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Rock Paper Dynamite

More German guy observations. Remember, he just wants to make good techno music.


Iouri Poslatchikov: Switch Double Mc Twist 1260

This is out of control.


Nick Swardson/Wheelchair Cat: More Powder Than Shaun White

Nick Swardson is funny.


Gabriel Medina: ‘Now I’m Here And I’m Just Ready To Do It’

Gabriel Medina would go on to win the Quiksilver Pro France earlier this week in a final against Julian Wilson.


Volcom Canada Tour: Part Toonie

Part two of the Volcom team goes to Canada eh? for some shredtime.


Wolf Creek: Footage From Opening Day

Thats pretty neat. ¬†RIght there is some fun looking snowboarding. You can tell it’s fun snowboarding by the way it is.


Tourettes Guy: Sounds Like Chewbacca Taking A Shit

I’m sad on the inside because tourettes is a terrible disease. However, on the outside, I’m doubled over and laugh pointing.


Plan B Team: Aloha From Hawaii

Man, Duffy can strum a mean ukulele and Sheckler can land shit from great heights.


GT3 Pikes Peak 2 Wheel Drive Record

That right there makes me want to drive fast and reckless. Forza 4 anyone ?


Skateboarding In Oregon Is Fun

Luda-Crooks n’ the gang get busy with more of Oregon’s cement masterpieces. ¬†That kicker/snake run at the end is amazing x 10.

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