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Travis Rice’s Biggest Fan

This is fucking amazing! Lago is so awesome. It’s obvious that he has actually done this to someone in the past…probably Brushie.


Downhill Mtn Bike Announcer Needs To Chill The F Out

Wow, and I thought that I brought enthusiasm to the table…


Dragon APX Goggle Field Test In Colorado

The boys go deep to find out if these goggles work. I wonder how much Drago complained on this trip?


Fitzy’s Wicked Pissah Patriots @ The Dolphins Preview

Fitzy is so goddamned funny.

“I would rather eat Gabourey Sidibe’s melted choco taco, and wash it down with a crotch sweat n tonic on the rocks…”


Keenan Milton RIP

Such style and grace taken too soon from the skate world. Saw this the other day on TWSkate and had to repost.


Graffiti Wars

This is so damn cool.


Mega Ramp: Behind The Scenes

Ever wonder how the mega gets put up and taken down?


Quiksilver Pro: Snack Pack Event Recap

Here it is, the whole event squeezed into a highlights reel.


The Gudauskas Brothers: New York

Here we find the Lithuanian trio savagely beating the waves in Long Beach NY during last week Quiksilver Pro. Thursday and Friday were two of the best days I have had this year in the water with Friday being a barrel festival.


Kick Flip To Face Smash

Good night Irene.

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