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That One Time My Uber Driver Showed Up In A DTM’d @Audi RS6…

These kids are going to have one heck of a story to tell their friends.


More Footage Of The Insane @Audi TT Clubsport Turbo

Will the boxy fender flairs from the original Sport Quattro find their way to the upcoming TTRS, that will likely be based off of the Clubsport Turbo ?


@Audi Just Dropped The Mic With The New TT Clubsport Quattro Video

Ok Audi, stop making these pretty show cars and drop the styling into the new TTRS.


Did I Just Watch An @Audi R8 Give Birth To A RS3 ?

That was one of the most unusual commercials I have ever seen. I liked it.


More @Audi RS Cars In One Place Than Your Brain Can Handle

Wagons, wagons everywhere !


Watch Jon Olsson’s DTM’d @Audi RS6 Rip Through The Snow !

So much body work, so close to guardrails.


Ah, The Sounds Of Quattro Powered Nature In Tahoe…

One snail, two doughnuts and many horsepower = fantastic time.


New @Audi RS3 Testing In The USA ?

Seems like there’s at least one new RS3 hatchback here in the USA. Unfortunately, I don’t think the hatchback is coming stateside. One can always dream though.


Joey Brezinski Shows His Manual Skills And His Sweet Audi A7

I like this video for so many reasons.


The New Audi RS3 Is Looking Amazing !

Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting the 5 door hatch here in the States. We can cross our fingers for the sedan.

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