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Ah, The Sounds Of Quattro Powered Nature In Tahoe…

One snail, two doughnuts and many horsepower = fantastic time.


Watch This Audi RS4 Do About 4 Kickflips At A Track Event

This is my friend Tim. Tim actually was totally fine and was just shaken up. This right here is proof that Audi knows their shit when it comes to cabin safety.


Looking For Something To Do With All That East Coast Snow ?

Hoon the shit out of your Audi obviously !


Ken Block Gives You The Tour Of The Best Powder Access Vehicle With A Steering Wheel !

Ken’s Ford Raptor Trax is a one of a kind toy for the guy who has everything…and gets bored very fast.


I Could Watch 997s Run Rally All Day Long

That sound, that glorious sound….


VW Rally Car Porn !

The VW Polo WRC is the closest we can get to actually having Audi get back in the WRC ring for the time being. Enjoy the sights n sounds.


Watch This Porsche 997 Rally Car Rip Through Muddy Wooded Roads !

Chris Harris has a pretty sweet job.


Now This Is The Real Reason You Buy An Audi !

Quattro is beautiful !


Ken Box 2: The Ultimate Cardboard Playground !

Using the new adult sized Crazy Cart, Ken Box two is the ultimate triumph in Gymkhana parodies !


*HERE IT IS* Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 !


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