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Thrasher KOTR Part 1

Thrasher mag has a skate  trick/scavenger hunt/challenge competition. Teams go on a road trip and attempt to get the most points to win the overall prize. The challenges range from the mellow to the savagely obscure. I think it’s the best competition in any sport.


Raiders Of The Lost Art Of Stop Motion Animation

Once upon a time there were no cgi effects.


Kevin’s First Day Back

Here’s the  video of KP and his first day back on snow. Monday was a very special day here in Breckenridge.


GoPro: Shotgun Barrels At Pipe

It gives you the feeling of being there. They should have had a pov of someone getting falsed to really complete the experience.


The Dictator

He was born to offend. I can’t wait.


Nabit at awsm.com

Do you want to shoot action sequence photos of tre flips down 30 sets but all you have is your iPhone?  Thank goodness that there is an app for that. Now if there was only an app that would let you actually land tricks and stop wasting gigs upon gigs of memory.

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Johannes Presents: The Road to Stranda from www.helgasons.com / 7-9-13 on Vimeo.

Halldor Is A Male Model

The Road To Stranda is a cautionary tale full of mystery and romance.


Thrasher Mag Classics: Gonz Kickflip EMB

The real classic is Phelper trying to keep it together.


Quiksilver: The Pipe House Chronicles Part 1

This is the story of 7 surfers, picked to live on the beach in a little house where you get yelled at by Reef McIntosh if you wear your shoes inside.


Google Street View With An Assault Rifle

I wonder what his perks are?

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