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The Kona School

Yet another school that I am jealous that I couldn’t go to.


Jager And Bombs With Nathan Fletcher

Nathan has a new commercial for Jagermeister.


Bothers On The Run: The Jackson 2

Eric and John Jackson are going from Alaska to the bottom of South America on a 6 month journey of adventure and granola. I can’t wait to see this unfold.


Mtn Dew Presents: Keelans’s Perspective

I remember this joke when I was a kid, I thought it was so funny. What do you call the sweat on Dolly Parton’s boobs? Mtn Dew!


The Stockholm Getaway

I haven’t seen this in so long. Highly illegal, but very entertaining.


Matt French Painting Danny Way

Matt has insane painting skills. Someone should hire his ass.


Breck’s Second Season

Breckenridge stayed open a little later this year ( only on Saturday and Sunday ) to make up for the shit sandwich of a winter that the Rockies had.  This is a last day vid of shenanigans.

* Chad Ottorstrom is my pick for most underrated snowboarder of all time. He is so damn good.


COD Black Ops 2 Trailer

Looks like I may need to clear the schedule that week. This fall is going to be a game nerds paradise. There are so many good titles coming out.


Audi Motorsport 1997

What I wouldn’t do for a Sport Quattro….


The Science Of Airbourning

This Art Of Flight spoof is from a bunch of dudes in Canada. I think it’s pretty funny.

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