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Seinfeld Skateboarding: George Is Getting Very Angry !

This made my day.


Match Made In HEL: Aarto Saari’s Skating Event In The Helsinki Airport

Such and awesome forward thinking event. Hats off to the management in Helsinki for allowing something like this to take place in the world as it is today with TSA wanting to stick their hand up your bottom if you are carrying water on the plane.


Tony Hawk Just Dropped A Part That Will Drop Your Jaw !…Was That A Soap Shoe Sweeper ?

Holy smokes, between Kelly Slater chucking 720′s at 42 and now Tony Hawk putting down this heater of a video part at 47….the bar has been raised.


Cairo Foster Is So Damn Good !

A re-edited selection of Cairo’s finest over the years.


DC SHOES Presents: Matt Miller

Matt just got a new model on DC and a heavy part to go with it !


Lizard King’s Leap Of Faith

This is one meaty ollie. I’m sure Lizard has stuck the shit out of that already.


Horny…A Skate Video

Coming soon..


This New Creature Skateboards Vid Is Has At Least 4 Holy Shit Moments !

The first being that slam in the ditch !


one the best days of my life!!!!

A video posted by Dylan Powell (@powelldylan) on

Stop What You Are Doing: 9 Year Old Dylan Powell Just Landed A McTwist !

That was a real McTwist, not a spinning, half slide around 540 !


Toy Machine Just Dropped Some New Footage And It’s Banger

The Re-education Of Jeremy Leabres

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