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Nixon Supertide

The new Nixon Supertide is a surfers best friend. With tide forecasts for over 200 beaches across the globe, you will never again have a session ruined by a drained or swamped out spot. The Supertide features a incredibly clear and easy to read face that handles glare like a champ. With 5 colors to choose from, this watch can fit any fashion need. Good looking and functional, everything we expect from Nixon.

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GoPro Wi-Fi Camera Back

The new GoPro Wi Fi back enables the user to remotely activate their camera from a distance and stream footage to their smart phone or computer. GoPro is constantly stepping up their game. Impressive to say the least!

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Burton x Star Wars Snowboards at awsm.com
Burton x Star Wars Snowboards

Try and tell me that this license didn’t cost a million republic credits. I have to find a Darth Vader 130 for my boy or he’s going to disown me as a parental figure. If anyone out there works for Burton and wants to give me one, I would be stoked. Kthanxbye.

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Billabong Atlantic Wheely at awsm.com
Billabong Atlantic Wheely

Pulling a bag without wheels through an airport is like clapping with one hand. It can be done. But … it’s very tiring and can often lead to some kind of sprain or strain. Billabong has sweet wheelie bags for you to enjoy traveling with.

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Oakley Dispatch Bruce Irons at awsm.com
Oakley Dispatch Bruce Irons

Oakley, the leader in optical sports glasses, just dropped the Bruce Irons signature shade. If you want to surf like Bruce, you must first look like Bruce. Get these glasses and you are one step into the transformation.

Buy It $230 Categories: Style, Sunglasses

Nixon Genie at awsm.com
Nixon Genie

The Nixon Genie is pretty magical. Simple in design, with a bold face and easy to work controls, but complex enough to make people look twice at your wrist.

Buy It $120 Categories: Style, Watches

SOMA Airbag Designs at awsm.com
SOMA Airbag Designs

Has an airline ever given you two halves of a surfboard, when you gave them a whole one? If the answer is yes, than it may be time to check out these inflated air travel bags. If you watch the site’s vid, it shows people going ape shit on the bags with skateboards, bikes and I imagine, harsh language. Surf travel can be awesome, as long as your board is in one piece. If only there was some way to guarantee it arrives…

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Oakley Limited Edition Jupiter Camo Frogskins at awsm.com
Oakley Limited Edition Jupiter Camo Frogskins

Oakley’s Frogskin frames are some of the best-looking shades out there. Often found in bright, fun color ways, Frogskin’s are never out of style. These limited edition numbers are damn fine. The fact they are limited means you need them even more.

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Surfer Wall Mural at awsm.com
Surfer Wall Mural

This mural is pretty sweet. I’ve been staring at it for a while now, trying to figure out who it is. It doesn’t really help that the image can be flipped to whatever way you want the surfer facing. I’m not sure which I like better…

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Oakley Blade Boardshorts at awsm.com
Oakley Blade Boardshorts

When I hear the words Oakley and Blade, I think mullets, the late 80s and neon pink. Seems now, Oakley wants you to think of men’s trunks. The Blade trunk features a removable inner compression short keeping sea lice from stinging you on your pee stick. A really good thing if you’re in the tropics…nobody likes a stinging hotdog.

Buy It $110 Categories: Board Shorts, Style
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