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Left Foot Braking Technique

This is one of the videos that helped me get my head around the left foot braking process.

I have been teaching myself left foot braking now for about 6 months and really got a chance to put it into action last week at Willow Springs Raceway. Why would you give a shit about braking with your left foot you ask? Well, you will find out soon.


Grapes To Rasins Alaskan Iceberg Wakeboarding

I’m not much of a wakeboarder ( I have experienced savage high speed enemas and twisted ankles every time I have wakeboarded) although I love wake surfing. This just seems so crazy to me, but in the way that you think it’s totally awesome.


Tashkeel Ramp: Dubai

Wow, that ramp is more art than ramp.


Dane Reynolds Likes To Ride Weirdness

Here we see Dane Reynolds riding two strange boards shaped for him by Alex Knost. They are called Brown Microwave Television Toasters or something. They are singlefiins and more likely than not, if you and I tried to ride them we would go straight.


Real Skateboards Introduces: Popslickles

Remember when Santa Cruz did the ‘ever-slick’ boards back in the 90′s? Real skateboards is bringing the slick bottom skateboard back. If you have a ledge or flat bar that just won’t slide no matter how many bars of wax you rub on it, then it’s time for a Popslickle.


Official Travis Rice Supernatural Teaser: Coming In March To NBC

This is going to be one Hell of a show. Guess what? I’m doing the commentary and I can’t wait.

I don’t know how many of you saw that leaked footage yesterday but this contest is nothing short of amazing.


Thrasher Digi Montage

Bangers galore in this new Thrasher Clip.


AWSM On Alli: Episode 3 The Bones Brigade

In this episode of AWSM’s web show, I go to Utah to find some snow finally and run into the o.g. Bones Brigade at Park City.


Kelly Slater: 2 Oops 1 Bowl

See what I did there?


The Ultimate Snowmobile Pucker Hole Moment

This video is called ‘Death on a cliff with a snowmobile’. I think it should be called, ‘Second chance at life you fucking idiot with a snowmobile’. Talk about a pucker moment!

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