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7 Seconds Of Kyle Berard Destroying A Miniramp Is Totally Worth It

Only about 30%, if that, are going to get how the whole 7 seconds thing ties in here.


A Contest Based On Skating Curbs ?

Yep, the RedBull Curb kings event went down this past weekend in Mission Beach. Bringing things back to the beginnings with modern tech is pretty amazing to watch.


Lakai Presents: Flairidians

Some of the Lakai team headed to Florida to skate some sweaty humid spots and have a run in with the future “I just wanna do hoodrat stuff with my friends” kid. ┬áDON’T PUT ME ON THE FAME


The Trick Done At 3:15 Will Drop Your Jaw !

Albert Nyberg’s ‘Excess Baggage’ dropped yesterday. I really enjoyed his unique skating. The 5050 body varial on that rail was unreal.


Monday Monty 25: Lakai Dudes

So much happened in the first minute of that vid…


Monday Morning Must Watch: Lawless

Twenty minutes of heavy shredding of streets, concrete, and rails. This will wake you up this am !


Worst Skater Dad Ever Award ! What A Total Dickhead !!

This makes me so pissed. What a d-bag.


Tight Tranny Heavy Cement Shredding

Tight tranny’s are always the least forgiving.


Glow In The Dark Skate Wheels Are Cool

Well, at least cars will see the skateboard before they mow you down.


Nike SB Presents: Destination Okinawa

Nike SB am’s head to Japan to skate some of the best polished marble ledges in the world.

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