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Quiksilver Rincon Classic: Dane Reynolds Vs Tom Curren

Talk about a match-up. You can see that Dane has been studying the book of Tom for a great while.


Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta 2012 Livery Reveal Part Deux

This was directed by none other than Steve Berra. Steve carved out some time between his busy Berrics schedule and appearing as the love interest on the remake of Blossom to direct this dose of car porn.


AWSM On Alli: Episode 5 DC Mtn Lab Retrospective Part 1

This week I count down the top 5 videos, review P2 skateboard tech, and go back to the now for sale, DC Mtn Lab for one last goodbye.


Kekoa Bacalso Shredding Indo

Bam Bam Bacalso getting some on perfect waves. I could really use some warm perfection right now. Anyone going somewhere sweet anytime soon?


GloZell Wins The Cinnamon Challenge

She thought a ladle full would be the sufficient amount!


Ken Block/Nick Swardson 2012 Liveries

Block it like its hot.


Mason Ho Making The Worst Wave Ever Look Good

Man, talk about polishing a turd….


LED Snowboarder

At first I thought this was some kind of after effect in Final Cut.


The Best Commercial Featuring Snowboarding Ever

This was the first major piece of advertising to feature snowboarding back in the late 80′s. This footage is all from an old Sims video filmed at Breckenridge on 6 Chair during the World Championships.  I still get goose bumps watching this.  Craig Kelly is the guy with the skin tight white pants on.


Acapulco Gold Winter Park Sessions

Due to a crazy mild winter in the Big Apple, the Rockaway Beach park is still getting some heavy sessioning. That park is so fun. I had a chance to skate there a few days when I was out there for the Quiksilver Pro NYC.  Watch out though, it seems that if it rolls or has wheels, it will be in the park and it will eventually run into you at high speed.

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