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The Avengers Official Trailer

omg omg omg omg omg……I just had a nerdgasm.


This Is How You Skate A Mini Ramp

The O.G. Plan-B team sessions their mini from the legendary movie Questionable. Danny’s stuff at the end is mind melting.


Thrasher Magazine Presents: Aliens In America

I have had the pleasure of traveling with Omar, Dill, and Dylan on several different occasions. All I can say is that those were probably some of the funniest van rides ever. How insane was that backyard skatepark? I want that.


DC Shoe Co Presents: Wes Kremer

Wow, that frontside 3 over the access ramp railing was not small and perfect.


Sterling Spencer No Longer Goes By Centaur

By the looks of it, he no longer stands to pee.


Tanner Gudauskas: Stuck On A Boat Part 1

I’m ready for a boat trip to Indo right now. Actually, I’ll take anything with warm water and waves that behave in a predictable manner. It would also be fantastic to not surf in water that smells like catfood and is the color of iced tea.


686 Outerwear: The Process

This is how outerwear is made kids. Tune in next week for a lesson on how to wear the proper sizes for your image.


Just In Case Your Monday Sucks: Jonny From Airplane

Leon’s getting larger!


This Is My Winter…And This Is Me Shitting My Pants

Xavier de Le Rue is a warrior. The lines he gets himself into make me nervous while I sit sipping coffee in my kitchen. This is a completely different sport than the one that I do. Amazing stuff.


Idiot Of The Month Goes To…

Here is a person who had a steady diet of lead paint chips as a child with way too much money as an adult.

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