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How Are 4 Year Olds Getting So Good At Stuff?

Seriously there is something going on here.


Bored Canadians Plus Beer = AWESOME

This rules so hard.


Do You Hate Flat Traverses On Your Snowboard ? Here Is The Solution

How people come up with this stuff is beyond me.


Southwest Flight Attendant Takes It To Eleven While Giving The Safety Briefing

Either this chick just had a meltdown or Southwest is hiring aspiring stand up comedians to be in charge of your safety and well being while in the air.

*Oh and if you are still filming in vertical in 2014 please punch yourself in the gut.


Horse Power Is Out Pitbull Power Is in

What happens when one of those dogs sees a squirrel ?


Kelly Slater + 1 Penis Shaped Surfboard+ 1 Fish = Hilarity

Paul Fisher is really milking the dick.


A Not So Small Norwegian Avalanche

Avalanche footage never gets old to me.


Cats Love Thrash Metal

See, playing in a band will totally make you a pussy magnet.


Today’s Mega Lol: Game Of Thrones Theme Song Sung By GOATS!!!

Oh my God I am crying laughing.


Do You Miss At The Drive In Rocking Your Face Off ?

Have no fear, the new super group project Antemasque is here. Cedric and Omar….and Flea!  The first single, 4Am  is available on I-Tunes now.  I can’t tell you how anxious I am to hear more from this band.

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