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Collin Provost Is A Skateboarding ATV

So stoked on the front feeble on that tall bump to ledge that Jeremy Way had in his old Plan B part.


Quiksilver’s Farewell Video To Kelly Slater

Yes, we all thought it was some elaborate April Fools joke but it is not. Kelly Slater has left Quiksilver for greener pastur…barrels. Good luck Kelly.


Unique Technical Skateboarding That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Hawaii’s Jason Park is on another level with his technical ability on a skateboard.


Crashing A $135k GT3 During A Test Drive Is Cute

That will buff right out.


These Kids Are The Future Of Progressive Snowboarding

Snowboarder Magazine’s The Launch is a invite only snowboard media blitz where the best youngest talent comes from around the globe to strut their stuff. These kids are so damn good it’s scary.


Top 5 Biggest Waves Ridden This Year Nominees

If your life is chasing huge purple blobs around the globe it must be hard to walk around with such massive balls.


Creature Presents: Vert Search Seattle

I get so stoked when I find some vert footage to put up on the site.


GoPro Introduces Their New Energy Drink: Stoked

Redbull started in the can and ended up in media. GoPro started in media and now has it in the can. Let GoPro shove some stoke in your can!


Lamborghini Aventador VS Mazda 5

Uh oh, somebody’s insurance rates just went up.


Chippa Wilson: Way Back Home

Any footage of Chippa is good footage.

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