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Powell Old School Ripper at awsm.com
Powell Old School Ripper

I had a Powell Ripper board back when duct tape was a skate fashion accessory. I think I had the shirt, stickers, poster, all of it. Now, they’ve re-issued the Ripper deck for old farts like me to get all sappy & nostalgic. It’s working!

Buy It $55 Categories: Gear, Skate Hard Goods

Jammy Pack Hip Sack at awsm.com
Jammy Pack Hip Sack

Hip sack with a mini boom box! Think of the roller-skating possibilities. I actually saw someone with one of these at the beach not too long ago. It was pretty loud and seemed like a great addition to what they were all about. Yeah … they were aggressively hula hooping to some new age jazz, but that doesn’t mean you can’t crank Slayer out of your own.

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Killzone 3 at awsm.com
Killzone 3

Warm up those thumbs PS3 owners. There’s finally a game inspiring you to blow the dust off your oversized, expensive, George Foreman-looking, gaming unit that’s been dormant since the last PS3 exclusive Uncharted 2 released two years ago. Killzone 3 is exactly what I like in my gaming experience. Guns, explosions and the occasional knife to the eye-socket.

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Dane Reynolds Spring Boardshort Moments Video at awsm.com
Dane Reynolds Spring Boardshort Moments Video

Dane has a new board short out from Quiksilver. Quik has been releasing these little vid shorts to go with the new … shorts. Dane can surf really, really well. Making music … well, maybe not so much. Was that supposed to be Japanese in the beginning? Toward the end it sounded like Spanish being spoken by a Japanese person.

Buy It $59.50 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

GoPro LCD BacPac at awsm.com
GoPro LCD BacPac

GoPro finally releases their long awaited LCD BacPac. This is awesome. You can now watch & edit what you’ve been shootin without the use of a laptop or something else you stick your memory card into. Oh … that might be a new sexual metaphor! “Hey baby, I need to dump this memory card…”

Buy It $79 Categories: Gear, Tech

Ron Church: California to Hawaii 1960 to 1965 at awsm.com
Ron Church: California to Hawaii 1960 to 1965

Early surf photos from Hawaii and the West Coast … before there was a Starbucks in Foodland.

Buy It $51.70 Categories: Books, Media

Fox-Surf Revel Weld Boardshort at awsm.com
Fox-Surf Revel Weld Boardshort

My friend Ian Walsh rides for Fox-Surf. Ian is bonkers crazy. He likes to ride waves that will smash you into fish food, and then, wash your pulverized remains into a shark’s mouth. He wears these shorts. These are man’s shorts. If you want to look like a man, wear these shorts…if you want to look like a woman, continue to wear your little sister’s jeans.

Buy It $79.50 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

DC Landau Skate Shoe at awsm.com
DC Landau Skate Shoe

DC skate shoe. Black, low cut, bla bla, rubber, leather, stitching, bla bla bla. It looks clean, go buy it.

Buy It $60 Categories: Sneakers, Style

Spy Optics DCP Goggle at awsm.com
Spy Optics DCP Goggle

His name is David Carrier Porcheron. Because snowboarders can’t be bothered with saying a long French Canadian name, everyone calls him DCP. David has a new goggle with SPY Optics. Goggles go on your face to protect you from people on the chairlift spitting in your eyes.

Buy It $89.95 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Arnette Venkman at awsm.com
Arnette Venkman

Arnette is back with a solid offering of sunnies and soon-to-drop goggles. I like all their current styles – especially the Venkmans. It’s probably because I am a sucker for anything Ghostbusters.

Buy It $85 Categories: Style, Sunglasses
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