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Witness This 720HP Audi B5 RS4 Slay All Of It’s Tires !

YES !!!


Sickest Audi Allroad I Have Seen

I’m not a fan of airbags at all (all show no-go) however, this Allroad’s stance is amazing. With the new Allroad being the only Avant offering by AOA this will have to do until Audi decides that there are enough of us that want high horse power sport wagons and not those stupid crossover soccer mom things.   Give us the damn RS6 Audi!!

I was actually lent a new Allroad from Audi this past week, and I have to tell you, it’s a damn sick car. It’s snappy 2.0t and interior tech has me itching for another wagon.


Chris Harris Drives All The Generations Of Audi RS4′s

Come on Audi North America, bring over the new one!


New RS4 Avant: 13 Minutes Of Wagon Porn

Dear Audi USA,

We here in the United States are sick and tired of only being offered increasingly boring choices in the utilitarian automobile department. Not everyone wants to have a “mom tank”  built to tower over everyone on the freeway but unable to take a corner at anything over 5 mph.   Give us a high powered sports wagon and  we will be happy. Oh and while you are at it, get rid of that normally aspirated bologna, and strap a couple snails to the side.

Sincerely, The USA