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This Video Is Going To Make You Want To Fly To SF And Skateboard Immediately

I love this collection of clips.


Here’s The Second Halo 5 Ad: Master Chief

Well…that was interesting.


Watch This Retired FBI Special Agent F**k With Some Skaters

This is ridiculous.


This Is The Heaviest 4 Minutes Of Skateboarding You Will See This Week

Wait…what the hell was that? ….and that?….and that?


A Skateboard, A Colorado Afternoon, And A Low Rider Dog

For some reason this video made me very happy.


Watch Luan Oliveira Put Down A Flawless Run At Tampa Pro That Just Won’t Stop Hitting !

Holy consistent !


Wes Is Best…Beast !

Wes Kremer and pals get down in South Africa.


Have You Ever Thought About Skating A Mini Ramp As It Rolls Down Train Tracks ?

There is definitely no shortage of creativity in this fascinating skate film.


There’s Some Pretty Interesting Skating Going On In This New Joywave Video

Tony Hawl’s Pro Skater 7 or is it 11 ?


The Incredible New Trailer For Brain Farm’s New Skate Movie: We Are Blood

Brain Farm has raised the bar once again, this time in skating. Known for bringing you the amazing snow films Art Of Flight, and That’s It That’s All, Brain Farm has now turned their phenomenal film making skills to skateboarding. Oh, and they are in the process of finishing up the new Travis Rice film as well.

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