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KookBox Surfboards Diamond Tail Twin Fin at awsm.com
KookBox Surfboards Diamond Tail Twin Fin

The Kookbox Diamond Twinny is built to perform. Joel Tudor rips the sack out of any wave he encounters on one of these. Take the new school approach to any wave, while riding a classically-inspired shape.

Buy It $850 Categories: Gear, Surf Hard Goods

Rolling Chair Skateboard

You can get one of these custom made to order chairs for yourself here.

Lets see you take that off the mega-ramp Pastrana!


Meyerhoffer 2 Surfboards at awsm.com
Meyerhoffer 2 Surfboards

The first thing I think of when looking at Meyerhoffer’s longboard is: Where is the giant Italian ice? I want to use this board to eat it. I mean, seriously, it looks like the little wooden spoon you get from the ice cream man in the beach parking lot. I wonder if that was the inspiration? At any rate, it’s cool to see Meyerhoffer pushing surfboards that perform.

Buy It $795+ Categories: Surf Hard Goods

Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Accessory at awsm.com
Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Accessory

Turn your bicycle in to an icicle! If you live in a mountain town, are broke from buying your season pass and selling weed didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, chances are you are without cash for gas or modern motorized transportation all together.  Now, nothing can stop you! Bring on a blizzard, you can just ride right on through! Now, if you only had enough money for waterproof clothing …

Buy It $529 Categories: Gear, Rides

V.I.O. POV.HD at awsm.com

Get the details at werd.com

Categories: Gear, Tech

Burton And Husdon Bay Made A Baby at awsm.com
Burton And Husdon Bay Made A Baby

I found this while randomly scouring the internet for interesting things … for you, the reader, to desire. This board is what happens when two mega companies meet in a smokey bar after 2 am. Yep, that’s right … an illegitimate kid. This board looks like some lollipop you would buy at a county fair. You know the kind … the ones that are way too soft & sticky and usually get stuck in your hair.

Buy It $795 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Burton Freebird Splitboard at awsm.com
Burton Freebird Splitboard

“What happened to Buzzsaw? Uh, he had to split!”  I bet you thought I would go for the obvious Freebird reference,  didn’t you? You never saw a Running Man quote coming … admit it! Burton board, cut in half (kind of like cross country skiing), ride Alta lift, put board together at top of lift, go down hill, make old men angry, success!

Buy It $599.95 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

Deck Bench at awsm.com
Deck Bench

Skate deck bench. You sit on it. What … you want me to go all into detail? It’s a bench made of skateboards.

Buy It $699.99 Categories: Gear, Home

Phoenix Fly Wingsuit at awsm.com
Phoenix Fly Wingsuit

HolyshitwhatthefuckohmyGod! If your life isn’t dangerous enough, you’re missing 89% of your marbles and are looking to impress Travis Pastrana – get yourself a wingsuit & learn how to do everything you see in the Youtube video as soon as possible!

Buy It From $699 Categories: Gear

Rip Curl Limited Mick Fanning Watch at awsm.com
Rip Curl Limited Mick Fanning Watch

Do you think Mick Fanning ever walks up to a break & asks some dude in the parking lot what the tide is doing? No. That’s what separates Mick from you. You are an ill-informed barney and he is a World Champion. Well, he does have help you know. He has a Rip Curl Ultimate Superwatch that tells him about tides, waves, his fluctuating penis size & when his wife is ovulating. This watch does it all. And if you wear one, you’ll know the same exact information Mick does (except for his penis and ovulation info). It won’t help you do those whippy pocket cutties he’s so good at, but at least your wrist will look similar while trying them. He just won the Quiksilver Pro in France wearing this watch…so yea, it works.

Buy It TBA Categories: Style, Watches
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