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Quiksilver Presents: The Tony Hawk Show India

I was at the last Tony Hawk show in Paris two years ago and it was amazing. Lyn-z Hawkins-Pastrana did a Mc Twist and Sandro did a 900! If your in India ( Not Indiana ) go have some dahl and watch people do aerial kickturns.


Julian Wilson: Euro Trip Part Deux

I didn’t see part one so I was totally lost on what the plot was.


New York Clip 12: Jumping On Cars

What’s skateboarding all about? Cars…jumping on cars.


Airblaster: Respect Your Elders-The Lost Footage

I am looking at jumps and my legs are twitching. This is getting bad.


The Pow Surf Chronicles

I am starting to freak out that I haven’t been snowboarding yet.


Men Love GoPro Footage Of Bikinis N Surfing


I love This New Indian Boy Band

They put the hammer in Mc Hammer.


Snowskating Is Heavy Now

Ambition snowskates put out this vid and I am blown away.


Clown Terrorist Training Camp

Fire the javelin!


Taj And Pals: Fiji Part 3

Im trying to figure out what wave that is. It’s not Tavi rights and it’s not Swimming Pools…Wilkes maybe? Either way I want to go there right now and do things to fun rights.

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