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The Coolest Animated Star Wars Fan Film I Have Ever Seen !

So much work went into this.


Colbert Clears Up The Episode 7 “Christsaber” Controversy

I love Colbert so much. I feel like he is me trapped in him.


New Star Wars “The Force Awakens” Trailer Recreated In LEGO !

It’s safe to say that I watched the actual trailer about 30 times yesterday.


Darth Vader Lives In Portland Oregon And Has Apparently Ingested A Lot Of Controlled Substances

I mean, why not ?


A Message From JJ Abrams From The Set Of The New Star Wars Film

Who wants to be in the new movie ?  Me me me me me me me me

On another note, it’s good to see a non cg creature popping in. This gives me hope that he will do it right.


Chewbacca’s Kid Skates !

Steve Caballero had the opportunity of a lifetime to stunt skate for a wookie ! The new Vans/Star Wars shoes are out now !


Happy Star Wars Day !

What, you can back one fairy tale holiday but not another ?

"I got totally sith faced with a bunch of Gungans last night..."

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Seven New Star Wars Episode VII Figures Nobody Wants To See

Boo…racist Wookies !


Santa Cruz x Star Wars: You Want This Don’t You ?

Excellent collab dropping right now from Lucas Films and Santa Cruz Skateboards. I already ordered a full set. Jason Jesse cameo is all time.


You Have Much To Learn Young….SOLO !!!!

This fan film gives us a taste of what may be to come in 2015! That is unless JJ Abrams fucks it up royally Jar Jar style.

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