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Star Wars The Force Awakens Behind The Scenes Comic Con Vid !

This just makes it that much harder to wait till December !!


Check Out This Cool Boba Fett Fan Film !

This is one of the better Star Wars fan films that I have seen.


Nixon Has Something Coming That’s Going To Make You Sith Your Pants !

Nixon just dropped this STAR WARS Day teaser of something amazing that’s dropping soon……

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George Lucas Is Pissed There Isn’t Any Jar Jar Or Savage Teddy Bears In New Star Wars !

This is gold.


*MUST GEEK OUT WARNING* Star Wars: ‘Rogue One’ Standalone Film Teaser Is AWESOME !

Holy shit, if Gareth Edwards can bring the darkness to this that he brought to Monsters and last summers Godzilla…Now is such a good time to be a Star Wars geek.


Matthew McConaughey Reacts To The New Star Wars Trailer !

Ok, this is amazing…and mirrors my reaction.


This Is Not The Droid You Are Looking For…Swipe Left

R2D2 should have used Tinder to find love in San Francisco.


The Coolest Animated Star Wars Fan Film I Have Ever Seen !

So much work went into this.


Colbert Clears Up The Episode 7 “Christsaber” Controversy

I love Colbert so much. I feel like he is me trapped in him.


New Star Wars “The Force Awakens” Trailer Recreated In LEGO !

It’s safe to say that I watched the actual trailer about 30 times yesterday.

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