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Nicolas Muller: Nike Kaiju

Nico is one of my top 5 of all time.


John x2 Florence

I love that frontside ally-oop cess slide.


Thrasher’s Hall Of Meat 2011

The years best slams. Some are squint worthy! Watch at your own risk.


Check Your Blind Spots Or Just Look In Front Of You

Wow this could have been so very bad.


Fitzy’s Wicked Pissah Fackin’ Muppet Movie Review

Fackin’ Fitzy went to tha gallareah to go and watch a fackin movie about peoples hands up fuzzy things turd holes.


Lakai Skate Shoe

Yep, Raven is skating a shoe shaped skateboard.


John Jackson Got A New Sled

Good God is that thing sick!


Jackson Hole Avalanche

I saw this over on Transworldsnow and though that I should post it again as a heavy reminder of how sketchy the avy conditions are right now. Even when you use your head shit can go sour in seconds.


River Wave Surfing

Just get yourself a fishing boat and you never need a storm system to produce waves again.


The Solomon/Bonfire Team Heads East

The adventures of Java continue…
It says that the team headed East but as far as I can tell they went to Meadows then to Bear then to Park City then back to Mountian High. That bus driver has to have the worst sense of direction since Christopher Columbus.

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