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I love the whole feel of this video. It makes me want to slide curbs and push fast at things I have no business pushing fast at.


Reef McIntosh Bags North Shore Wave Of The Winter

With Pipe in his back yard, Reef took time out from his busy watching the San Diego Chargers loosing schedule, he bagged a big one at Backdoor.  Surfline and Nike put together this vid to show you how it broke down.


Julian Davidson Rides For Thunder Trucks

Julian also has some pop.


Brick Harbor: PJ Ladd Cruises Boston’s Streets

Fellow Mass-hole PJ Ladd takes a trip back to his homeland and sessions some of his old spots on some of the roughest streets on the planet. Seriously, if you grew up back east you know what I’m talking about. It’s amazing what passed as skateable.


Alien Workshop XRAY With Tyler Bledsoe

New decks and new wheels are dropping from Alien right now.


Mark Mc Morris Takes A Top To Bottom Park Lap At Mammoth

Eero Ettela provides the follow cam action.


Surfer Mag: The Hot 100 Trailer

The top young surfers on the planet right now in this free vid.


Heavy Metal Painting

I think you could get amore even coat listening to Mastodon.


Yes: Sled Shred

If you have ever driven a snowmobile in the backcountry you know that they can be really fun. They can also be the most frustrating thing on the planet since puberty.


Bells Beach: Kelly Slater Round 3

Kelly once again did the unbelievable coming back in the last 8 seconds of the heat to get the win with a hunt to the inside for a last ditch reverse at the shore. Unreal

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