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The Florence Family…You Know Who I’m Talking About

Destined to go down in the history books as one of the most talented family units in surfing, the Florence’s have been raised by legends and are now legends themselves.


Urban Front Country Jumping Is My Favorite !

Ryan Paul puts together one Helluva season edit. It has everything from rails, unnecessary shovel bonks, urban powder, to tow in kickers !


*AWSM WARNING*-Here’s The New COD Advanced Warfighter Multiplayer Trailer

Looks like another November filled with leveling up.


This Barrel Is Way Too Long To Be Believed: Koa Smith-Nambia

Nambia has to offer the longest sand bottom lefts in the world. UNREAL !


Donny Duhadway Gets Weird And Takes Painful Slams

SK8 Locos Por Vida


The Most Incredible Bail To Recovery In Surfing History !

The guys at STAB have come across an event that is more rare than getting struck by lighting while simultaneously learning that you won the lotto.


Rodney Mullen Has Some New Tricks To Confuse You

He just keeps inventing the hardest shit possible on a skateboard. Oh, and who knew Ben Harper had nollie varial heels ?


I Didn’t Come Here For The Vans US Open Of Surfing…

Well, that does it…we are doomed as a species.


The Uncensored Ending Of Last Seasons Walking Dead Finale Is Certified AWSM !

I love my zombie soap opera !


Groms Rule The Summertime Lineups !

The Smith Optics grom squad has been ripping the lineups of Lowers and Huntington the past few weeks. They will continue to do so until school starts and they all go away.

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