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45 Seconds Of Yoshi Tanenbaum Is All It Takes…

All it takes to show you how badass he is. Just do yourself a favor and watch some of his older footage, It’s crazy.


Tampa Pro 2014 Finals

Heavy skating went down yesterday at The Skatepark Of Tampa. Nyjah does it again with big perfect tricks.


Ishod Wair Muscles Through A Triple Kink

A rust old SF triple kink gets worked by Ishod for this Thunder Trucks “Knows” video.


That’s One Way To Use A Diving Board…

David Gravette somehow 50-50s into the deep end off a diving board.


Zered Basett Rides Tensor Trucks

Dr. Z getting busy with a tight indoor mini and street course.


Am I Taking Crazy Pills Or Is This A Skateboarding Baby Wearing Diapers?

Injecting RedBull straight into the unborn fetus is working wonders.


Santa Cruz Skateboards ‘Wheels Of Fire’ Circa 1987

This video probably had the most influence on my skating during that period. So sick to watch Natas basically invent the foundation for modern street skating in this video.


Adidas Skateboarding Presents: Skate Copa

Adidas roots are in football. Yeah, I said football because that’s what it’s really called. This vid combines Adidas’ history ┬áin football with their future in skateboarding. Awesome stuff.


Check Out This New Image Stabilizer For Your Iphone And GoPro Movies

This could really help eliminate all those nausea inducing videos that keep showing up in my in box.

Link thanks to Boardistan


Leica Cameras Present: Let Us Roam- A Short Film Series

This is shaping up to be something special.

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