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Seb Toots Takes It To The Streets

After the Olympic hype machine was over Seb bagged some heavy urbans shredding.


Kelly Slater + 1 Penis Shaped Surfboard+ 1 Fish = Hilarity

Paul Fisher is really milking the dick.


What The Hell Did I Just Watch? *Japanese Snowboard Wacky Fun Time*

This is confusing to me…also facinating, but mostly confusing. I love it.


A Not So Small Norwegian Avalanche

Avalanche footage never gets old to me.


Cats Love Thrash Metal

See, playing in a band will totally make you a pussy magnet.


Spring Time Blower Powder At Snowbird Is Fun

Yep, the days are getting warmer and longer but there is still plenty of spring pow to be ridden.

GoPro Footage courtesy of Chris Saydah


Fullpipe 2 Wallride Yank-off

What the Hell did you just say to me?


Brighton Resort Presents: Milo Was Here

Milo Sport is as well known in SLC as the crappy beer.  The Milo crew headed up to Brighton to get it while they can. Spring is here and there are only a few more weeks of riding left until the resorts start shutting down.


Mason Ho Does Work On His Mayhem V2

That water looks so warm and inviting. Mason also does one of the most solid indy airs I have ever seen anyone do on a surfboard at 1:48.


Moving Art

French Fred’s artistic vision is pretty rad. Also, that open book quarterpipe is pretty sweet too.

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