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PAS Skate House – Malibu at awsm.com
PAS Skate House – Malibu

If you saw the PAS project that went down in France recently then you have an idea what to expect from the PAS house that is due to be constructed in Malibu. The project involves having a dwelling that is completely skate-able from the inside out.

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The Swedish Chef Makes Popcorn



Eero Knows Real Talent When He Sees It

Huntington beach has some real gems.

Eero Ettala’s site is like a one stop shop for Finnish entertainment.


Now This Is How You Make A Music Video

Starring two of my favorite humans on Earth, Sidekick Mike, and the Finnish muppet, Iikka Backstrom.


Jordy Smith Looks Like A Farmer

Jordy Smith needs to get those bags packed before his airplane to Tahiti leaves. I guess they never taught him time management back on the farm.


From Russia With Love- Airblaster’s Thank You Baby Teaser

Russian snowboard tourism is just booming.


You Know When You’re Watching American Idol And You’re Really Embarrassed For The People…

Yeah, this is pretty much that.  It actually made me want to punch babies. Although, I could see it being used as a form of torture at Guantanamo Bay.


Freestyle Is Dead…Except For This Guy


TSO App Featuring P-Rod

TSO stands for “The School Of…” My pal Sal and a talented team of developers have started a series of apps for various media devices that teach you how to shred. This is the first skate episode with Paul Rodriguez. It has video and written instruction on how to do all the hot moves the kids are craving these days. Like how to get a 7 figure Nike contract, how to score a 7 figure sugarwater contract, how to score a 7 figure Target sponsorship…you know, just the basics.


Oliver Kurtz Can Surf

In between posting softcore porn to his Instagram account, it seems that Oliver can throw himself about willy nilly out in the water.

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