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Glow In The Dark Skate Wheels Are Cool

Well, at least cars will see the skateboard before they mow you down.


Nike SB Presents: Destination Okinawa

Nike SB am’s head to Japan to skate some of the best polished marble ledges in the world.


When This Is Your “Extra Footage” You Know You’re Good

Etnies presents Axel Cruysberghs Excess Baggage. Wow


Vintage 80′s Skateboarding Monday LOL’s: Locals Only Bro No Kooks

This is so amazing in so many ways. It’s also an accurate representation of skating in the 80′s. I know, I was there.


Greyson Fletcher Ollies Over Maryland

The Element team heads to Maryland to skate some parks with the locals and Greyson can ollie higher than most on any transition.


2 Minutes Of Grant Taylor Is As Good As Coffee

Actually, no it isn’t but Grant Taylor rules !


Must Watch Skate Video Of The Day

Ryan Reyes all terrain shredding in A Happy Medium 3.


Police Cut Off Downhill Skaters For A 35 Dollar Fine And Almost Kill Them In The Process

Wow, that could have been really bad.


Volcom Damn Am 2014

Technically am stands for amateur. Yeah, they are not amateurs.


Horse Power Is Out Pitbull Power Is in

What happens when one of those dogs sees a squirrel ?

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