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Did You Know Wonder Woman Rips On A Skateboard ?

Amazonian shred.


When Downhill Skateboarding At High Speed Try Not To Get Hit By A Bus

Good lord this was heavy. ¬†Go to the end of the clip if you don’t care about high speed longboard bullshit.


If You Liked The Office And You Like The Hobbit You Will Love This !

SNL killed it on sunday with a shot recreation of the first episode of the OG British version of the office with the folks of Middle Earth. This is amazing !


What Do You Do When It Rains 2 Inches An Hour In SoCal ? Go Urban Boogie Boarding !

@chriscote took to the streets to get his sliding fix today. With the Pacific being turned into poop soup with all the runoff, the steep streets of Encinitas become his playground. #sopitted


Life Hack: Keep Your Car Windows From Fogging On That Ride Home From The Hill

I feel like I have given everyone an early Christmas present.


How To Be A Skier: A Tutorial

This is amazing.


You Are Going To Want To Watch This: Trevor Jacob Nitro Circus

Well, it’s official, Trevor Jacob is crazy.


Off!’s New Video For “Over Our Heads” Stars Jack Black And It’s Amazing !!!

Off! fucking rules and so does this video.


Longboarder Tries To Push Away From Police Is Hilarious

I wanted more of that frantic spaz pushing on that big dumb board.

Skateboarding is not a crime….but riding one of those things should be.


Colbert Clears Up The Episode 7 “Christsaber” Controversy

I love Colbert so much. I feel like he is me trapped in him.

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