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O’Neill Freak Sneak Surf Boot

O’neill has come out with a booty that looks just like sneaker. Is this a good thing? I think it is awesome. Most of the boot is going to be tucked up under you wetsuit anyhow. This would be great paired with my new wetsuit idea. It’s a flesh colored wetsuit with cutoff jean shorts and a wife beater silk screened on. The O’neill Freak Sneak’s would just compliment the look!

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DC Shoes: Mikey Taylor

DC just dropped Mikey’s new shoe and it’s sick. I have been skating them for about a month now and am very satisfied.

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Mikey Taylor Has A New Shoe On DC

I just got a pair of these and have been skating them for about a week now. I can honestly say that they are the most comfortable skate shoe that I have ever worn from DC.

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Recycled Skateboard Iphone Backs

So cool.  You can get them here.


DC Lunchmeat Boardshorts

These toothy boardhorts by DC can’t make me stop thinking about getting bit in the crotch by a shark. I can’t really imagine a worse way to go. I do not recommend these shorts for women, it might send a weird message.

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Captain Fin Co. / Summer Teeth Fins

This set of fins from Captain Fin Co. has been designed and tested by Dane Reynolds himself. Dane is super picky about what he puts his name next to, so you can bet that these fins perform. Wether they will make you surf like Dane is another matter all together.

These are made for use with a Future Fin Box.

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Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model at awsm.com
Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model

Josh Kerr absolutely rips on a surfboard. I should know, I was having a coronary in the announcing booth at The Quiksilver Pro NY surf contest last week when Kerrzy decided to go apeshit and turn his heat into a video part. These pro-model shorts are an undergarment of sorts. Meant to be worn under your board shorts to keep the boys in check. They act as a compression short. This can be very important if you suffer from the dreaded long nut* syndrome or if you are going anywhere that sea lice can sting you on your pee pee.

* From Urban Dictionary
Long Nut: when a man’s scrotum becomes stretched out over time and hangs lower than it should.
i.e.-you know you have long nuts when you get a temperature reading of toilet water whenever you take a number two.
potential causes: inadequate support for the hairy beanbag during impact sports

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Pinstripe Skate Deck at awsm.com
Pinstripe Skate Deck

If you like your skateboards like works of art, then check out the meticulous detail that is going into these decks. Pinstriping takes a very steady hand. It seems like it would be a shame to do a lipslide with one of these decks.

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Nixon TPS Speakers at awsm.com
Nixon TPS Speakers

Nixon is making moves in the audio department. Their new TPS speakers are USB charge-able, meaning you can take them with you to the beach or anywhere you need audio enhancement. I put it in my bicycle basket and roll around town blaring obscure indie music. The speakers hold a charge for 3 or 4 hours as far as I can tell – I was impressed.

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Jack’s Surfboards Cobra Kai Zip Up at awsm.com
Jack’s Surfboards Cobra Kai Zip Up

Sweep the leg Johnny. I always thought Johnny was a total douche cookie in Karate Kid. I mean … he was a total dick. Now, you can be a total dick just like him. Grab yourself one of Jack’s Surfboards sweatshirts and start intimidating anyone even remotely looking like Ralph Macchio.

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