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Colbert Clears Up The Episode 7 “Christsaber” Controversy

I love Colbert so much. I feel like he is me trapped in him.


New Star Wars “The Force Awakens” Trailer Recreated In LEGO !

It’s safe to say that I watched the actual trailer about 30 times yesterday.


Darth Vader Lives In Portland Oregon And Has Apparently Ingested A Lot Of Controlled Substances

I mean, why not ?


A Message From JJ Abrams From The Set Of The New Star Wars Film

Who wants to be in the new movie ?  Me me me me me me me me

On another note, it’s good to see a non cg creature popping in. This gives me hope that he will do it right.


Chewbacca’s Kid Skates !

Steve Caballero had the opportunity of a lifetime to stunt skate for a wookie ! The new Vans/Star Wars shoes are out now !


Happy Star Wars Day !

What, you can back one fairy tale holiday but not another ?

"I got totally sith faced with a bunch of Gungans last night..."

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Seven New Star Wars Episode VII Figures Nobody Wants To See

Boo…racist Wookies !


Santa Cruz x Star Wars: You Want This Don’t You ?

Excellent collab dropping right now from Lucas Films and Santa Cruz Skateboards. I already ordered a full set. Jason Jesse cameo is all time.


You Have Much To Learn Young….SOLO !!!!

This fan film gives us a taste of what may be to come in 2015! That is unless JJ Abrams fucks it up royally Jar Jar style.


Dear JJ Abrams: Please Don’t Screw Up Star Wars

This fan video letter to JJ Abrams suggest the ways for him to keep Star Wars, Star Wars and not some dumbed down Jar Jar tool fest like the last 3 movies.

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