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one the best days of my life!!!!

A video posted by Dylan Powell (@powelldylan) on

Stop What You Are Doing: 9 Year Old Dylan Powell Just Landed A McTwist !

That was a real McTwist, not a spinning, half slide around 540 !


Toy Machine Just Dropped Some New Footage And It’s Banger

The Re-education Of Jeremy Leabres


What Happens When You Take A Crap Designed Skatepark And Add Talented Shreds ?

Lets face it, not all skateparks in the world are created equal. That’s both the good and the bad of it. I have had some amazing times sessioning the most poorly designed wastes of concrete. It’s all in the attitude. Although, when you are stuck with a piece of suck for a daily spot, the attitude can be a lot less optimistic.


High Speed Lines In San Francisco

There’s just something about those high speed lines done through the streets of SF that is so awesome.


An Animated Marc Johnson Reads Your Comments

This is pretty funny…I mean sweet.


Who Wants To See A Cab Heel Flip In Super Slo-Mo?

That was cool.


They Just Built A Skatepark In Heaven…It’s Right Behind The 7-11

Jon Rattray stars in this hilarious music video for the song Skatepark In Heaven.


This Is The Gnarliest Collection Of Barefoot Skating You Have Ever Seen Guaranteed !

See kids, now thats how you get calluses.


Milton Martinez: Creature Fiend (Full Part)

I didn’t know half of that was possible on a skateboard.


The Last Trick In This Vid Will Drop Your Jaw…

Then you can watch the collection of clips again and see how truly amazing Ben Krahn’s skating is. I haven’t skated with Ben for at least 10 years, it looks like he has only gotten better…way better.

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