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Watch A Mini Ramp Get Absolutely Destroyed !

The kid in the white shirt with quiet style basically just left that thing in a smoking ruin.


Del Mar Skate Ranch Locals Get To Skate An Unearthed Memory Of Their Past !

Seems that the construction company that is putting in the new volleyball courts at the sight of the legendary Del Mar Skate Ranch, unearthed an un-demolished section of the banked slalom course.


Geoff Rowley’s “Propeller Raw Files” Footage Is Radical



Prepare To Become Addicted To THPS…Again !

The game that changed the way skaters looked at video games is back. This time for the next gen and coming this fall.


Did That Grandpa Just Do A Face High Frontside Air ?

I like shit like this.


How Would It Be To Have Chris Miller As Your Dad ?

This amazing Father’s Day piece from Nixon sums it up nicely.


Skateboarding Is All About Jumping On Cars

If you know what I’m talking about then you are part of the over 40 skateboarding club.

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Is This The Greatest Skateboarding Video Of All Time ?

Depends on if you are over 35 and have kids. Tired 2 is amazing !


Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 Is Coming !

Prepare to manual in and out of everything once again.


Tired Skateboards Video Number 2

Another offering of tricks for those of us not touched with the “gift”.

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