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Is this real? It seems real enough to me. If so, I wonder how long it will be till I can order a pair of these through the Sky Mall catalogue in the back of the airplane seat?


Kyle Leeper In The Rain

This Etnies video is about a year old now, but it still speaks to me. It says, hey you go skateboarding when it’s raining and don’t worry about your bearings.


Spitfire Wheels: Enter The Daewon

Good to see some new Daewon footage. His upcoming part in the new Almost video should be another masterpiece of technical wizardry.


Franken Wagen From Hell

This thing has to feel like your kicked in the chest by a pony when you go wot.  Where there is will there is a way….as long as the bag of money is big enough.


Le Promo

WOW, there is some heavy skating in this vid!


The Lie Detector Test



Idaho Banked Slalom Run

The Smith optics crew in Idaho have an amazing back country scene going up there.  Perfect cat groomed kickers into deep powder fields, endless pow runs, and now it seems, one of the most fun looking banked slalom courses ever!  Shayne Pospisil provides the entertainment.


AWSM On Alli: Episode 9

In this episode I invade the privacy of Chemistry surfboards, there’s a rat that snowboards, and Louie Vito shaves with a beanie on!


Prometheus: The Extended Trailer

This weekend a new trailer dropped for Ridley Scott’s prequil to the Alien movies. Ridley Scott continues to deny any hard ties to the first Alien movie other than it’s in the same universe. I can’t see how this is possible seeing that there are several solid visual clues that directly link Prometheus to the first Alien movie where they find the old ship with all the eggs in it. Guess we will all find out June 8th.


Sugru: The Ultimate Sticky Repair Stuff

I just got some of this stuff in the mail, it’s amazeballs to say the least.

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