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Now This Is The Real Reason You Buy An Audi !

Quattro is beautiful !


Burton x Star Wars Snowboards at awsm.com
Burton x Star Wars Snowboards

Try and tell me that this license didn’t cost a million republic credits. I have to find a Darth Vader 130 for my boy or he’s going to disown me as a parental figure. If anyone out there works for Burton and wants to give me one, I would be stoked. Kthanxbye.

Buy It $189.95 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Shaun Wipe: A Winning Streak at awsm.com
Shaun Wipe: A Winning Streak

This made coffee fly out of my nose this morning.  I don’t know if this is an actual product or not. If it isn’t, hats off to whoever did the legwork. If it is real, then…oh man, things just got really weird.

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686 x New Balance 580 Boa at awsm.com
686 x New Balance 580 Boa

New Balance and 686 team up for another collab that makes snowboard boots look more like trainer shoes instead of hulking Frankenstein boots. The boots are equipped with the BOA lacing system. So that means that if you never learned to tie your shoes you can just crank a dial and the boots will tighten right up like magic.

Buy It $300 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Actual Human Review: Peter Line at awsm.com
Actual Human Review: Peter Line
Have you ever thought about which one of your friends is the most likely to have a nude painting of themselves hanging somewhere in their house? Well, chances are if you know him, the name Peter Line popped into your head. We all know Peter can snowboard really well and has done this and that for the progression of the sport bla bla bla. Let’s go deeper into Peter. I just felt uncomfortable typing that.

First off Peter is shorter than the average human. He is about the size of an Ewok, just less furry and 30 times more offensive. He is eccentric, which really means weird with money. Pete lives in Seattle in some artsy loft that everyone raves about. I have never been to his home.  I picture a bunch of phallic shaped furniture in his living room that looks really weird, but is strangely comfortable to sit in. Peter loves to cook. Rumor has it that he can perform in a kitchen.  Apparently he was classically trained by the Food Network. I am again getting a mental picture of Pete in his living room filled with penis furniture and nude paintings of himself studying the Food Network. He’s probably in a robe and it’s 3 in the afternoon.

In true eccentric artist style, Peter has found photography. However, I really think his master plan is to somehow convince chicks to take their clothes off for him in his “studio”. I wonder if his studio has windows…or door handles on the inside?

Peter has a love for late nights.

So in summary, we have an eccentric little man who loves cooking and photography and has starred in many blockbuster movies. I’m pretty sure I just described Woody Allen.

Categories: Peeps

New Red Epic M Camera Shooting Snowboarding At 300fps

Start saving your pennies aspiring film makers. It looks like the bar has been raised.

Rider: Geoff Brown


MTN Approach Backcountry System at awsm.com
MTN Approach Backcountry System

If you want to get to the goods, sometimes you need to skin it to get there. These light weight, collapsible skis glide you across neck-deep powder flats on your way to the steep and deep.

Buy It $ TBA Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods


How good does this look?  I’m stoked to see the final product.


Valle Nevado Chile at awsm.com
Valle Nevado Chile

It’s summer here in the northern hemisphere, but below the equator, winter is just getting started. Chile has long been a go-to location for summer time shredding. The terrain can’t be beat and the nightlife can strip you of your dignity making you cry yourself to sleep in a thumb sucking ball. Valle Nevado is one of Chile’s premier resorts. Only a few hours out of Santiago, up several winding switchbacks and you can be riding some of the best terrain the planet has to offer.

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Spring Break Snowboards at awsm.com
Spring Break Snowboards

There’s been talk lately about the soul being stripped away from snowboarding. Well … no-boarding has been taking off lately. Reason being, it’s the purest form of riding there is. Powder provides the ultimate snowboarding ride and that’s what SpringBreak Snowboards is all about. So get yourself one of these hand-made art boards and scream SPRING BREAK at the top of your lungs before dropping into that pristine powder field.

Buy It $500+ Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods
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