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Ryan Sheckler’s Winning Run From Dew Tour Street-style Portland Is SICK !

Watching it on tv you don’t get that sense of speed. Ryan was cooking down that course. Congrats Ryan !


Cape Cod Gets Heavy

Wintertime swells are for the hearty in New England. Near freezing water and wind that freeze you in place are only two of the deterrents. There’s always the submarines with teeth that don’t discriminate between neoprene and blubber.


I’ve Never Seen Skating Filmed Like This Before: Time Collapse Bowl Footage

This is pretty epic.


This Might Be The Most Frightening Video On The Web Currently. F-That !!!

I have nightmares about this shit. Not about great whites, but about giant prehistoric lizards that will basically eat anything, turning me into their poo poo.


Jay Adams: Venice Beach Skatepark April 2014

I watched Dogtown and Z-Boys again last night. I suggest you all do the same. #legend


This Mini Grom-ette Will Surf Circles Around You !

At first I thought it was one of those RC surfers.


How Big Are Your Balls? Mark Gonzales & Cardiel Have Big Ones

I remember seeing this and thinking about what it would be like to do that run up a few times before actually committing to one. #butterflies


Certified AWSM: Terry Kidwell Re-releases His Signature Roundtail Sims Model From The 80′s

This is so cool ! I am for sure getting one of these when they become avail Sept 1 @ Terrykidwell.com


Pat Moore Has Something He Wants To Show You

Mr. Plant is the new Volcom movie based on Pat’s movements…bowl movements…because I think this movie is going to be the shit.


Un Momento With Cody Chapman Is Filled With Cement Park Shredding

I have never skated that park in SF. Now I want to.

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