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Snowskating Is Heavy Now

Ambition snowskates put out this vid and I am blown away.


Clown Terrorist Training Camp

Fire the javelin!


Taj And Pals: Fiji Part 3

Im trying to figure out what wave that is. It’s not Tavi rights and it’s not Swimming Pools…Wilkes maybe? Either way I want to go there right now and do things to fun rights.


Big Bear Looks Plenty Fun Right Now

Nate Bozung is making a comeback…as a wizard. He has wizard hair now, it’s so sick.



Here is the trailer for the new skateboard drama Hardflip. Somehow, I already get the feeling that it’s exactly like the last skate movie that came out. At least Christian is in it.


CCS Skatepark Crawl: Los Angeles

CCS has set up team tours of local Southern California skateparks to stoke out the kids and get them to spend their parents money at CCS on Black Friday.


Darwin Was Talking About This Guy In Particular

According to some, that is actually the safest spot in Mexico.


The Evolution Of A Wave Pool: Weber Wave Pools Promotion

Isn’t this the exact same thing that Ke11y is trying to do?


Ring The Bell Win A Prize

Congratulations….you win cracked ribs and internal bleeding!


Mark “The Extreme Freckle” Healey Is Awesome

Healey is the shit.

This clip is from TWSurf’s new film Suprise Excitement Party. If you buy it and don’t like it, blame Chris Cote.

Hi Chris!

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