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Check My Friend Michael Mcdaniel’s Season Edit For 2015



This Step Up Jump At Stevens Pass Looks Dreamy

After dealing with what one could only describe as a joke of a winter, these Stevens locals came together and made some shit happen in the dying moments. Love this.


The Path Unseen: The Saint Archer Brewery Story


The Snowboard Movie That Started It All !

The Western Front was the first snowboard movie that ushered in the ‘new’ era of freestyle snowboarding from the likes of Chris Roach. It was the transition from dorky day glow to tight controlled tricks that were held so long, hands were almost landed on. Go to 14:52 and watch Roach in his green pants just go to work. ┬áHis style was/is pretty much perfect in my opinion.


Well Park City Resort Is Closed Now But They Dropped One Last Edit

Weird that the season is over. I kind of feel like it never really started.


And This Is Where Snowboardings Headed…

Have fun guys, I’ll be over here.


Halldor Helgason And Friends Making Things Happen

This just happened…again.


Yawgooning Up Killington

Yet another unique snowboarding edit from the dudes.


Just Because Someone Can, Does It Mean They Should ? The Quadruple Cork Just Happened

Regardless if you think this is something that snowboarding needs or something that fell out of freestyle skiing aerials, to attempt 4 fucking corks is not easy.


Now That Carving Has Made A Snowboarding Comeback…

How long till kids are buying hard boots ?

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