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Call Of Duty MW3: The Noob Trailer

I like that the people in charge of marketing have a sense of humor now.  Jonah Hill looks weird skinny.

Tuesday is going to be very unproductive.


J Casanova Is Back…Again

Once again, I can’t tell if this is a joke or dead serious.


The Hobbit: Peter Jackson Talks 3D And 48 Frames Per Second

I can’t wait for this movie.


The DC Embassy: Italo Romano

Next time you complain about your grip tape being slippery or your board not having enough pop, think of this guy and waking up every day not having enough legs. Such a sick human!


Walker Ryan Is Officially Pro

Organica decided to pump Walker Ryan up to the pro team. Now he gets millions of dollars, showers in Crystal, and eats only the finest fast foods.


This One *Almost* Goes To Eleven

*This just in: Apparently the ASP calculator ran out of batteries and Kelly needs to actually win one more heat before he’s officially Ke11y. Ten bucks says someone needs to find a new job on Monday.

Kelly Slater just won his 11th world title. Wonder how it happened? If you are, here is a recap of this past year.

“The numbers all go to eleven. Look, right across the board, eleven, eleven, eleven and…”


Buster Bio-fuels

If you skate vert than you know who Buster Halterman is. Buster has started a bio fuel company here in Southern California and is expanding. Spread the word about Buster Bio Fuels, you may be doing the planet a favor.


RIP Flattus Maximus

Gwar lost their guitarist last night. I love GWAR.


This Really Is The Craziest Thing I Have Ever Seen

I mean Holy Shit!

I might have posted this a couple months back, but this is a different version of that vid so suck it.


The Zoo York Post: Streets Of New York With Photographer Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly talks about his new collection of Zoo York decks featuring iconic locals around the city.

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