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Audi Introduces The New Sport TT Cup Car

This is sure to be the precursor to the new TTRS.


So, Kelly Slater Just Landed This… (Now With After Interview)

It’s easily the best frontside 540 revert ever landed on a surfboard. I would even argue it’s a frontside 720 reverted to 900 because of the similarity in wall to a half pipe. Either way we haven’t seen anything like this put down that clean.

*The first 540 were done up in Santa Cruz about 15 years ago


You Have To See This Flowrider Footage To Believe It

I’m baffeled.


Ultra Clean Portugal Pro Super Session

Watching this made me want to tuck inside a head high barrel…and then more than likely get clipped in the face by the lip and cartwheel down the face.


What Happens When You Take A Crap Designed Skatepark And Add Talented Shreds ?

Lets face it, not all skateparks in the world are created equal. That’s both the good and the bad of it. I have had some amazing times sessioning the most poorly designed wastes of concrete. It’s all in the attitude. Although, when you are stuck with a piece of suck for a daily spot, the attitude can be a lot less optimistic.


Watch Terje Go About 30 Feet Out On This Hip !

Nice to see the Terd still blasting.


Halfpipe Humpday With Christian Haller

I like Hitch Haller’s style…a lot.


Mercedes New Glamping Van Is All Kinds Of Amazing

If only this all wheel drive Westfalia design would make it to the USA.


Who Wants To See Giselle Bundchen Surf Teahupoo ?

Most people will just want to see Tom Brady’s wife paddle out…over and over and over again.


Poison For Profit In Hawaii: Dustin Barca Fights For Hawaii’s Future !

The amount of GMO testing on the Hawaiian islands is disgusting. Here’s to Dustin Barca winning this upcoming election and smacking down the chemical corps poisoning for profit.

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