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Woodward At Tahoe Summer Session 3 2013

Woodward At Tahoe is your Mt Hood alternative. If you don’t want to go all the way to the volcano, you can head to Tahoe and have foam pit fun !


Red Bull Bomb The Line 2013

One of the best street contest ever.


Wayward Son: The Jordan Richter Story

This is the story of what happened and who Jordan became during that time he disappeared from skating, and how he got back to doing what he loves.


Red Star Skateboards Presents: Seeing Red

This is the full length trailer for the coming video from Red Star.


Blue Bird Wax’s Home Movies: Camping & Skating

The Blue Bird wax crew are some of the most solid humans around.


Volcom Skate Team Goes Wild In The Northwest

Concrete ripping at it’s finest.


Bob Burnquist: Switch Backside 540…OLLIE!!!!!!

Wow…mega ramp is just so…mega.


Arnette Presents: #LiveArnette Ryan Decenzo

Arnette has one of the coolest web series going right now. This latest story is about Decenzo being invited to the X Games for the first time.


Grosso’s Love Letters: East Coast Vert Ramps

This was my scene in high school in New England. We were the crew holding in down in western Massachusetts !  Toddsquad


Patrick O’Dell: Skateboard Highschool

Altamont brings you a photography show by iconic skate videographer/photographer Patrick O’Dell. If you don’t know who Patrick is, go and watch some of the Epic’ly Later’ed vids by Vice. They are, in my opionion, one of the most important things to happen to skateboarding in the past 10 years.

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