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Josh Kerr Gives Kelly The Old ‘Ass In Your Face’

Kelly would go on to win the Trestles event so don’t feel so bad about the burn.


Crystal Skull Shot Glass at awsm.com
Crystal Skull Shot Glass

Hold on guys, I just need to skull this Don Julio…ahhhhh. Now where did I put those car keys?
Kids, if you’re going to booze, don’t drink and drive. Also if you’re going to booze, make sure that you drink from the glass of doom!

Buy It $9.99 Categories: Gear

Night Surfing With An ET

This is so cool I’m sweating…although now that I think about it, ¬†could be the 4 cups of coffee.

*contrary to popular belief, ET does not stand for extra testicle.


Toy Machine Skateboards: VideoDrone Tube Shooter

Collin Provost is the shooter of so much tube. Remember kids, it’s better to shoot the tube than to hide the tube. Well…I guess that really depends on lifestyle choice.


Role Model Productions: Cockfight

Just in time for Cocktober it’s Cockfight the snowboard movie. Good to see new footage of Chad Ottersrom.


Nike Snowboarding: Vapen Sessions #3

Nike in Norway for the third in a series of boardin’ n fjordin’.


Ghost Wave: The Cortez Bank Book

This looks like an amazing read if you like stories of open ocean and mega waves that eat sailors for breakfast. Buy the book here.


Forum Snowboards: Vacation World Premier Teaser

Vacation all I ever wanted…


World’s Greatest Drag Race

So much awesome going in a straight line.


Etnies/32 ‘Ammo’: Brandon Hobush

What’s the difference between an Am and a Pro these days? As far as I can tell it’s a bigger bank account. The skills these “Am” kids have are often times better than the “Pro’s”.

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