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POW Gloves Two In The Pink at awsm.com
POW Gloves Two In The Pink

Shocking, isn’t it? POW Gloves has made the most offensive glove I’ve ever seen … and you know what, I think it’s really funny. I’m not going to spell out the details of what the colored fingers mean. You’ll have to ask your older brother about that one.

Buy It $39 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Iikka Backstrom at awsm.com
Iikka Backstrom

This will be AWSM’s second ‘actual human’ review. Iikka is an interesting example of the human species from Finland. If you’re not familiar with Finland and what it’s done for skateboarding & snowboarding, Google Aarto Saari and the fuzzy little foreigner, Iikka. Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Iikka is the closest thing the planet has to a real live Muppet. It’s hard to put a label on his personality. Mostly, it’s just confused. I’ve never seen someone look so baffled all the time. I personally love when he talks to his Finnish friends. It sounds like an old dial-up modem talking to a fax machine with “dude” or “bro” thrown in for good measure. I love Iikka. I hope all of you out there get a chance to meet him someday. I know you ladies are excited. Although, I wouldn’t get too tingly. Iikka is one of the only people I’ve ever witnessed successfully ‘cock block’ himself at a bar. Hooray for Finland!

Categories: Peeps

The Art OF Flight

My friends make really awesome snowboard movies! All I can say is wow… Coming Fall 2011

Buy It Categories: Film, Media

Snowboard Snake Run

Now this looks really, really fun! Why can’t we build one in the US?

Categories: Film, Media

Spirit Hoods at awsm.com
Spirit Hoods

AWOOOOOOOOOO! Let out your inner animal spirit! Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my! Um … I didn’t see my spirit animal, the sloth, pictured on your website. What gives?

Buy It $129 Categories: Headwear, Style

Spy Optics DCP Goggle at awsm.com
Spy Optics DCP Goggle

His name is David Carrier Porcheron. Because snowboarders can’t be bothered with saying a long French Canadian name, everyone calls him DCP. David has a new goggle with SPY Optics. Goggles go on your face to protect you from people on the chairlift spitting in your eyes.

Buy It $89.95 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Oakley Airbrake at awsm.com
Oakley Airbrake

Oakley yet again offers a futuristic goggle design. No more fumbling and buckling lenses, when you need to switch them out on the gondola or chairlift. Oakley has a handy new lever function to make things easier. You know what is even easier than that? Bring two pairs of goggles with you.

Buy It $ TBA Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Etnies/thirtytwo Ammo 2 Teaser

thirtytwo and Etnies are dropping vids to promote their roster’s super squad of am’s. These days, there are not many differences between what these guys and the pro’s are throwing down. Well … except for the cash-lined bank accounts.

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Crazy Snowboard App For iPhone

Just when you thought the only thing to play on your iPhone was Angry Birds. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone threw a snowboard game into the mix. Now, it’s no Tony Hawk Pro Skater … but it is mildly entertaining.

Buy It $0.99 Categories: Games, Media

Hot Buns Butt Warmers at awsm.com
Hot Buns Butt Warmers

Nobody likes a cold, damp ass. If you snowboard in the East or the Pacific Northwest, you’re all too familiar with swamp ass from wet snow or rain covered ski lifts. Strap a Hot Buns to your rear end and keep the caboose nice & dry.

Buy It $29.95 Categories: Snow Soft Goods, Style
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