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The Coolest Animated Star Wars Fan Film I Have Ever Seen !

So much work went into this.


Black Snow Snowboards: Ride The Legend…Action Figures Sold Separately

OMG this is gold.


This Is The Heaviest 4 Minutes Of Skateboarding You Will See This Week

Wait…what the hell was that? ….and that?….and that?


A Skateboard, A Colorado Afternoon, And A Low Rider Dog

For some reason this video made me very happy.


Chippa Wilson Doing The Impossible On A Soft Top Surfboard

How was that rock ollie ?


Watch Luan Oliveira Put Down A Flawless Run At Tampa Pro That Just Won’t Stop Hitting !

Holy consistent !


Wes Is Best…Beast !

Wes Kremer and pals get down in South Africa.


Sterling Spencer Voice Over: Gabriel Medina Tells You The Proper Way To Shave Your Arm Pits

Sterling needs his own show on Comedy Central.


Have You Ever Thought About Skating A Mini Ramp As It Rolls Down Train Tracks ?

There is definitely no shortage of creativity in this fascinating skate film.


This Is Pretty Much My Biggest Ski Lift Nightmare ! OMG

Sugarloaf ski resort in Maine had a gear slip and the lift started rolling backwards. Remember this is a detachable quad, so all those chairs are just piling up on top of each other at that bottom !!!!! Dang.

Bunch of people were injured….and probably got hot chocolate vouchers.

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