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DC Shoe Co Presents: Wes Kremer

Wow, that frontside 3 over the access ramp railing was not small and perfect.


Sterling Spencer No Longer Goes By Centaur

By the looks of it, he no longer stands to pee.


Tanner Gudauskas: Stuck On A Boat Part 1

I’m ready for a boat trip to Indo right now. Actually, I’ll take anything with warm water and waves that behave in a predictable manner. It would also be fantastic to not surf in water that smells like catfood and is the color of iced tea.


686 Outerwear: The Process

This is how outerwear is made kids. Tune in next week for a lesson on how to wear the proper sizes for your image.


Just In Case Your Monday Sucks: Jonny From Airplane

Leon’s getting larger!


This Is My Winter…And This Is Me Shitting My Pants

Xavier de Le Rue is a warrior. The lines he gets himself into make me nervous while I sit sipping coffee in my kitchen. This is a completely different sport than the one that I do. Amazing stuff.


Idiot Of The Month Goes To…

Here is a person who had a steady diet of lead paint chips as a child with way too much money as an adult.


60 Minutes In The Transworld Park With Chris Cole

Cole did in 60 minutes what would take others a 6 days of filming. He is a skateboarding machine of pure evil…and I mean that in the nicest sort of way.


Billabong Presents: TransparentSea Part 1

Rasta and crew following the grey whale migration down the coast of southern California. I saw a huge pod of whales this weekend in Encinitas. It was a pretty amazing sight. In this day and age I can’t believe that people still kill these creatures.


Hampus Shreds The Streets Martin Shreds The Pow

Swedish snowboarding chef Hampus Mosesson goes to work on some urban shredding while “The Godfather” Martin Gallant gets to work on some Whistler backcountry.

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