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Pssh, When Pigs Surf…Wait

Now I have seen everything. Insert joke about pig-dogging a wave here______________________.


1000 Frames Per Second Of The Most Terrifying Wave Ever…

and that’s just the beginning. Chris Bryan’s new show reel is a jaw dropper.


Baby Seal Wants To Go Surfing Or Not Take A “Stomach Vacation” In A Submarine With Teeth?

Ok so this is cute, until you wonder what the seal was trying to get away from.


Prepare Your Mind To Be Melted: Jordan Sanchez

Skating what looks like the worlds shittiest asphalt, Jordan puts together some of the most technically creative skating lines I have seen in years.


Sit Down Paddle Surfing Is Coming To A Lineup Near You

My new carbon fiber chair is so sweet.


Shane Dorian Talks Us Mortals Through A Huge Mexican Bomb

Shane gets a sweet airdrop that would have cancelled a regular human.


Lakai Presents: Canada Stupor Tour 2014

All your favorite Lakai pros head to Canada to show the kids what buying Lakai’s will do.


Mt. Hood Just Erupted !

Snowboarder Video Magazine from late July in Oregon. Red hot lava action.


Hurley Presents: Tour Notes-Vans US Open Of Surf

All the behind the scenes action from the Hurley team at the US Open of surf in Huntington.


The Greatest Jet Ski Fail In The History Of The World

Oh my God…I don’t think she is ok.

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