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Watch Jon Olsson’s DTM’d @Audi RS6 Rip Through The Snow !

So much body work, so close to guardrails.


Ah, The Sounds Of Quattro Powered Nature In Tahoe…

One snail, two doughnuts and many horsepower = fantastic time.


New @Audi RS3 Testing In The USA ?

Seems like there’s at least one new RS3 hatchback here in the USA. Unfortunately, I don’t think the hatchback is coming stateside. One can always dream though.


Joey Brezinski Shows His Manual Skills And His Sweet Audi A7

I like this video for so many reasons.


The New Audi RS3 Is Looking Amazing !

Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting the 5 door hatch here in the States. We can cross our fingers for the sedan.


Now This Is The Real Reason You Buy An Audi !

Quattro is beautiful !


Shut Up Audi And Take My Money ! A3 Quattro Clubsport Track Video *Updated

I hope that the new RS3 is as close to this as concept possible.  In my eyes it’s perfection…other than not having a 6 speed manual.


Is This The New Audi RS3 ?

Audi just unveiled the new “A3 Club-sport Concept” for an upcoming auto show.  I hope this is the way the new RS3 looks when it comes. The car is fitted with the spectacular inline 5 that currently sits in the RS3 and TTRS. However, this one is juiced to over 500hp so you can imagine how snappy a light little car like the A3 would be with such a capable power plant. So here’s to hoping we get a manny 6 speed and true quattro !

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Watch This Old Audi Rally Up A Finnish Ski Resort

It’s become really trendy to drive your car on a ski resort since we did it in Mtn Lab 1.5.


The Soothing Sounds Of Winter

Turn speakers up loud and enjoy.

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