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I-Path: Rolling Rock Part 1

The I Path sessions flat rock.


Organica Skateboards: Walker Ryan

Raw with no chemicals.


BF3 Comes Out Tuesday

Clear my schedule Pam.


Surfing Lake Michigan: October 2011

This is early October. The wave heights this past Wednesday and Thursday were 20 feet in the open waters. Hope to find some footage soon.


LRG Team @ The Active Park

Is the ollie over the couch a Zumiez diss?


Arnette: Del The Funky Homosapien Fire Drill Glasses

Mr. Bob Dobalina has a new shade out, brought to you by Arnette. Check it out.

Ohhh, ohhh, pissin’ on your steps!


I Love Science Part Deux: The Superconductive Hover Board

Guess what, Michael J Fox’s skateboard from the future is here. It’s just really cold and needs every sidewalk to be magnetic.

Go to 59 seconds to see the hot action start.

Thanks to AWSM French fan Axel for this video. Merci home-slice!


Powell Peralta: Steven Reeves At The Mammoth Skate Park

I’m really feeling the back side disaster to butt ride.


Rainy Day At Drop Box

Vancouver Island has some amazing surf. It takes a committed soul, knowledge of the sea, and a nice zodiac doesn’t hurt.


Every Third Thursday: The Slasher

Sidecut is for pansies…along with camber and high backs and edges.

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