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Girls Of Summer Fail Compilation

Nothing makes me laugh harder than a cheer leader falling flat on her face.

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I think thats like some hip way to say California if your Koa Smith.


Alien Workshop x Panda Bear Deck at awsm.com
Alien Workshop x Panda Bear Deck

Alien Workshop and the band, Panda Bear, have teamed up to release a limited edition skate deck celebrating the release of Panda Bear’s new album.

Buy It $49.95 Categories: Gear, Skate Hard Goods

Dew Tour Ocean City: Rune Checks Out The Bowl

Crazy that they put up this sick bowl for the event this weekend and then jack hammer the thing on Sunday night.


Backflip To 50-50

I had to watch that like 30 times to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.


Surprise Excitement Party: The Most Badass Trailer Ever

Transworld Surf’s new film promises to move you more than Schindler’s List, or a strong black coffee and 7 prunes.


Light Saber Chop Sticks at awsm.com
Light Saber Chop Sticks

Force feed yourself. Light saber chopsticks are awesome. Eat your Mon Calamari with style.

Buy It $23.92 Categories: Gear

This Is What We Have Been Waiting For

Billabong brings  the 20 year Fiji swell from Cloudbreak to your lap. This seriously looks so scary. I know that some of you are like: Dude that looks so fun. If you have ever been out at Cloudbreak on a day that is over 5 feet Hawaiian, you know that is kind of serious unless your Mark Healey. This size makes the place absolutely terrifying to me.


Fintastic Voyage

Eerro and Iikka go to Windell’s and get foam pitted…so pitted.


Adaptive Action Sports

Adaptive Actions Sports is a non-profit that helps those that are dealing with permeant disabilities get out there and rip.

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