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Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Drive Your Car On A GoKart Track ?

Seems some Fiat tuners and the folks at K1 Racing  in Carlsbad decided to do just that.


Tanner Foust Tests The New GRC VW Thug Bug

I wonder how many heats of GRC the flowers would survive ?


This Kickflip Wall Ride Is About The Most Perfect Looking Skate Stunt Ever

Talk about smooth.


Vaughn Gitten Jr Has The Best Dog Ever

All dogs love to rally cars around dirt roads.


Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 Is Loud And Fast

It is also covered in a cammo wrap job which may or may not be awesome. However, you can’t deny Milltek’s exhaust expertise. That car sounds amazing.


An Audi S1 Quattro Provides Hill Climbing Music To My Ears

The glorious sounds of the inline 5.


Time To Make The Doughnuts: Hoonigan Industries Wide Body RAUH-Welt 911

This is my friend Brian’s car. It needs to be seen up close to really be appreciated. All the panels for the wide body were hand drawn by Naki-san. He just eyeballed the whole thing apparently. Wide body=wide tire


Jim Farma In: “Farmkhana- The Ultimate Open Pasture Playground”

This guy is having more fun than all of us right now.


Get That Damn Land Rover Out Of The Skatepark !

This is pretty damn impressive for a crossover that’s pretty much made for women.


The Best Car Sound Effects Imitation Guy I Have Ever Seen

I love people with weird talents.

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