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The New Audi RS3 Is Looking Amazing !

Unfortunately, I don’t think we are getting the 5 door hatch here in the States. We can cross our fingers for the sedan.


Now This Is The Real Reason You Buy An Audi !

Quattro is beautiful !


Shut Up Audi And Take My Money ! A3 Quattro Clubsport Track Video *Updated

I hope that the new RS3 is as close to this as concept possible.  In my eyes it’s perfection…other than not having a 6 speed manual.


Is This The New Audi RS3 ?

Audi just unveiled the new “A3 Club-sport Concept” for an upcoming auto show.  I hope this is the way the new RS3 looks when it comes. The car is fitted with the spectacular inline 5 that currently sits in the RS3 and TTRS. However, this one is juiced to over 500hp so you can imagine how snappy a light little car like the A3 would be with such a capable power plant. So here’s to hoping we get a manny 6 speed and true quattro !

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Watch This Old Audi Rally Up A Finnish Ski Resort

It’s become really trendy to drive your car on a ski resort since we did it in Mtn Lab 1.5.


The Soothing Sounds Of Winter

Turn speakers up loud and enjoy.


Ten Year Old Goes For A Ride In A Group B Audi Quattro S1 Rally Car

This is me bringing my kids to school every day.


Do You Want A New Audi RS6?

Well you will after watching this review video.


Have You Ever Wanted To Have An Egg Fight With A 560hp Audi Wagon?

Stop throwing eggs at that beautiful piece of metal !  The new Audi RS6 is needed here in the USA, if for nothing else, egg fights with parkour guys.


To Say That Audi Is Killing It Right Now Is An Understatement (Yes, I’m A Fanboy)

Look, the new RS6 is totally bonkers. I don’t care if you think wagons are for groceries and soccer moms, this thing is a fucking beast. Peep the exhaust and down pipe video below if you don’t believe me.

Audi, I would totally pay for a new wagon with some balls to be brought into the USA. I really think that you are blowing it by not offering the S4 in avant form, and double blowing it by not giving us that goliath of an automobile, the RS6.

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