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This Is Pretty Much My Biggest Ski Lift Nightmare ! OMG

Sugarloaf ski resort in Maine had a gear slip and the lift started rolling backwards. Remember this is a detachable quad, so all those chairs are just piling up on top of each other at that bottom !!!!! Dang.

Bunch of people were injured….and probably got hot chocolate vouchers.


*HOLY CRAP WARNING* Have You Ever Wondered Who The Toughest Action Sports Athlete Is ?

Mat Hoffman is from another planet.


You’re Not Going To Believe How Awesome This House Off The Grid In Tahoe Is !

Mikey has been a friend for way longer than I can remember. His imagination has created much of what we take for granted in action sports movie making today. Check out this amazing house he built himself in the Tahoe wilderness.


Another Ripping Edit From Rhode Islands Finest Shreds: Yawgoons 14

With so much snow back east this year, the crew has way more to get creative with.


Jamie Anderson Puts Down A Perfect Frontside 1080

A woman’s snowboarding first !


There’s Some Pretty Interesting Skating Going On In This New Joywave Video

Tony Hawl’s Pro Skater 7 or is it 11 ?


The Incredible New Trailer For Brain Farm’s New Skate Movie: We Are Blood

Brain Farm has raised the bar once again, this time in skating. Known for bringing you the amazing snow films Art Of Flight, and That’s It That’s All, Brain Farm has now turned their phenomenal film making skills to skateboarding. Oh, and they are in the process of finishing up the new Travis Rice film as well.


Watch This 12 Year Old Shred The RedBull Double Pipe

I keep getting older and they keep staying the same age.


@jdnorman does maybe the first ever backside rodeo in #MaunaKea #Hawaii. VIDEO: @leizer43

A video posted by TransWorld SNOWboarding (@twsnow) on

Hitting Snowboarding Road Gap Jumps In Hawaii !

This is awesome in soo many ways !  More snow that in the Pacific Northwest


Watch As A Tree Plays Catch With A Skier !

The giving tree…just gave him a concussion and possibly 7 broken ribs.

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