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Gymkhana World Tour

Boobs, slowmotion, tire smoke and hoonigan shenanigans.


The Sith Who Stole Christmas

This is funny to me.


World Industries Welcomes Derek Fukuhara To The Team

Smooth litte edit from the folks at world. Whenever I hear the name Derek, I automatically think of the quote from Stepbrothers-”Hey Derek you know whats good for shoulder pain?”


Nick Rosa Has Some Water Pop

It’s been really fun for surf the past couple weeks in California,


Japan Has The Best Game Shows

I imagine this show is called Slippery Stairs Of Intense Time or something very similar. Seriously, Japan knows how to entertain thru pain.


Thrasher Magazine: Grant Taylor SOTY

Why wouldn’t he be the skater of the year? He’s easily the best all terrain skater alive today. Watch for the floaty ollie to nose blunt and the face high frontside ollie in the skatepark. God he’s so good. When I grow up I want to skate as good as he does.


Quick Ste' 3 from STE' T.V. on Vimeo.


Nate going for a shred at Brighton.


Operation Deep Blue

Ok, so now we are jumping out of helicopters into the middle of the ocean to ride huge uninterrupted swells?  Yeah sure, sign me up.


I Am Searching For The Words To Describe This

It takes a lot of effort to be that weird. I mean, it’s not like he doesn’t have skills. It’s like he’s never seen anyone else skateboard and made up his own way of doing it.

Thanks Spatziba and Per Hampus


Stepchild Snowboards: Man-am’s

Man-am ah nam doot do dood do doot

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