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Looking For Something To Do With All That East Coast Snow ?

Hoon the shit out of your Audi obviously !


The New Audi RS3 Is Looking Amazing !

Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting the 5 door hatch here in the States. We can cross our fingers for the sedan.


I Wonder How Uncomfortable It Is To Walk Around With Balls That Big All Day Long ?

Holy shit.


Ken Block Gives You The Tour Of The Best Powder Access Vehicle With A Steering Wheel !

Ken’s Ford Raptor Trax is a one of a kind toy for the guy who has everything…and gets bored very fast.


I Could Watch 997s Run Rally All Day Long

That sound, that glorious sound….


VW Rally Car Porn !

The VW Polo WRC is the closest we can get to actually having Audi get back in the WRC ring for the time being. Enjoy the sights n sounds.


Watch This Porsche 997 Rally Car Rip Through Muddy Wooded Roads !

Chris Harris has a pretty sweet job.


Now This Is The Real Reason You Buy An Audi !

Quattro is beautiful !


Can Your “Station Wagon” Do This ? RS6 Outpaces Crotch Rocket

Holy crap that is fast.

Good thing Audi of America won’t bring the RS6 here, people might want them.  #facepalm


Old Quattro Vs New Quattro

Two legendary cars, two legendary drivers one superior drive system.

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