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Connor Coffin: The Frends Edit

There is no I in friends, however there is a ME in enemy.


Josh Kerr: Single Fin Shredding On A JBay Lay Day


Nixon TPS Speakers at awsm.com
Nixon TPS Speakers

Nixon is making moves in the audio department. Their new TPS speakers are USB charge-able, meaning you can take them with you to the beach or anywhere you need audio enhancement. I put it in my bicycle basket and roll around town blaring obscure indie music. The speakers hold a charge for 3 or 4 hours as far as I can tell – I was impressed.

Buy It $80 Categories: Gear, Tech

Khol Christensen Paddles Into A Monster During The Mega Swell Last Week

That is a different sport than the one I do every morning here in sunny So Cal.


Rome Snowboards: The Shred Remains

Rome has a new snowboard teaser for you to drool over until September.


Beer Can Surfboard

First you drink, then you ride.


Sweet Skateboards: Sour

Sweet n sour.


Cletus And Seymour Road Trip To The Element Skate Camp

Mark Appleyard and Tjaden Brewer head to the hills in search of skateboard pleasures. What the hell is a skateboard pleasure?  Man, I’m losing it.


Shell: Ferrari Formula 1 Commercial

This is an alternate edit of the awesome Shell Ferrari commercial. My God this is so sick.


Golden Eye Reloaded

Golden Eye is the reason Halo, Call Of Duty, and Battlefield all exist. So many drunken late hours playing Golden Eye on the Nintendo 64  when I lived in Boulder… pretending I went to CU.

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