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Now I Have Seen Everything: French Windsurfing Park

If you don’t speak french, Slayer works well for a soundtrack.


Danny Knows A Bearded Homeless Man

The new Nike Snowboarding commercial is a winner. It seems that the bearded homeless guy is non other than Pat Bridges from Snowboarder Mag. I like this commercial.


Freestyle CH Qualification Round

Urban kicker event went down this weekend in Switzerland.


Audi TTRS vs 4.2 R8

Bye bye R8…………


Quiksilver Pro NY: The Epic Edit

Time and tricks slowed down thanks to the Phantom camera crew.  You can really see that Josh Kerr really slapped that board on his feet during that epic backside varial.


Powell Team: Search For Animal Chin-nuts

Pay close attention to how crazy Jordan Hoffart is. “Owita owita owita shiblank”


Body Boys: Legend Of The Pipers

This is the real story of hardcore bodysurfing.

This is the story that Keith Malloy was trying to tell in Come Hell Or High Water.


Guess How I’m Clearing The Lineup

Remote controlled great white shark fin is amazing. I wonder if I would get in trouble?


Josh Kerr Gives Kelly The Old ‘Ass In Your Face’

Kelly would go on to win the Trestles event so don’t feel so bad about the burn.


Crystal Skull Shot Glass at awsm.com
Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Hold on guys, I just need to skull this Don Julio…ahhhhh. Now where did I put those car keys?
Kids, if you’re going to booze, don’t drink and drive. Also if you’re going to booze, make sure that you drink from the glass of doom!

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