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Vans Introspect Series: Darrell Mathis

It so awesome to see Vans Snowboarding not ditching style and experience for some 6 year olds that can triple cork but cant carve. Hats off to you Vans, you have always been true to your roots.


I Iz Stealinz Ur Skatbrdz! (Cats Love Skateboarding)

Wow, this one is destined for a bazillion views. What’s next, Bowl Cats?


Street League: Best Of Austyn Gillette

I have skated with Austyn at the old Quiksilver skatepark a few times. The speed at which he is able to do tricks is unreal. Then there’s the whole style thing…so good.


Nixon Presents: Happy F*king Trip

The European Nixon crew went on a skate road trip from Spain to Southern France. Good times and ripping skating!


Adidas Skateboarding Presents: Silas SLR

The halfcab to back tailside was my favorite.


Brandon Westgate’s B Side Footie From Emerica

All I can say is, Holy Crap!


Steven Snyder Has Pop

Stereo just picked up Steven and man he can deliver. The flip-outs are perfect.


DC Has Brought Back The Lynx

The iconic shoe of yesteryear is back. Matt Miller can do nollie flips over handrails with them.


Check Out Dane Burman’s Balls

This is the uncut footage from the Municipal  closeout kink to death.


A Primo Slide To Write Home About


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