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Jon Olsson’s Audi RS6 Is Loud And Fast

It is also covered in a cammo wrap job which may or may not be awesome. However, you can’t deny Milltek’s exhaust expertise. That car sounds amazing.


Another Amazing Stop Motion Surf Movie With Playmobile People

I know the time it takes to make one of these little movies. That’s almost what makes it the most amazing to me.


Ever Wonder How Hard Of A Beating You Can Get At The Wedge?

This bodyboarder is here to demonstrate. You realize he is “landing” in 6 inches of water.


Jim Farma In: “Farmkhana- The Ultimate Open Pasture Playground”

This guy is having more fun than all of us right now.


Golf Boarding Is Really Catching On !

Now you can make both sports that much lazier !


Jack Ass’s Steve-O Breaks The Law To Spread The Word That Sea World Sucks !

You have to admit he paid his dues to get that sign up there.


Get That Damn Land Rover Out Of The Skatepark !

This is pretty damn impressive for a crossover that’s pretty much made for women.


This Video Is The Best/Craziest Thing You Have Seen Today ! *MUST WATCH*

Because parkour ?


Introducing The Ice Bucket Challenged !

Oh my God this is gold !!!


This Might Be The Most Frightening Video On The Web Currently. F-That !!!

I have nightmares about this shit. Not about great whites, but about giant prehistoric lizards that will basically eat anything, turning me into their poo poo.

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