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Somebody Get This 7 Year Old A Caffinated Energy Drink Sponsor

Just kidding.


With Great Power Comes Greater Laziness

“Total pile of Sith Master Dave has become” -Yoda


The Skies Are Falling And It’s Waist High And Glassy

Is this surfing in the year 2212? God, I hope not. That means that stand-up paddle boards are still around.


Signal Snowboards- Every Third Thursday: The Snow/surf Board

Has Signal snowboards come up with the ultimate quiver killer?


Livin’ Lou Vito Loca

Louie Vito gives you a tour of his life. I consider this like a cribs episode of his soul.


I Am Thalente

This little piece on a kid in South Africa who was basically saved by skateboarding and the park that was built by the beach is truly inspiring. He says some very enlightened things that I think we could all take to heart these days.


P.S. We’re Back

A bunch of my pals look like they are having so much fun riding what appears to be powder. If you don’t live in Canada, the odds that you have seen powder this year are pretty slim.

Ps: I wonder what the PS stands for…maybe panty sessions or party snake?


Mike Crum Has Always Been One Of My Favorites

He’s still got it!


Taylor Steele/Years Around The Sun: Corona’s ‘Where You’d Rather Be’


The Finnish Beeber: Frontside Ollie

Ten bucks says Iikka has had this on repeat for the past 2 weeks.

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