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A Floating Fortress Or Floating Race Track ?

Although I think this is a bite on Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 ‘barge doughnuts’ segment, it’s still pretty cool.


Dylan Rieder Gets An Artsy Edit And A Signature Shoe From HUF

There is no denying that Dylan has one of the most sought after styles in the game. He also has the trick bag to back it up.


Shane Dorian Bags A Massive One In Puerto Escondido 7/5/14

Sketchy drop-in to huge spitting barrel !


Record Setting Isle Of Man Lap POV With Telemetry

This is so nuts. I like to watch the heart rate monitor.


Footage Of The July 5th Great White Attack/Nibble In Manhattan Beach CA

People are calling this an attack, I’m saying it’s a dumb ass fisherman who should have cut the line once he figured out he hooked a greyboy.


Oliver Kurtz Rulez

Oliver gets some windy wedges in Ft. Pierce Inlet.


Dane Reynolds Gets Desillusioned

This is a cool piece that Desillusion mag did on him. Following the chosen one from Hawaii home to Ventura and the long right walls of Rincon.


Happy Independence Day Ya’ll !

‘Merica and the 4th  of July go together like ammunition and coors light.  These folks in France obviously did it wrong.


Alta May Have The Right Idea…

…because this is ridiculous.  Although this takes balls n skills to be respected, I’m not backing it.

Thanks to Network a for the link.


Paying The Price: A Skate Slam Compilation

There are some meaty attempts in here. *Not for the squeamish*

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