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This New Edit Of Julian Wilson Will Give You A Raging Stokeboner

Great song, insane surfing, and Greyson Fletcher? Dingdong, hello, raging stokeboner anyone ?


Gonz And The Krooked Skateboard Crew In Kansas City

There is some amazing skateboarding in this little artsy edit.


I’ll Just Leave This Here…

A #tbt to one of the best clips that has ever appeared on the internet.


Skateboarding In A Balloon Bowl Looks Amazing

This video would have been better with 7 Seconds version of 99 Balloons.


Ishod Wair In “Wair’s Stars”

Someone has a lot of free time on their hands.


Casual Wizard Style Is The New Hype Shit In Skateboarding

I’m all aboard the Greyson Fletcher hype train ! So effortless.


Skating In The Rain Has Never Been So Awesome !

Holy shit.


This Young Japanese Kid Is Keeping Freestyle Alive And It’s AWSM !

Following the path laid out by Rodney Mullen, Shoji Yamamoto is on his way to being one of the new breed that combines the old with then new.


Aarto Saari Wants You To Come Skate With Him In The Helsinki Airport

And by “you” I mean super pro dudes.  A Match Made In HEL is a super session like no other. Actually skating in the Helsinki Finland airport on all those spots that you always wanted to session.


There Is Nothing Like Concrete Shredding To Wake Me Up In The Am

To be able to skate bowls like that would be dreamy. Backside smiths at 200mph should be on everyone’s bucket list.

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