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Ben Raybourn Just Melted My Mind With Skateboard Skills #machinegunofawesomess

He is a hurricane of awesomness…and he does wooly mammoths.


ShepDawgs New Footage

Some of the heaviest young talent in skateboarding doing what they do best.


Gavin Nolan Puts Together A Tight Little Edit For Bones Bearings

Fellow Masshole, Gavin Nolan, does what any skater in New England would do if they had the means in the winter: Go West


DC Shoes Presents: The Cole Lite 2

The new Chris Cole shoes are out from DC. I can’t guarantee they will make you catch frontside flips like that, but they are some of the lightest skate shoes I have ever worn.


Holy Crap You Are Not Going To Believe This Skate Trick!

I can’t believe that is where we are at. Dark slide through a park rail triple kink.


The Only Way To Describe This Skateboarding: Holy Shit

Daewon Song is from another planet…or maybe dimension.


Santa Cruz x Star Wars: You Want This Don’t You ?

Excellent collab dropping right now from Lucas Films and Santa Cruz Skateboards. I already ordered a full set. Jason Jesse cameo is all time.


How Many Of You Have Always Wanted To Skate Inside The Mall?

Well, these guys went and did it. It’s unbelievable to me that the security wasn’t on them like fly’s on shit.


Bones Bearings Present: Andrew Cannon And Chris Haslam

Andrew Cannon is one of my favorite people. Not only can he rock the mic at any high dollar energy drink contest series, he can also put it down on four wheels.


Jimmy Cao Has Todays Must Watch Skate Part

There are some amazing lines in this. The opening line and the closing front nose are bonkers.

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