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Patagonia Surf Shop Cardiff Turns 5

Sweet little vid about the Patagonia surf shop in Cardiff By The Sea. Bonus sightings of Hago’s, The Pannikin, and Micah Mattson.


John Jackson Is On Burton

Really?  Sure it’s pretty cool and all, but wasn’t he kind of on Burton anyhow?


Dylan Rieder- Male Model, Appreciates A Fine Wine

Dylan has a new truck coming out on Thunder.  What better way to inebriate, I mean celebrate, the new release than with a bottle of signature wine.

Seriously though, I was just in New York with Dylan at this party,  and he was accosted by like 4 modeling agencies in the span of about 10 minutes. All I can say is that he better not ever go to prison.


Eric Geiselman Is Back On Board

Eric has been sidelined for a while with some jacked up ankle business. Well, it looks like he’s feeling much better now.


Thrasher Magazine’s Double Rock: Nyjah Huston

Nyjah looks so different with skinny jeans and about 30lbs less hair on his head.


Guy On A Buffalo

Yep, just a guy on a buffalo.


Krooked Skateboards: Zaggin’

Krooked has a bunch of new Zaggin’ boards for you to cruise to the store and blast off curb cuts.



American Juggalo…..WTFBBQOMG!   “Down With The Clown Till Your Dead In The Ground”


Airblaster: The Ninja Suit Edit

These are the most comfy suits ever. There have been many occasions where I wear mine for 4 days straight in Colorado. You wear it under your snowboard clothes, then when you come back home, you can marinate in it while you watch tv, then sleep in it like a sweet pair of jammies.


One D Way

Danny Way’s part from the classic H-st vid Hokus Pokus. I must have watched this video one thousand times.

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