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Did I Just Watch An @Audi R8 Give Birth To A RS3 ?

That was one of the most unusual commercials I have ever seen. I liked it.


Lego Super Star Destroyer Gets Smashed At 1000fps !

This is so amazing.


Nixon Has Something Coming That’s Going To Make You Sith Your Pants !

Nixon just dropped this STAR WARS Day teaser of something amazing that’s dropping soon……

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Giant Paddle In Wave Puerto Escondito Yesterday

Mark Healey Is a BEAST !


The Snowboard Movie That Started It All !

The Western Front was the first snowboard movie that ushered in the ‘new’ era of freestyle snowboarding from the likes of Chris Roach. It was the transition from dorky day glow to tight controlled tricks that were held so long, hands were almost landed on. Go to 14:52 and watch Roach in his green pants just go to work. ┬áHis style was/is pretty much perfect in my opinion.


Surfing In Siberia ? WOW

When I was in Russia last year for the Sochi Olympics, I saw waves in the Black Sea. I didn’t get to surf but there were definitely right hand points peeling. This is pretty awesome to know that there is a scene there.


A Collection Of @BobBurnquist Clips That Will Leave You Slack Jaw’d

Um…frontside Caballerial to nose grind ?


More @Audi RS Cars In One Place Than Your Brain Can Handle

Wagons, wagons everywhere !


The Greatest Stupid Video I Have Ever Seen

Wow…I mean, super wow.


Skating A Mini Covered In Frost ? *Holy Sketchy

Go to 2:18 for the frost session.

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