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Will Ferrell In Sweden For Old Milwaukee Beer Commercial Is Amazing

They don’t even know !


Who The Hell Names A Snowboard Film “Mr Plant” ?

Mr Plant may be the dumbest name for a snowboard movie ever, but I’m sure the actual snowboarding will be mind blowing. Now the big question is, do I call Pat Moore Mr Plant now? Is this named after Robert Plant ? Does it even have anything to do with plants ? Is it about hand plants ?


Kelly Slater’s GoPro Footage During The Recent Teahupoo Event in Tahiti

Having that much control in such a big barrel would be nice.


Today’s Must Watch: William Strobeck’s “Joyride”

In the follow up to Cherry, Strobeck puts out yet another skateboarding masterpiece. Enjoy !


Lake Superior Surfing Takes Some Seriously Hearty Individuals

As I watch this, I still can’t believe that’s a lake left point that they are surfing.


Skateboarding Bunnies



This Kickflip Wall Ride Is About The Most Perfect Looking Skate Stunt Ever

Talk about smooth.


Get Outta Town Project: Season 2 Is Here !

The boys are back and dropping a new batch of powder shredding from last seasons adventures in the Canadian backcountry.


Josh Kerr Has A New Movie Dropping Soon: Kerrzy

Josh Kerr has made a fast climb from his position as an air show stand out surfer just a few years back, to one of the sharpest surfers on the CT. His new movie will be chock full of airtime and perfect barrels.


All This Mayhem: The Tas & Ben Pappas Story

All This Mayhem is out now on i Tunes and I highly suggest you watch it. The story of two brothers rise to greatness in vert skating only to slide into darkness while at the top. It’s heavy !!!

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