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Jordan Hoffart Just Blew Up The Universe With The Craziest Line Ever !

Easily the longest board slide I have personally ever witnessed with my eyeballs.


Summer Camps Are Over At Mt Hood !

This is how the final session of HCSC hook out.


TBT: Todd Congelliere’s Part From “Risk It”

Congelliere’s vert section became the benchmark of ramp skating in the 90′s.


Summer Shredding With Girl Skateboards

I think my favorite clip in that whole video is the stalled frontside invert at San Pedro at the end.


The USA’s Largest Skatepark Just Opened In Texas…And It’s Massive !

Holy crap! Apparently, the second largest skatepark in the world just opened in Spring, Texas. Go there, skate this, and send me video to put up on AWSM !


This Is So Lame I Struggle To Find The Words…

Look, everyone hates to get kicked out of spots. However, if you are dumb enough to fuck it up for the rest of the people that skateboard the same spot you should be kicked in the nuts repeatedly. This was the absolute dumbest way to handle a bust situation ever. Screw these dudes, they are idiots.


Ryan Sheckler’s Winning Run From Dew Tour Street-style Portland Is SICK !

Watching it on tv you don’t get that sense of speed. Ryan was cooking down that course. Congrats Ryan !


I’ve Never Seen Skating Filmed Like This Before: Time Collapse Bowl Footage

This is pretty epic.


Jay Adams: Venice Beach Skatepark April 2014

I watched Dogtown and Z-Boys again last night. I suggest you all do the same. #legend


How Big Are Your Balls? Mark Gonzales & Cardiel Have Big Ones

I remember seeing this and thinking about what it would be like to do that run up a few times before actually committing to one. #butterflies

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