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This Backyard Ramp Set Up Looks Dreamy !

Old “Corpsey” has himself quite the fun zone in his backyard. Maxi-mini ramp with pool coping and another slightly smaller mini facing the other way. Call me crazy but I could see bowled corners in the near future.


Frozen…The New Jersey Surf Version

The definition of core.


Chris Russel Comes In Like A Wrecking Ball

Eggplants…”do an indy air onto your arm” That was the advice I got when learning them.


The Surf In Australia Has Been Going Off !

With just a week until the Quiksilver Pro @ Snapper starts, a cyclone came through and lit up the entire region with right hand point goodness.


I’ve Never Seen A 9 Year Old Skate Rat Go For It Like This !

Cruise Mosberg lives down the street from me and is one of the funniest kids I have ever met, and he rips !


Ben Ferguson: A+ Shredding in C- Conditions

I with I had more thumbs to put up for this edit.


A video posted by Bucky Lasek (@buckylasek) on

Bucky Lasek Came This Close To Getting His Balls Squished In Australia !

Thank god for handrails in Australia being 32 inseam.


Surfing A Tidal Bore With 100 Of Your Closest Pals

This looks fun in a “you just ran me over with your SUP again” kind of way.


Bowl Riding Follow Cam Action From Australia

Everyone that’s everyone in the bowl riding world is in Australia right now for the start of the contest season.


Dane Reynolds And Yadin Nicol Get Rincon Really Good

Those lines, those magnificent lines…..

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