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Holy Cow

“Is there an In And Out around here somewhere?” – People in India love it when you say that.

Skateboarding in the land of sacred cows and movies with a lot of strange music numbers.


Supernatural Superteaser Number 2

Man, if only a certain someone would do a spectacular re voice of this…


Micah Mattson Shreds A Wuss Pipe

Micah Mattson former Zero pro* shreds your face.

*Micah never turned pro because his ankle declared jihad on his body. I’m fulfilling a dream for him by turning him pro now.


Hooning A Mobility Scooter In The Snow

Bahahahahahahah! Dude is schmobbing.


Volcom Europe Summer Tour 2011

It took a while, but Volcom has dropped a 4 part edit from last summers tour of Europe. The footage of Rune and Alex skating the over vert in Copenhagen is mind blowing.


Quiksilver Reports: Hawaii Last Week

I could use a little island in my life right about now.


RS5 In Action

Man, this car is looking better and better. Shame about the engine though.


Parker Coffin On The North Shore

Apparently this is part 1 of Parker getting some on the North Shore.


FTC Promo 2

Here is the second promo for FTC’s upcoming video dropping eventually.


Loonatics Episode 11

Loon Mtn in New Hampshire is hot bed for snow slipping talent these days.  Funny that this should get thrown up today, just yesterday I found my Loon Mtn Snowboard certification pass to ride the whole mountain from 1989.

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