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A New Wes Kremer Edit Drops With More Crusty Clips

Extra Crusty By Nature has more skate footy and just Wes being himself behind the scenes of his recently released part.


Junior Jaws Homoki In : The Junkyard Baby

This collection of footage from when Jaws was just a baby shark shows that he didn’t give 2 shits about landing on his face right from the start.


This Looked Like It Hurt…Bad.

This guys goes so damn fast downhill it’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like to slam…and then 2:26 happened.


Mikey Taylor, Chris Cole And A Bunch Of GoPros Take On China

A bunch of the DC skate team headed to the smooth marble ledges of China to stack footy.


Jason Park Just Dropped Another Skate Part That Will Boggle Your Brain

Hawaiian tech wizard, Jason Park, has been blowing minds for years with his unbelievable lines and combos.


Trevor Colden’s Winning Run From Dew Tour Street Style Brooklyn !

This make me want to skateboard so bad…then I remembered I tore my calf muscle skating last week and can’t do shit.


Monster Children Presents: Team Average Sri Lanka

What happens when you put 2 skaters, 2 hipster surfers, and a kick ass chick in a van and drive around constantly looking for something to do?


Scotty Stevens Has More No-Comply Variations Than The 80′s.

Neil Blender still influencing skate parts in 2014, who woulda thunk it ?


This New Edit Of Julian Wilson Will Give You A Raging Stokeboner

Great song, insane surfing, and Greyson Fletcher? Dingdong, hello, raging stokeboner anyone ?


Gonz And The Krooked Skateboard Crew In Kansas City

There is some amazing skateboarding in this little artsy edit.

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