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Nike Just Helped Sage Emerge

Nike’s new snowboarding video series “Emergence” just kicked off with Sage. Can’t wait for more.


*TODAY’S MUST WATCH*- Mikey Rencz & Jussi Oksanen Going To Pow Town

Burton Snowboards Presents is the new title for all the parts that will drop over then next month or so from the big B’s amazing team of shreds.


Scotty Vine Just Dropped A Banger New Part From Arbor Snowboards

Scotty is a free thinker. Usually freeing up his back foot from his binding in the middle of massive 720′s or double backflips.


Thank God This Didn’t Catch On And Snowboarding Did

Swingbow…it’s like snowboarding just more weird and awkward.


Whoah ! So Hyped On The New Pirate’s Production Teaser: Perceptions

It doesn’t hurt that they used that new Hooray For Earth song either.


Norway Summer Shredding Just Moved To The Top Of My List…

I would go there and do similar things.


Who The Hell Names A Snowboard Film “Mr Plant” ?

Mr Plant may be the dumbest name for a snowboard movie ever, but I’m sure the actual snowboarding will be mind blowing. Now the big question is, do I call Pat Moore Mr Plant now? Is this named after Robert Plant ? Does it even have anything to do with plants ? Is it about hand plants ?


Get Outta Town Project: Season 2 Is Here !

The boys are back and dropping a new batch of powder shredding from last seasons adventures in the Canadian backcountry.


While You Were Sweating Your Balls* Off This Summer People Were Snow Shredding Down Under

Perisher was the place to be in Australia this summer as the super pros of snowboarding descended on the tiny resort and did every trick possible.

*We at AWSM realize that many of you do not have actual balls. We meant your figurative balls.


Really Gotta Wanna Is A Really Gonna Wanna Watch Snowboard Film This Season

I would like to say it’s getting cooler and feeling more like fall, but in Southern California it’s been an oven the past week.

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