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Killington Is Open For Snowbusiness

Good to see that Killington is open early for the East coast crews.


Creepy German Guy Says: Jennifer Is A Party Pooper


Nyjah Huston Teaser Clip No.7

Nyjah’s video is hitting the streets soon. Yet another clip showing his freakish rasta skateboarding abilities.


Daisuke Takahashi Presents: Subspecies Trailer

Japanese skate film maker Daisuke Takahashi has a new film coming out featuring some of the new rippers that Japan has to offer. Daisuke filmed in both Japan and the USA. There are so many spots to skate in Japan, I look forward to seeing them being shredded by local talent.


Remember the country of Japan is still in dire need of assistance after the March earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster that caused so much destruction.


Powell Peralta Presents: Aldrin Garcia Trashcan Ollie With Huge Statues

I like this short little clip. The statues are really neat and that ollie was gigantic.


A Swedish View Of A Bowl-B-Que

Swedish tourist, Pierre went to Bucky Lasek’s house this past weekend and filmed this clip. He then went to Chipotle and had 3 barbacoa crispy tacos.


Matt Wilkinson Gets A Feel For The San Francisco Locals

I think that one chick wants to blow Wilko’s rape whistle!


Bobby Martinez Talks About Kelly’s Math Problem

Think you heard the last of Bobby’s opinions about the ASP and The One World Ranking?

If you didn’t hear/care: Kelly Slater was crowned the 11 time world champ the other day…except that he wasn’t. The ASP (Adding Scores Problem) didn’t do their math correctly and it turned out that Ke11y was still just plain old Kelly.


Still To Fast To Race: A Group B Rally Car Documentary

If you have a little time to spare, sit down and watch this in it’s entirety. The old footage is amazing and the sounds of the  inline 5 of the Audi makes me have an emotional boner.


Call Of Duty MW3: The Noob Trailer

I like that the people in charge of marketing have a sense of humor now.  Jonah Hill looks weird skinny.

Tuesday is going to be very unproductive.

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