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Elm Co Presents: Justin Schulte

Smooth style and a massive bag of tricks makes Justin the hot commodity of the spring.


Hypermountain: California

I love this edit. Just the cruising around Venice, Bear Mountain, and Northstar Resort looks like it was so fun with these guys.


Solomon Snowboards: Team Vacation Japan

The Solomon team gets in the van and drives around Japan getting some powder, rails, and a whole lot of beer from vending machines.


Billabong XXL Awards

Here we go…the biggest and the baddest of the season.


Skier Gets A Gutbuster Surprise

Wow, how’s your guts?


AWSM On Alli: Episode 14



Remember back in the day when Terje dominated the boarder-cross circuit ? That was when he would do backside 180′s off the final jump and flip the rest of the field off that was behind him. Ahhh, those were the days. Now when you think of Boarder-cross you think of moto armor and failed attempts at methods. I like where this new concept is going. You have to do a trick off the final jump, and you are scored on that trick as well as where you are placing in the race.


Phantom Flex Camera And Stuff Being Destroyed

I think I should have posted this on 4/20.


Bode Miller Only Needs One Binding

WTF? Abadee abadee abadee that’s all folks!


An Army Of Skaters

This is such a cool toy.

*Thanks to Boardistan for the link.

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