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This Is Me On I-5 Everyday

Nemesis !!!!!


Thank God For Airbags

Don’t hit a wall at 120 mph, ok? I have a feeling the airbags won’t really do anything.


Adaptive Action Sports

This is truly remarkable.


Think Skateboards: Business As Usual

Think skateboards has been laying low for a while. One of the greatest skateboard companies from Nor Cal is about to make their comeback.


Skimming On A Whole Other Level

Brad Domke shows what is possible on a skimboard. I can’t figure out how he’s even holding a rail on those smaller waves, never mind those 6 footers!


AWSM On Alli Episode 13: The Great White North

This week I took the show on the road and went up to Northern Canada to get some shred time before the pow pow is all gone and replaced by the smell of thawing dog shit. Please excuse the iphone video quality through some of it, my camera took a shit on me.


Frank Gerwer Vs Horse Tranquilizer

Oh man…I can smell colors….and I feel like my hands fell off….

Antihero skateboards says no to drugs all the time, especially when you find them on the street and they are meant for horses and water foul.


Matt Banting & Gabriel Medina Shredding Windslop

Two of the most promising up and coming surf stars show what can be done when you say your spot looks blown out.


Snowmobile Hardflip

What am I looking at here? Whatever it is, it’s pretty neat.


2102 Audi R8 LMS Wet Track Testing

Listen to it purrrrrrrrrrrr !

I want to knock Lady Gaga out and car jack hers! I bet that monster’s car never even sees redline.

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