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*Mind Blower Warning* Jason Park’s New Video Part Is All Kinds Of AWSM

Weird + mega tech is pretty dam entertaining to watch.


Flash Back Friday: Pat Duffy: Plan-B Questionable

Back lip in the rain…nuff said.


In Finland All The Best Skate Spots Are Made Out Of Rocks

Madars Apse goes to Finland to skate some rocks and pee in the bushes. Go to 3:38 to see Finnish rock skating.


Raven Tershy’s Final Run At The Van Doren Invitational Will Be The Best Skating You Watch Today

The above statement is subject to opinion of course.


Summer Snowboarding Is Still More Fun Than Art Camp

High Cascade session 3 went off !


Mega Lolz: Christian Slater Hears That Thrashin’ Starring Josh Brolin Is Opening A Week Before Gleaming The Cube

Agents emails to the stars from Funny Or Die.


This Is What Skateboarding Will Be Like During The Zombie Apocalypse

Well…minus all the zombies. Such an amazing short film that leads you to believe that Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California highways are sometimes uncrowded.


Urban Isolation Raw Cut

Here is the cut for the above vid without the cars digitally removed. Almost even more impressive considering how much traffic was around.


This Skate Video Contains At Least 30 WTF’s And 40 Holy Shits

The Majer Krew are seriously talented. My favorite part was when Shaun White wore the leprechaun outfit and dropped all his gold medals.


Even When You Slow Shane O’Neill Down You Still Can’t Figure Out How He’s Doing It

Technical wizard, Shane O’Neill throws down some complicated flatground to boggle the mind.

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