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Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX Shred Fest At Baldface Lodge Is Amazing !

The ultimate snow toy !


One Of The Coolest Videos I Have Ever Seen Is Dropping Tuesday: Ken Block’s “RaptorTRAX Shredfest”

Ken Block has some amazing high budget ideas and they usually involve playing as much as possible. Baldface Lodge was the site for this project last winter. I have seen it and it’s nothing short of incredible.

Next tuesday is going to be Shredfest day.


Jim Farma In: “Farmkhana- The Ultimate Open Pasture Playground”

This guy is having more fun than all of us right now.


Ken Block’s POV As He Does A Run Through A Gymkhana Course In Japan

What do I watch, the course or his hands ?


Ken Block Gives You A Tour Of The Hoonigan Racing Headquarters In Utah

The video doesn’t do the Hoonigan HQ justice.


I Ask Bucky Lasek The Hard Questions On GoPro Presents: World Of Adventure

I just got the job as the new host of WOA, and the first episode is on NBC this Saturday. Lots of Global Rally Cross stuff from Barbados in this first episode. Check it out !


Have A Great Weekend Everybody ! LOLOLOL!



Greetings From Austin: X Games 2014

Nicely done commercial tease for the the X Games 2014 next month in Austin.


Ken Block Flips His Car At The GRC In Barbados Yesterday

Ken had strong leads all weekend long in the qualifying laps. ¬†Looks like he cut that corner too close and dropped a tire or popped a berm. Either way he is ok and was sipping a coctail on the beach at 6pm. Bummer for the car and the race, but glad he’s ok.

Hopefully there will be a higher quality vid up before long.


Ken Block And Neymar Jr. Love Playing With Balls: Footkhana

What do you get when you pit one of the best freestyle drivers in the world against some of the best soccer players in the world?

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