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Parker Coffin On The North Shore

Apparently this is part 1 of Parker getting some on the North Shore.


FTC Promo 2

Here is the second promo for FTC’s upcoming video dropping eventually.


Loonatics Episode 11

Loon Mtn in New Hampshire is hot bed for snow slipping talent these days.  Funny that this should get thrown up today, just yesterday I found my Loon Mtn Snowboard certification pass to ride the whole mountain from 1989.


AWSM On Alli Episode 4: Where Did The Ollie Come From?

Another episode of AWSM on Alli. Share with your friends because I need views.

Please send in your personal videos of you doing stupid stuff or skating, snowboring, or surfing to AWSM@Allisports.com, and I can talk about them on my show.


Fun VIbes At RIncon

With all the swell we have been having on the West coast, pretty much every spot has been on for the last two weeks. This edit of Travers Adler from Rincon makes me smile.


Lizard King Pushing The Passion

I love watching Lizard skate, he always seems to be having the best time.


Extreme Sign Spinner Guy In Encinitas

Thanks Pierre for this amazing link.


Billabong Presents: Life’s Better In Board Shorts

Actually I’m going to have to disagree…Life is better with no shorts. Unfortunately, everyone can clearly see your nuts when you decide not to wear pants.


You Are Entering The Gnar Zone With D Strong

It’s tool time again with D Strong!  You have to go back and watch the first two episodes. I can’t believe there are actually humans out there with the much lack of self awareness.


Evan Smith Skates Very Fast On His Indy’s

All terrain skills is the new black.

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