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WTF Did I Just Watch?

Um…..I can’t stop watching this…I can’t explain why, I just can’t.


This Looked Like It Hurt…Bad.

This guys goes so damn fast downhill it’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like to slam…and then 2:26 happened.


“Get The Case”

Pretty sick vid starring a couple of my good friends as they try and retrieve a lost Lowepro camera case !


No Waves, No Shame? No Problem

Hot on the heels of the Wave Jet, and Golf Board, comes another contraption that would probably be fun to try…if only you make sure your friends don’t see you on one in the lineup.


Hey, Look At This Monkey On A Motorcycle !

Bahahahahah !


New Millennium Falcon Footage With Something “Extra” Hitching A Ride…

I guess Batman did hang with those dudes after the Lego movie.


I’ll Just Leave This Here…

A #tbt to one of the best clips that has ever appeared on the internet.


Never Forget: Norwegian Skier Slam Remix

My friend Pierre and I collaborated on song choice for the video a little while back. I just saw it again and laughed like it was yesterday. Enjoy


Thank God This Didn’t Catch On And Snowboarding Did

Swingbow…it’s like snowboarding just more weird and awkward.


OMG I Am Crying Laughing ! Star Wars Throne Room Without Music

Chewey sounds like he’s taking a dump !

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