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Viper Bodysurfing Fins at awsm.com
Viper Bodysurfing Fins

Have you ever body surfed? No … not riding the whitewash on your belly. But actually riding on the open face of a wave with a weird rippling feeling on your tummy. It really is a unique experience. If you have doubts on how rad it can be, check out Mark Cunningham bodysurfing at Pipe. It’s amazing. Viper makes some of the best fins out there for both body-surfing and body-boarding. Get some and get barreled on waist high days.

Buy It $59.95 Categories: Gear, Surf Hard Goods

Vertical Urge Presents: The Fun Has Begun

North Carolina has some talent.


From Street To The League: Eric Koston


Transworld Snowboarding Team Shoot Out Teaser Trailer


Lost Atlas

Julian, Chippa, Dane, Dusty, Dillon P and more ! On I Tunes the first week of August from the makers of Modern Collective.


Hooray For Earth: True Lovers

I also really like this song and video.


The Naked And Famous: Young Blood

I really like this song.


This Kid Has Parkour Potential Written All Over Him

Believe me, I should know, I’m a parkour expert.


Quiksilver Cinematic Video: Bryan Fox Gives It To Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood is in Oregon and resembles a giant ice cream cone.


Warren Smith Talks About The New Pieces He Designed For Insight

This is really funny to me for some reason.

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