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Rob Dyrdek “Kickflips” A Car

In the new Nitro Circus movie, someone does a 1440 kickflip to darkslide. Now that was impressive.


Sk8Mafia: A Day In The Park Teaser

Day In The Park should be dropping very soon, until then feast your eyeballs on this teaser.


Quikislver Presents: Dane Reynolds Moments

I’m going to start calling awkward occurrences,  Dane Reynolds moments. It just sounds so dramatic.


Dew Tour Breckenridge: Slope Style Finals

I am in shock about how rooked Sage was and that runs like the one Chaz Guidilocks and Mikkel threw down were only good enough for 4th and 5th.


Winter Dew Tour: Breckenridge Men’s Pipe

Shaun White did the biggest backside air ever yesterday in the men’s half pipe final. The fact that he could go that big while wearing women’s leather pants was impressive. What’s more impressive is how high he could go with so many people hanging off his nuts…the same nuts that were being held hostage by a pair of size 0 leather snowboard pants. All smart-assiness aside, he seriously went so big it looked fake.


Billy Morgan: Triple Backside Rodeo At Keystone

Quiksilver Europe rider from the UK, Billy Morgan, threw the first triple back rodeo on a standard (non custom build with making triples in mind) park jump. The triple went down at Keystone earlier this week. The second most incredible thing about this clip is Billy narrowly missing Cheryl Maas who was doing the “grape lady” at the bottom of the kicker.  The level of riding is off the charts right now.



If you don’t want to go and skateboard after watching this edit you are dead to me.


Carts Of Darkness

I don’t know how I missed this when it came out. The full movie is available online if you do a little sniffing.


Hawaii By Matt Wilkinson

Wilco has been battling a staph infection since the Quik Pro NY. I wonder how that’s doing?


Thrasher KOTR Part 1

Thrasher mag has a skate  trick/scavenger hunt/challenge competition. Teams go on a road trip and attempt to get the most points to win the overall prize. The challenges range from the mellow to the savagely obscure. I think it’s the best competition in any sport.

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