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Nike Skateboarding Presents: The SB Chronicles Vol 2

Dropping very soon, another action packed skate vid from the swoosh.


Longboard Fails

You’re doing it wrong.


Watching Jaws On A Loop

Check out Jaws Homokie as he conquers what many have tried and painfully failed at. Successfully navigating the loop is a badge of honor worn by few. The list of people broken off by the loop is actually quite long and features a who’s who of skateboarding royalty. This weekends victim? Wonder kid Tom Scharr


Todays Must Watch Skate Video: Adidas Presents Dennis Durrant

To say Adidas is killing it right now would be an understatement.  Between their introduction videos for the new snowboard and skateboard team, the boots and shoes look kick ass. Nice job boys!


Comedy Cops: Trying To Stop The Broadway Bomb

High five to whoever did this remix to the Benny Hill Show theme.


Helmets Are Cool

I know a lot of you out there ( myself included ) have a hard time wearing a helmet, but we all know that we should be.


The Gonz And His Circle Board Welcome Brad Cromer To Krooked Skateboards

You can never get enough of Mark Gonzales and his circle board.


Best Of Street League 2013: Mikey Taylor

Mikey was on a tear this year during Street League. Check out the highlights of his season.


Can You Skate At The North Pole?

Apparently so, you just have to watch out for poler bears.


Ryan Sheckler’s Beastly Kickflip: Dew Tour Street Style

If you were there, you understand how gnarly this was. The asphalt was like a cheese grater and that drop to bank was about as burly as you can get.  He had already won the contest on his first run, and could have easily just cruised the course.

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