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Happy First Weekend Of Summer

Get your weekend started off right by enjoying one of summers biggest treats, the slip and slide fail.  Bronze your rig!


Bunch Of Flamers

It’s like jumping through flaming hoops to get a photo in the mag these days.


Loyal Dean Skateboards at awsm.com
Loyal Dean Skateboards

The cruiser board trend is hot these days. Plenty of companies are making really cool looking boards for hauling ass to the local beach or making a quick hill bomb. But these, are some of the best I’ve seen.

Buy It $379 Categories: Gear, Skate Hard Goods

Emerica Stay Gold B-Sides: Heath Kirchart

Easily my favorite B-Sides so far.


Superhero Hoodies at awsm.com
Superhero Hoodies

Superhero hoodies, no way! Pretend to be your favorite hero around the house or at the local watering hole. Mental note: Never tell a member of the opposite sex your spider sense is tingling. Chances are, you just have to pee.

Buy It $49.99 Categories: Hoodies, Style

Clay Marzo: A Morning With Albee

These clips make me smile.


The Quiksilver Pro New York 2011

The Quik pro is coming up the first week of September in Long Beach, NY. Hosted by yours truly, it’s going to be a damn good time. Now all we need are waves…


Isenseven’s Trailer For Their New Movie Kaleidoscope

Wow, those Euro’s were busy this past winter. Looks pretty amazing.


Quiksilver King Of The Groms: Huntington Beach

Hey, I have a Cam Richards too.


Kelly Slater On The Chelsea Lately Show Last Night

Aww, he offered the little man some empanadas. Isn’t that precious.

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