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John Florence Is On One RIght Now

JFlo is making it look like  a Hawaiian ASP World Champ  could be crowned in the very near future.


Chad Bartie Party

Bartie is one of my favorites.


Treadmill Fails

My face hurts.


AWSM On Alli: Episode 10

Danny Way’s documentary Waiting For Lightning, SWhite wins Euro X slope and other stuff your mind can’t handle.


T Puds Winning Tampa Pro Run

Calculated and flawless, although I would like to have seen a bit more flow around the course.


ATDI: The Classroom Show

At The Drive In is my favorite band of all time by a long shot. This old footage of them back in El Paso ( Omar’s and Cedric’s hair is yet to be afrocized ) The sound is kind of shitty, but it suits the band at that point. They were abrasive and raw and it took a few listens to really hear what was going on underneath. Their first album is still one of my favorites. I am so stoked that they are back together!  Hopefully the next album will be just as raw as Relationship Of Command, although I wouldn’t mind if it was like Vaya.


Throwback Throwdown At Breckenridge

I’m trying so hard to manage this into my schedule ! This looks like so much fun.


Shit Mike Burnett Says

I laughed.


La Woman- Kenny Anderson, ALex Olson, Braydon Szafranski

I can’t listen to the Doors without picturing Val Kilmner, thanks Hollywood.


Nick Rosa RIdes For Penny Skateboards

You can’t walk 4 feet in Southern California without seeing someone on a Penny Skateboard.

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