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Panda Bear: Surfer’s Hymn

Undead surfers rise and get pitted… so pitted.


X Games: Real Street

The Summer X Games is almost here once again filling your heart with Freestyle MX joy. One of the cooler aspects for this summer’s Games is the “Reel Street ” competition. Check the preview of whats to come. The Dylan Reider video dropped this morning. I tried to swipe it off ESPN’s web site but those suckers have that thing locked down tighter than a crabs ass.


High Cascade Snowboard Camp Session 1

See how fun it is up at Mt. Hood in the summer-time.


Cabo Chips at awsm.com
Cabo Chips

I do love me some tortilla chips. Judging by the amount of Mexican food I consume, it would be safe to assume I’m part Mexican. A big box of Cabo Chips showed up on AWSM’s door a few weeks back. Needless to say, they only lasted 2 days. If you’re looking for a delicious tortilla chip not made out of Monsanto evil corn, try these.

Buy It $3 Categories: Gear, Nutrition

More Frozen Embarrassment

This is still going down on the regular at A-Basin.

Thanks to NIC for hooking AWSM up with this footy!


CPH Pro 2011 Street Finals

There is more hot action going down in this vid than Iikka Backstrom’s hidden laptop porn collection.


Jack’s Surfboards Cobra Kai Zip Up at awsm.com
Jack’s Surfboards Cobra Kai Zip Up

Sweep the leg Johnny. I always thought Johnny was a total douche cookie in Karate Kid. I mean … he was a total dick. Now, you can be a total dick just like him. Grab yourself one of Jack’s Surfboards sweatshirts and start intimidating anyone even remotely looking like Ralph Macchio.

Buy It $53.95 Categories: Hoodies, Style

STI Scoobi Going Fast

The Island of Man ( Not what you think ladies ) Tourist Trophy Circuit covers almost 38 miles and has over 300 twists and turns. Back when the records were first being made, the average speed of 38 mph through the course was the hotness. Now with speeds in the triple digits being the norm, things are a bit more exciting.


Go Skateboarding Day 2011: New York

Check the turnout for the East Coast celebration of Go Skateboarding Day.


The Gonz Is Turning Japanese

Totally artsy.

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