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Matix Presents: Summer 2014 Skate Edit

Who doesn’t like getting boxes from “Brown Santa” ? I know of no one.


Not Just Another Pretty Voice: Andrew Cannon’s New Part Is #AWSM !

The voice of the Dew Tour and  pretty much any place else you are hanging out with him, Andrew Cannon just dropped a new Theeve Trucks video part that is pretty damn sweet. Congrats !


Skateboarding Fever Is Spreading

A short narrative skateboard film that is worth the time.


Dangerous Creature In Australia

The Creature skateboard team headed to Australia, home of the deadliest creatures on the planet, to see how they stack up.


This Video Has Surfing And Bits Of Real Skateboarding In It So You Know It’s Good

Someplace else is where you’d rather be.


Today’s Must Watch Skate Vid: ‘Muorica’

A beautifully captured skate short in the ancient Italian city of Modica.  Skating on marble that old might make some people very angry, but it does make for an entertaining video.


Sheckler Sessions Season 3 Starts Out With A Bang

Undeniable skills on a skateboard.


This Video Is Designed To Melt Your Face Completly Off

Kr3w: Melt Your Face Off


Vintage Daewon Song Footage & Kids Doing Crazy Tricks

It’s rad to see kids doing tricks that have obviously been influenced by Daewon’s uncanny board control, but to see old footage of him is the raddest. Those Vision Street Wear high tops look like boots !


Sheckler’s 2014 Skate For A Cause

Lots of skateboard heavies came out for Ryan Sheckler’s “Skate For A Cause” that took place last weekend at the Lake Forest Etnies skatepark.

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