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Vinyl Flooring Fail: Car Brakes

That had me laughing out loud.


T-Puds: Primitive X DVS Collab

Pretty sick seeing footage of the best street pros when they were just little skatepark rats.


Ammo: Manny Santiago

Nollie heelflip boardslide with plenty of height to spare.


Nathan Fletcher Talks About His Mega Teahupoo Wave

That cave looks so scary. Then you remember it’s breaking over 3 feet of water…


Grant Taylor Is My Favorite Skateboarder

He can do it all. Gay twist body jar then a mega gap tre-flip ? AWESOME


Bob Burnquist Drops Into A Mega Bomb

This is seriously the craziest thing I have ever seen. What the hell is wrong with Bob?


Taj And Friends On Tavarua

Oh man, I am so jonesing for a trip to Tavi right now. I bet the Tavi rights was so good that day!


Omar Salazar LR-Part 1

Looks like Omar has a new shoe for skateboarding and escaping men in black. I like how loose Omar’s trucks are.


Silver Trucks: Biebel Ballin’

This reminds me of that DC edit at Danny’s and Collin’s warehouse where they had all these crazy basketball shots. Biebel has sweet manny flip skills as well as a mean high jump.


Nike SB Skate Movie Teaser

This looks to be pretty heavy hitting.

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