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Australian Shredding With The Shredbots Crew

Banger edit from the triple corking crew called “The Shredbots”


*HERE IT IS* Ken Block’s Gymkhana 7 !



Watch A Jet Powered Surfboard Zip Kai Lenny Into Bombs At Jaws !

Besides the fact that jet powered surfboards are essentially the Segways of the ocean, Kai Lenny is still a mad man that can ride anything that floats in huge surf !


Madars Apse Drops What Could Easily Be A Part Of The Year Contender

Recently turned pro for Element, Madars 3 minute part is full of interesting hammers. So amazing !


Opening Weekend At Mammoth Mtn Looked Something Like This

One strip of snow with about 40 rails on it and half of California trying to get their shred legs back. I think I’ll wait another couple of weeks.


Looking For A Way To Skate A Stair Set Without The Consequences ?

This is going to be a “thing” now, isn’t it ?


You Know What Will Really Break The Internet ? A Skateboarding Cat

When asked about the current state of feline skaters, Meowsworth Purrington had this to say: “Meow, meeeow, meow, meow, mew, mewww, purr, mew meow.”


Kalani David’s Amazing 9.80 Wave From Haleiwa Yesterday !

So much control on that frontside air.


Adidas Snowboarding Presents: TransSiberia Trailer

Dropping tomorrow the Adidas team takes the Siberian Express to shred a land that is only spoken about in reference to Russian gulags.


Ever Wonder How Bethany Hamilton Surfs ?

I have, and I was stoked to find this video of her explaining how she makes the miracle happen.

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