

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Quit Mad Stop Trunks at awsm.com
Quit Mad Stop Trunks

Quit Mad Stop trunks have a vintage beach look I think would look great with a mustache and a single fin. If you’re looking to accessorize your facial hair and have already done the cut-off jeans and fixed gear bike, this may be your next step to making everyone at the beach believe you’re from Brooklyn.

Buy It $210 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

KookBox Surfboards Diamond Tail Twin Fin at awsm.com
KookBox Surfboards Diamond Tail Twin Fin

The Kookbox Diamond Twinny is built to perform. Joel Tudor rips the sack out of any wave he encounters on one of these. Take the new school approach to any wave, while riding a classically-inspired shape.

Buy It $850 Categories: Gear, Surf Hard Goods
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