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Out2Brunch: Indo

Matt Wilkinson has a sweet new website called Out2brunch full of randomly awesome videos. Some of them are surfing and some are just him in a gilly suit wandering around town.


Del Mar Skate Ranch 1984

Blow the dust off this one.


Trevor Colden Is Now On Emerica

Gee, that was a small hardfilip.


Kolohe Surfs Small Waves Better Than You Ever Will

I wish that I could do 5% of what he can do on those rights.


Meet Tommy And Andy

Finch and The Machine are on Amazing race right now. I can’t wait to see what happens…as long as it’s not on the same night as Terra Nova.


Top 5 Things You Don’t Want To Experience

This would come in around number 3. Number 1 would be that weird bug that swims up your pee hole in the Amazon. You can do the math on the rest of them and post it on our Facebook page or something.


Hot Dogs And Hand Rails 2011

HD&HR went down this weekend up in Big Bear. As always a good time was had by all. I am hoping to see a good drunk fight video from the deck at Big Bear. You know that there always is a good one!


Phoenix: Live Version Of 1901

I love this album.


Bobby VS The Edgar

Such a good little skate edit. Interesting lines make me happy.


Now I Have Seen Everything: French Windsurfing Park

If you don’t speak french, Slayer works well for a soundtrack.

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