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AWSM On Alli: Episode 9

In this episode I invade the privacy of Chemistry surfboards, there’s a rat that snowboards, and Louie Vito shaves with a beanie on!


Prometheus: The Extended Trailer

This weekend a new trailer dropped for Ridley Scott’s prequil to the Alien movies. Ridley Scott continues to deny any hard ties to the first Alien movie other than it’s in the same universe. I can’t see how this is possible seeing that there are several solid visual clues that directly link Prometheus to the first Alien movie where they find the old ship with all the eggs in it. Guess we will all find out June 8th.


Sugru: The Ultimate Sticky Repair Stuff

I just got some of this stuff in the mail, it’s amazeballs to say the least.


Style Vs Math

Here is what I think was a pretty stylish modern slopestyle run. Although the run lacked two 1260′s, it more than made up for that in style.


Luckiest People Ever

There are some gems in here.


Wow He Learns Fast

SWhite slope style gold at Winter X Games Europe.


Ride Along POV Style WIth Terje At Redbull Supernatural

There is some deep pow up in those hills. I just got done doing the voice over work for the Supernatural NBC show. The footage is sick, should be a good show.


Group B Action In Finland Circa 1983-86


Young Wise Tails: What Youth?

The Coffin brothers are about to drop a new project on us.


Louie Vito’s Second Place Run At The Burton US Open

I love Louie’s new backside double chuck. It’s totally different from anything that I have ever seen in snowboarding. I can’t tell if its because he’s grabbing indy or that it slowly has evolved into a different rotation. When he first learned them, they looked a just like a basic backside double chuck.

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