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Arbor Snowboards: Scotty Vine

Scotty should only really mount up one binding. I think that would really make a statement.


Sterling Spencer, Baguettes, Loud Music, And Gudangatangs

Sterling Spencer takes to the beach breaks of France with the rest of the pro surfing hotshots.  I wonder if Jeremy Flores’ is going to beat him with a baguette?


Quiksilver Pro France: Round One Highlights

The Quikpro started off with a bang yesterday in clean overhead conditions.  Parko was taken down and  forced into round 2 and Dane Reynolds’ come back to the tour saw him take down Adriano  De Souza.


Wilco’s Teahupoo Heats

Watch how the swell goes from manageable to out of control. It just looks evil out there.



Chunk Of Chocolate: The Baldy Pipeline

The Chocolate team heads up to the infamous Baldy Pipeline to get some wicked back and forth action.  Oh man, there is no way that I would want to repel down to get my board from where the C.h.u.d.s. live.  He’s lucky he didn’t get snatched and eaten.


Quartersnacks: Summer 2011


Thank You Steve Jobs

The world is less of a place without your creative genius.  Perhaps you can reinvent the way we think about the afterlife from the other side.  iBummed


Pabst Blue Ribbon/Union Bindings

I know several people who just made a mess in their pants after watching this.


Etnies Goes Down Under

Yep, even in Australia every girl under 15 wants a piece of Shecks.


Evan Geiselman Gets Busy On Boat Wake At T-Street

Watching people rip miniature waves gets me really stoked, and also makes me think I’m doing it wrong.

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