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Holy Toledo: Filipe Toledo Surfing Tiny Waves Is AWSM !

Talk about making something look way to easy. He did about 60 perfect twirlarounds on a wave that most would have trouble getting speed on.


Tory Pudwill’s PlanB True Part

The video dropped last week and has it’s moments.


Longboarder Tries To Push Away From Police Is Hilarious

I wanted more of that frantic spaz pushing on that big dumb board.

Skateboarding is not a crime….but riding one of those things should be.


Nothing Like A Skier Coming Up 20 Feet Short On A Jump To Start Your Day Off Right

This is funny.


It’s Safe To Say There Were More Rails To Ride Then Snow On Bear Mtn’s Opening Weekend !

Bear rules for the simple fact that they put the fun first. When nature won’t give you snow, screw it, just put more rails and boxes on the hill.


Colbert Clears Up The Episode 7 “Christsaber” Controversy

I love Colbert so much. I feel like he is me trapped in him.


Kerrzy: Full Movie !

Josh Kerr is a good friend of mine and an inspiration both in and out of the water. A dedicated family man who can make his surfboard flick like he’s skating and then charge waves that would turn most peoples legs to mush. Quite simply, Josh rules and you should watch his new movie.


Does Skateboarding Have A Weight Limit ?

Hell no it doesn’t ! The video says this dude is over 300 lbs, if he keeps skating those pounds will magically melt away.


I Want A Piece Of That Park

Danny Davis’ “Peace Park 2014″ was a modern wonder of snow. Flowing banked slalom sections into hips, that feed into a super pipe, and jumps? Sign me up, that thing looks amazing.


New Star Wars “The Force Awakens” Trailer Recreated In LEGO !

It’s safe to say that I watched the actual trailer about 30 times yesterday.

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