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Buster Bio Fuels

Bio fuels are the future. Just think about being able to drive your car for 300 miles based on what greasy meal Rosy O’Donnell had for dinner last night. Buster Halterman and the crew behind Buster Bio Fuels have some pretty major clients around the San Diego area. Lego Land and the San Diego Padres are backing the initative, so why don’t you?


Gt3′s In Their Natural Habitat

I think the exhaust note could make a great ringtone for my phone.


A Poem For Kim Kardashian

I look at this guy and see my friend Mark Gebhardt for some reason.


There are over forty 360′s in this video.

If you know me you get it.

Pierre Wikberg and I shot this yesterday at my local park. I just learned backside 360 ollies the other day. It took me 20 years.


Ozzy Wright: Pray For The Johnnys

Ozzie is a character to say the least. There are some really interesting clips in this video. The follow cam footage at Macca’s is pretty awesome.


Rodrigo Tx Streets Of Brazil

Rodrigo Tx has a new signature truck from Venture. His home of Brazil was the inspiration for the art design of the truck.


Louie Barletta Looks Like Lloyd From Dumb And Dumber

Every time I see him, I think of Lloyd.

Old footage of Louie from a New Zealand demo that I swiped from Spatziba. Thank Per Hampus


Hey Hawk

I guess i’m on some weird para-glider/hawk kick this week. I think that hawks are awesome. I kind of wish that one went psyco on the guy though. It would have made for a way more dramatic video.


Nixon Jibfest: The Full Edit

Here is the full Nixon Jibfest in all of it’s glory.


San Francisco Does Not Suck

Well…it depends on your lifestyle choice and where you end up at 3am doesn’t it?

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