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Gravis: Japan

Gravis team riders Dylan Rieder and Sammy Winter take the new Filter shoe for a spin thru the streets of Japan.


Fleeing Suspect Fail

How’s your face?


Drifting Is So Tittys

Hmm, do you think that was planned?


November Fail Compilation

This just made my morning.


Bro’s That Glow

Am I the only one that sees this as sure fire way to attract a gigantic fishy with a 36 inch mouth?  That would suck to be the guy getting chomped and it just looks cool to everyone on shore.


November California

Fisher Heverly can perform.


From Road To Racetrack

I love seeing P-cars on the street that look like they have been thru hell on a track or backroad. The front end is chipped up, ┬áthe tire’s sidewalls are all melted and there is brake dust everywhere.


One Fin To Rule Them All

Alex Knost only likes one fin. I on the other hand like a bunch of fins. There’s Iikka, Aaero, Jussi, Arto…


Cooper Wilt’s Iphone Clip: Goofin’ Off

The drainage ditch at the end looks like it would scare the shit out of me to ride out of anything. Cheese grader cement with poo poo river is not awesome.


Surfing And Sharks

This movie is something I really want to watch. Seeing as how my local surf spot in Encinitas is now called Sharky’s, I would like to know how to co exist with these toothy submarines.

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