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Extreme Sign Spinner Guy In Encinitas

Thanks Pierre for this amazing link.


Billabong Presents: Life’s Better In Board Shorts

Actually I’m going to have to disagree…Life is better with no shorts. Unfortunately, everyone can clearly see your nuts when you decide not to wear pants.


You Are Entering The Gnar Zone With D Strong

It’s tool time again with D Strong!  You have to go back and watch the first two episodes. I can’t believe there are actually humans out there with the much lack of self awareness.


Evan Smith Skates Very Fast On His Indy’s

All terrain skills is the new black.


I Want You To Watch This As A Reminder Of How Sketchy The Backcountry Is Right Now

I hate seeing footage of avalanches, but I figure if this video gets in at least one persons head and prevents them from traversing across a loaded up slope, I have done a service to humanity.


Taj Burrow Gets Some Waaves

I like Taj’s style. He always seems coiled and ready for attack. Just like a single 60 year old woman at a bar who’s had too much rose’.


Supernatural Super Commentary

This is laugh out loud funny to me. Someone went and did a voice over for the whole teaser trailer, and it’s amazing.


Spencer Link Wins The Hot Sauce Huck Off

The Choula Triple Air went down this past weekend up at Mtn High Resort in Southern California. As usual, there was a big turnout and a massive bottle of hot sauce for first place.  That’s a lot of breakfast burritos to be hot sauced. We all know that Cholula is best on breakfast foods.


Overload Skateshop’s Newest Team Rider

Their newest team rider has a mean backside lip slide.


Yades And Killian Shredding On Super Manpile Sunday

Yeah, I said it. Football=manpile

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