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This Is The Gnarliest Collection Of Barefoot Skating You Have Ever Seen Guaranteed !

See kids, now thats how you get calluses.


Welcome To California Jordy Smith

As of recently, Jordy has taken up part time residency in Southern California.


Would You Recognize A Pro Snowboarder If He Dressed Up Like An Old Man At Camp?

Jack Mitrani poses as uncle Dave at HCSC this summer and gets some tips from the kids.


There’s Nothing Like Talking Your Cat For A Drag….

Aww poor kitty hates walking.


Ken Block’s RaptorTRAX Shred Fest At Baldface Lodge Is Amazing !

The ultimate snow toy !


Milton Martinez: Creature Fiend (Full Part)

I didn’t know half of that was possible on a skateboard.


Oakley’s New Snowboarding Movie Is Looking Pretty Sweet

Snowboarding is for me…and anyone else that can afford a lift ticket these days.


Channel Islands Surfboards Team Gets Some Of Last Weeks Swell In Ventura

Cool to see some new Bobby Martinez footage.


The Last Trick In This Vid Will Drop Your Jaw…

Then you can watch the collection of clips again and see how truly amazing Ben Krahn’s skating is. I haven’t skated with Ben for at least 10 years, it looks like he has only gotten better…way better.


John John’s Surfing At The Quiksilver Pro France Was Pretty Much Perfect…

Although Kelly thinks he got scored to high.

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