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AWSM On Alli: Episode 15

This weeks episode is a little short. That’s because we were busy traveling for ┬ánext weeks banger episode. Thanks for watching and tell your friends to subscribe n stuff.


Billabong Presents: Code Red

This is the full movie. Carve some time in to that busy schedule of Call Of Duty and watch some large waves in Tahiti.


Prometheus International Trailer

If it seems like I am a little too excited about this movie coming out, you may be right. In truth, I haven’t been this anxious for a movie to come out since George Lucas’ prequel atrocities back in the day.


Major Moves

This kid has some crazy talent.


Hola Chanco

Sterling Spencer slips into his Mexican alter ego to get the first swell of the year south of the border.


Retro Bobby

That place is full of my childhood. Not sure I would let a guy with that haircut ever give me a haircut but it would be cool to check out his collections.


Garett Parks Gets To Work

Wow that looks incredibly fun…and warm…and fun.


Willy Akers Gettin’ The Drop On Lil’ Weezy

All bullshit aside, that was a gnar tail pop/drop.


Elm Co Presents: Justin Schulte

Smooth style and a massive bag of tricks makes Justin the hot commodity of the spring.


Hypermountain: California

I love this edit. Just the cruising around Venice, Bear Mountain, and Northstar Resort looks like it was so fun with these guys.

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