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Etnies: The Scheckler 6

Ryan just dropped his new shoe and filmed a commercial around Los Angeles to get the hype going.


Thrasher’s Death Match SXSW

Miniramp session from Hell along with some great bands. Check out Duffy and Rob Welsh at the end.


John Florence Is On One RIght Now

JFlo is making it look like  a Hawaiian ASP World Champ  could be crowned in the very near future.


Chad Bartie Party

Bartie is one of my favorites.


Treadmill Fails

My face hurts.


AWSM On Alli: Episode 10

Danny Way’s documentary Waiting For Lightning, SWhite wins Euro X slope and other stuff your mind can’t handle.


T Puds Winning Tampa Pro Run

Calculated and flawless, although I would like to have seen a bit more flow around the course.


ATDI: The Classroom Show

At The Drive In is my favorite band of all time by a long shot. This old footage of them back in El Paso ( Omar’s and Cedric’s hair is yet to be afrocized ) The sound is kind of shitty, but it suits the band at that point. They were abrasive and raw and it took a few listens to really hear what was going on underneath. Their first album is still one of my favorites. I am so stoked that they are back together!  Hopefully the next album will be just as raw as Relationship Of Command, although I wouldn’t mind if it was like Vaya.


Throwback Throwdown At Breckenridge

I’m trying so hard to manage this into my schedule ! This looks like so much fun.


Shit Mike Burnett Says

I laughed.

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