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Ally Oop Front Side 5 On A Surfboard

Surfers would call it a backside ally oop full rotation. Doesn’t that sound stupid?


Quiksilver Presents: From The Office Of Bryan Fox

This is the first installment of Quiksilver’s new web series.


Hippo Poop Fan

The wonders of mother nature never cease to amaze.


Ruka Park: Disco Fever

Eero Ettala and friends shred in their home country of Finland. Soon in Finland there will be no sunlight during the day and everyone will be drunk because there is nothing else to do.


Billabong Presents: Surf Madness

Horse heads have all the fun.


We’re Waiting On You Dude

Etnies went to Europe and you know there is always that guy on team trips. The guy who when the van is leaving in the morning can’t be found or is still asleep at noon.


Lancer Evo RS Turbo/Supercharger Music

Ahhh, isn’t that a soothing sound? The whine of the sc is amazing.


Rotiform Wheels

If your not into the slammed on bags so low you can push a penny down the street just marvel at then new wheels that Roti has out.


Frends Vision

The Frends crew gets ready for the fist contest of the season. In this episode Scotty locks Luke in the potty. Then in ironic fashion, Luke later shits on Scotty in the competition.


Santa Fail: Ho, Ho, Hoo-ly Shit Are You Ok Santa?

Who gives Santa a replacement hip for Christmas?

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