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Etnies:Tyler Bledsoe Mid at awsm.com
Etnies:Tyler Bledsoe Mid

Tyler Bledsoe’s new shoe from Etnies just dropped. It’s a nice mid top so you have all important support and at least some ankle protection against the dreaded shark bite a stray skateboard can dish out.

Buy It $70 Categories: Sneakers, Style

DC Shoes: The Teak at awsm.com
DC Shoes: The Teak

DC Skateboarding’s new casual-looking Teak model is handsome enough to wear to a wedding, yet savage enough to catch a frontside flip clean.

Buy It $60 Categories: Sneakers, Style

Quiksilver NFL Boardshorts at awsm.com
Quiksilver NFL Boardshorts

Quiksilver will be responsible for some heated chest-puffing exchanges at the local watering hole this summer. Your favorite NFL teams licensed on Quiksilver’s Diamond Dobby trunks. This summer, it’s the Chargers and the Oakland Raiders. I know Pipeline charger and over-sized man-baby Reef Macintosh almost tinkled himself when he got his new San Diego Chargers trunks in the mail.

Buy It $59.50 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

Quiksilver Cypher Squirter Boardshorts at awsm.com
Quiksilver Cypher Squirter Boardshorts

Quik’s Cypher board shorts have little plastic squirt guns on them. That’s why they’re called the squirters. I knew someone we called “The Squirter” in high school … although, for a totally different reason.

Buy It $59.50 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

Volcom The Butcher BBQ Set at awsm.com
Volcom The Butcher BBQ Set

Nothing says summer more than roasting a carcass on a hot grill. Oh … you’re vegetarian? Well, I suppose you could grill up some corn or veggie burgers or something? While you’re doing that, us real men will be eating and talking about meat.

Buy It $77.48 Categories: Gear

Dirt 3 at awsm.com
Dirt 3

If you like rally cars, Ken Block, video games & beer – click like. The new Dirt3 game is out now. It features a variety of new modes, like Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana segments. The graphics are all time. You can almost feel the dirt hitting you in the face as you Scandi flick around corners. I was kidding about beer being in the game … but you can still drink a beer while playing.

Buy It $59.99 Categories: Games, Media

Electric Tiny Terror Cooler Bag at awsm.com
Electric Tiny Terror Cooler Bag

Fill this bag with an ice pack & some frosty ones for a good time wherever a cold beverage is needed. Are you seeing a trend of beverage holders for summer time excursions? Yes. I’m sick of snow and can’t wait for it to get hot & beachy.

Buy It $64.95 Categories: Bags, Gear

Nixon Block Speakers at awsm.com
Nixon Block Speakers

Block & roll with Nixon. God that was stupid. Nixon has done it again with great looking media speakers. You can bring them to the beach, skatepark or maybe the office. You know what? Quit your job right now. Working sucks. Now, you can bring your new Block speakers to the beach and get your rig bronzed, while listening to Winger.

Buy It $80 Categories: Gear, Tech

Quiksilver Custom Trunks Designed By You at awsm.com
Quiksilver Custom Trunks Designed By You

Have you ever thought you had a better idea for surf trunks than Quiksilver? Well, here’s your chance to put up or shut up. Design your own boardies with a ton of options. I designed a pair the other day … I really did.

Buy It $99 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

Reef Collector Ed 1 Boardshort at awsm.com
Reef Collector Ed 1 Boardshort

Put some butts on your butt. Reef has always been known as the company with the asses in the ads. Well … they’ve taken their successful formula and dropped it on some trunks in time for summer.

Buy It $60 Categories: Board Shorts, Style
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