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Globe Year Zer0: The Final Teaser

Globe sets your senses on a journey of sight and sound.


Drivers Ed In The Middle East

Holy shitballs of Allah!  Nothing quite like learning how to drift in 5 o’clock traffic.  Oh bonus, you guys missed the school bus and the gas tanker!


Surfboard Wall Mount Bottle Opener at awsm.com
Surfboard Wall Mount Bottle Opener

The best thing you can have outside next to your barbeque is a bottle opener. What would make the opener even cooler?  If you have to ask then just…

Buy It $26.95 Categories: Gear, Home

John Florence Joins The Nixon Team

John John is one of the new up and coming surf stars that has a solid skate background and brings that flavor out into the water with him. However, huge airs and good style are just the beginning. Being raised at Pipe has equipped him with an uncanny ability to read dredging barrels as well.


August At Snowpark New Zealand

Wow, that looks really fun.


ZooYork Post: Chaz Ortiz In Chicago

Chaz Ortiz has flow and style.


Oliver Kurtz Gets Artsy

Oliver has some of the best instagram pictures. They are mostly of butts n boobs, but people like that.



I bet there were barely any giant great whites anywhere near those guys, especially with that seal colony right there.


The ‘Pitted So Pitted’ Guy’s Father?

Either that or this guy just threw in  a 24 oz Red Bull suppository.


Angry Grandpa Watches 2Girls1Cup


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