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Shaun White Skateboarding Game at awsm.com
Shaun White Skateboarding Game

Shaun White is back on your television and this time you can control him! Shaun’s new game is skateboard focused … not that snowboard business he does on the side … or does he skateboard on the side?

Buy It $59.99 Categories: Games, Media

Vans 106 Fleece Shoes at awsm.com
Vans 106 Fleece Shoes

You come out from an early morning surf session. It’s cold. In fact…it’s as cold as a witch’s tittie – roughly 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Your fingers and toes are numb. You don’t have time for a hot shower. You have to get to work. You curse your life. You cry a little bit. Then you see them. They’re your saving grace. They call to you, “Don’t worry bro, put me on & life will be all good again. I will heal your pain.” You listen. You slide your frozen feet into the warmth and comfort of these fleece-lined wonders. Your feet smile. Your soul grins. Then you realize you’re completely naked, wearing only shoes – and you’re fine with that. You get in your car & drive to work. Life is good.

Buy It $60 Categories: Sneakers, Style

Simple Shoes Take On Hi at awsm.com
Simple Shoes Take On Hi

Simple Shoes have been around forever. They’re generally worn by college kids with puka-shell necklaces, cargo shorts & those super bent college football hats. So, needless to say – we were never really a fan. This all changed when Larry David showed up on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm rocking the OG Simple Shoes. LD! Creator of Seinfeld and star of the most awkward yet amazing show on TV – wears Simple Shoes! Well…we have put our past aside and decided to embrace them. With a little bit of research, we actually discovered they had a few new styles that are actually quite wearable…thank you very much. If Larry David says Simple Shoes are cool…then we say Simple Shoes are cool. Midwestern college kids be damned.

Buy It $70 Categories: Sneakers, Style

The New Apple TV at awsm.com
The New Apple TV

I didn’t have the old Apple TV, so I can’t make a first hand comparison. However, this new little black beauty is so amazing. I can stream everything from my iTunes to my HDTV by magic. No wires. Only brain-frying electro waves we can’t see. I think it’s amazing. Although… as I have stated before…I would probably purchase an actual piece of white dog crap if it had an Apple logo on it & was introduced in a keynote by Steve Jobs.

Buy It $99 Categories: Gear, Tech

Sidekick Stroller Board at awsm.com
Sidekick Stroller Board

Making kids is pretty trendy these days. Besides furthering the bloodline of your family name and the future of our species, having kids is the new “I’m going to buy an Audi” of the action sports world. So…why not force your lifestyle on them at an age where they’re not aware of your intentions? Skate-n-stroll bro!

Buy It $120 Categories: Gear

Tunebug Shake Helmet Speaker at awsm.com
Tunebug Shake Helmet Speaker

If you’re one of those people convinced everyone should hear your new Dave Matthews bootleg from Red Rocks -  this product is for you. It’s a speaker system that forces your music on other people. Now… you & everyone around you can enjoy the music you have chosen to listen to while snow/skate boarding.

Buy It $99 Categories: Gear, Tech

Neff Alternator Hoodie at awsm.com
Neff Alternator Hoodie

A hooded sweatshirt customizable with a zip-off front pocket. Mix & match with your friends…just like Pogs!

Buy It $59.99 Categories: Hoodies, Style

Halo Reach at awsm.com
Halo Reach

Today is Tuesday, September 14th 2011. Besides being the beginning of the work week, it’s also Halo Reach Day! This is Bungi’s last Halo series hurrah, and from what I have read, this is the best Halo game they’ve ever done. I’m grabbing mine this morning down at the local Game n’ Geek…so I think you should too.

Buy It $59.95 Categories: Games, Media

Flow Board at awsm.com
Flow Board

Ok…so I’m kind of reviewing this as a joke. Even though, Chris Gentry had an ad doing a frontside air on one of these awhile back…I’m pretty sure he never rode one again. If you’re into sliding sideways & buying 25 sets of bearings The Flow Board might be for you.

Buy It $99 Categories: Gear, Skate Hard Goods

Santa Cruz Screaming Foot Skateboard at awsm.com
Santa Cruz Screaming Foot Skateboard

First there was the Santa Cruz Speed Wheels Screaming Hand, now there’s a Screaming Foot. This deck is in the actual shape of a giant screaming foot. Shaq’s foot may have been used for the template of this skateboard.

Buy It $65.95 Categories: Gear, Skate Hard Goods
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