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George Lucas Is Pissed There Isn’t Any Jar Jar Or Savage Teddy Bears In New Star Wars !

This is gold.


The Best Slam That Has Ever Taken Place On A Skateboard

Insert Peter Griffen laugh…..


David Hasselhoff Just Karate Chopped The Internet

This is just perfect.


Matthew McConaughey Reacts To The New Star Wars Trailer !

Ok, this is amazing…and mirrors my reaction.


Watch Jon Olsson’s DTM’d @Audi RS6 Rip Through The Snow !

So much body work, so close to guardrails.


Just Because Someone Can, Does It Mean They Should ? The Quadruple Cork Just Happened

Regardless if you think this is something that snowboarding needs or something that fell out of freestyle skiing aerials, to attempt 4 fucking corks is not easy.


AWSM Is On Vacation Till Next Week !

What does that mean ? Well, for starters, everywhere I am right now the internet seems to be made out of wood. So instead of waiting to punch babies while trying to get the site to load, I’m going to sit back and relax in this nature shit.

Be back in full swing on Wed 4/15/15


Ah, The Sounds Of Quattro Powered Nature In Tahoe…

One snail, two doughnuts and many horsepower = fantastic time.


Here’s The New Halo 5 “Locke” Ad…

This was the first of two.


Watch This Retired FBI Special Agent F**k With Some Skaters

This is ridiculous.

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