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Nyjah Huston Back on Element Skateboards at awsm.com
Nyjah Huston Back on Element Skateboards

The mini Rastafarian, Nyjah Huston, is back on Element. After a brief vacation from the brand, Jah guided him back. How the hell do you skate with that much style & control sporting a head full of moldy-locks weighing 30 lbs?

Buy It $60 Categories: Gear, Skate Hard Goods

Emerica Westgate at awsm.com
Emerica Westgate

Brandon Westgate’s new shoe from Emerica just dropped. Things are looking really amazing for the young one.

Buy It $56.95 Categories: Sneakers, Style

Vans Gorilla Biscuits Shoe at awsm.com
Vans Gorilla Biscuits Shoe

The Gorilla Biscuits were a great band. A NYC hardcore vegan, straight-edge band I had on heavy tape rotation back in the early 90s. They’ve influenced countless bands, not to mention, their members have gone on to form Quiksand, Rival Schools and CIV. Vans has teamed up with the Biscuits to release a shoe dedicated to the way they paved the New York hardcore scene.

Buy It $64.95 Categories: Sneakers, Style

Dead Space 2 at awsm.com
Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 just dropped. I had a chance to tinker with the demo a few weeks back, and it’s amazing. If you’re into creeping around in dimly lit corridors (not in real life … because then you would be a creep … and should seek metal health help asap), while scary half-dead monsters try to liberate your head from your body – this is the game for you.

Buy It $54.96 Categories: Games, Media

Ergo Low Rez Boardshorts at awsm.com
Ergo Low Rez Boardshorts

Ergo is a new clothing brand on the scene. The Low Rez board short has that 80′s video game vibe all the kids seem to love. That may or may not be a true statement. At this point tonight, I’m just trying to fill space with words.

Buy It $52 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet at awsm.com
iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet

Turn your iPad into a mini stand-up arcade. This is hot-off-the-press from the Consumer Electronics Show that just went down in Vegas. It looks like it will be out in April. I wonder how many AWSM readers even remember going to the arcade to play games? Seeing as how cell phones now have better graphics …. I’m guessing not many.

Buy It $99 Categories: Games, Media

Adidas Ronan Shoe at awsm.com
Adidas Ronan Shoe

Ronin is one of my favorite movies. Starring Robert De Niro as an ex CIA gun for hire, the film had some sweet car chases in an Audi S8. This has nothing to do with the Adidas shoe, except for the name. Well … the shoe’s red … and there was a lot of blood spilled in the movie … so I guess that’s something.

Buy It $69 Categories: Sneakers, Style

KR3W Timepieces The Navigator at awsm.com
KR3W Timepieces The Navigator

KR3W now makes watches. Here’s a great example.

Buy It $100 Categories: Style, Watches

Pat Moore EG2 Goggle at awsm.com
Pat Moore EG2 Goggle

Pat Moore has a new goggle out. It features a scratch-off coating, letting you customize your goggles. I like this idea. I do think a scratch & sniff goggle would be cooler. Although with Pat being about as Irish as they come, it would just smell like drunk.

Buy It $100 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Xcel Infiniti Drylock Split Toe Bootie at awsm.com
Xcel Infiniti Drylock Split Toe Bootie

I hope you don’t live where the water is so cold you need booties. If you do, get some Xcels. Split toe, so you can look down at your feet & say “Damn, I’m so ninja!”, while you’re tearing a glassy frozen wave face apart.

Buy It $69.95 Categories: Style, Surf Soft Goods
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