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John John’s Surfing At The Quiksilver Pro France Was Pretty Much Perfect…

Although Kelly thinks he got scored to high.


The Amount Of Work That Goes Into A 3 Minute Backcountry Clip Is Staggering

Iikka Backstrom getting it handled in his submission for X Games ‘Real Snow’.


Flair Up Friday: The Best Of Greyson Fletcher !

This just had me wanting more.


What Is A Ghost Wave And Why Would You Want To Surf It ?

Ian Walsh just loves big scary shark infested waves.


You Ever Land A Huge Gap Ollie Only To Be Hit By A Car A Split Second Later ?

Considering how bad this could have been Milton got off easy. How’s the dude that was supposed to stop the traffic jus standing there like a scarecrow? Then he’s all, “wtf ?” after the car clips him.


2014 Hot Dawgz & Handrails…And Hay Bales

Big Bear Resort was once again home to the hot dogging action of HDHR. It’s amazing that they can pull this event off in 80 degree heat.


Guy Mariano Still Makes It Look Easy…And Everyone Else Look Dumb

Hard to believe how long he has been pushing tech street skating. This Thrasher KOTR footage just skims the surface of how good Guy is.


Do You Think These Guys Are Good At Riding Surfboards ?

I do !

Here And Now was originally a video submission contest where surfers from all over the globe were to put together a video part in one day. Matt and Albee won the contest and still had so much kick ass footage left over they even made a bonus section.


Adidas Snowboarding Presents: Nomad-En Route Trailer

You have to wonder how long it will be till Adidas decides to go Nike. However, until they do, keep enjoying the amazing content they keep putting out.


One Of The Coolest Videos I Have Ever Seen Is Dropping Tuesday: Ken Block’s “RaptorTRAX Shredfest”

Ken Block has some amazing high budget ideas and they usually involve playing as much as possible. Baldface Lodge was the site for this project last winter. I have seen it and it’s nothing short of incredible.

Next tuesday is going to be Shredfest day.

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