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Bobby Martinez: No Apologies

Bobby had this to say about his recent post heat interview with Todd Kline.


Sexual Snowboarding Teaser 2 Featuring The Bjork Brothers

Eiki and Halldor Hellgason want to put the X Rated back in X-treme games.


New Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0=Boner

Give me one…on second thought, no.  I would be dead in 20 minutes if I owned that car.


My Shaper Rips: Chemistry Surfboards- Jason Bennett

Yep, he shreds.


Bucky’s Day @ The Dew Tour Salt Lake

Bucky’s getting his vert wheels dirty.


Burton Snowboards: Standing Sideways The Final Teaser

The Phantom cam super slo-mo shots at the end are sick, especially DDavis’ and Jussi’s.


Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model at awsm.com
Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model

Josh Kerr absolutely rips on a surfboard. I should know, I was having a coronary in the announcing booth at The Quiksilver Pro NY surf contest last week when Kerrzy decided to go apeshit and turn his heat into a video part. These pro-model shorts are an undergarment of sorts. Meant to be worn under your board shorts to keep the boys in check. They act as a compression short. This can be very important if you suffer from the dreaded long nut* syndrome or if you are going anywhere that sea lice can sting you on your pee pee.

* From Urban Dictionary
Long Nut: when a man’s scrotum becomes stretched out over time and hangs lower than it should.
i.e.-you know you have long nuts when you get a temperature reading of toilet water whenever you take a number two.
potential causes: inadequate support for the hairy beanbag during impact sports

Buy It $59 Categories: Board Shorts, Style

This Is What Happens When You Inject A Fetus With Redbull

Seriously, what the hell is going on with kids these days?  Hats off to you little man!

8 years old doing backside 540′s and 720′s. The X Games competition area is going to need babysitters next summer.


Steve Nesser For Adeline

Bank to kickflip to boardslide…


Malibu Hamish: The Crail Tap Interview Part Deux

This guy seems so awesome. I hope to someday meet him and hear of his life philosophies.

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