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Supercars Make The Best Chairlifts

Jon Olsson has great taste in cars. He has gone through an amazing PPI tuned R8. He is currently running a tuned, urban cammo RS6. And then there’s his new light weight super car, the Rebellion R2k…which obviously makes an an amazing chairlift. Although, I do think the RS6 is probably faster and more comfortable.


Today’s Mega Lol: Game Of Thrones Theme Song Sung By GOATS!!!

Oh my God I am crying laughing.


Yet Another Reason To Visit Oregon In The Summer

The new Eugene skatepark is now open and looks like something I would draw on my notebook in highschool. Unreal!


Jaws Takes “Going Big” On A Skateboard To A Whole New Level Of Insanity !

Wow Wow Wow Wow !


Do You Miss At The Drive In Rocking Your Face Off ?

Have no fear, the new super group project Antemasque is here. Cedric and Omar….and Flea!  The first single, 4Am  is available on I-Tunes now.  I can’t tell you how anxious I am to hear more from this band.


This Is Why Rally Cars Don’t Have Stereos

Beacause of the wonderful music the Audi S1 Quattro makes!


Barros’ Backyard Brazillian Bowl Blowout

Fast and huge was the name of the game at the RedBull bowl event at Pedro’s house.


Dillon Perillo: Surfing Is Everything

I thought chocolate was everything ?


Converse Presents: Dead Of Winter Midwest Skate Tour

Lots of indoor action during the coldest and snowiest weather the midwest has seen in 50 years.


Pat Moore’s Blueprint #6: Baldface With Terje, Gooch, And Jamie

I wish there were more people in snowboarding that shared Pat’s views. It would be a more thriving and prosperous communitly.

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