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The Greatest Stupid Video I Have Ever Seen

Wow…I mean, super wow.


Skating A Mini Covered In Frost ? *Holy Sketchy

Go to 2:18 for the frost session.


Clay Marzo Has Been Undercover Not So Quietly Ripping Apart Waves

How does he land half that shit ?


You’re Not Going To Believe How Good This Blind Skateboarder Is !

Obviously the feeling of ticks has imprinted on him from when he did have sight. He has taken the notion of ‘feeling tricks out’ to a whole new level. So insane !


Nixon Presents: The Best Surf Watch Ever !

Nixon has changed the game in surf watches. The new Ultratide powered by Surfline is an updating bluetooth enabled  surf forecast you can wear on your wrist.


I Can’t Get Enough Drone Footage Of Exotic Surf Destinations

So many amazing waves in this piece.


Start Your Day Watching The Gonz Being The Gonz And Be Happy

I can’t ever get enough candid Mark Gonzales footage…or Jason Jessie for that matter.


Well Park City Resort Is Closed Now But They Dropped One Last Edit

Weird that the season is over. I kind of feel like it never really started.


These Surfing Wipeouts Will Make You Glad You Are Where You Are Right Now.

Remind me never to go over the falls at “The Box”.


And This Is Where Snowboardings Headed…

Have fun guys, I’ll be over here.

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