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Did You Know Wonder Woman Rips On A Skateboard ?

Amazonian shred.


Jaws Will Drop ! HOLY SHEET !

Jaws’ new part is the stuff of legend. Hey knees, I’m going to beat the shit out of you today, ok?


When Downhill Skateboarding At High Speed Try Not To Get Hit By A Bus

Good lord this was heavy. ¬†Go to the end of the clip if you don’t care about high speed longboard bullshit.


So This Pretty Much Looks Like The Best Skatepark Ever

Rune Glifberg’s design of the Dome skatepark in Denmark looks incredible.


You Want To See Something Really AWSM ? Jaws’ Skateboarding Is Unreal

Ok, so…yeah that was pretty tittays.


New Grant Taylor Footage. Do I Need To Say More ?

Transitions are no match for Grant Taylor.


Brandon Westgate’s ‘Zoo-England’ Part Is Nuts !

Good to see a fellow New Englander come up so hard.


You Are Going To Want To Watch This: Trevor Jacob Nitro Circus

Well, it’s official, Trevor Jacob is crazy.


Tory Pudwill’s PlanB True Part

The video dropped last week and has it’s moments.


Longboarder Tries To Push Away From Police Is Hilarious

I wanted more of that frantic spaz pushing on that big dumb board.

Skateboarding is not a crime….but riding one of those things should be.

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