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Santa Cruz Skateboards: The Homer Deck at awsm.com
Santa Cruz Skateboards: The Homer Deck

Santa Cruz has teamed up with the people that do the licensing for Homer and company.  Seriously the best looking cruisers yet.

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Pedro Barros: Warm Up Day At X Games Park

Yeah, the person who loaded this video up put the wrong X Games. It’s X Games 17, and Pedro owned yesterday.


Sun Diego Am Slam At The Carmel Valley Skatepark

So that’s why there was a foot deep layer of trash at the park last Sunday morning. HEY SUN DIEGO, COME CLEAN UP THE TRASH  AFTER YOUR PRODUCT TOSS!


Super Surfboards: Sorry, We’re Open

Here is the full Sorry, We’re Open movie. Sit back and take a break from those TPS reports and watch Clay Marzo do his thing.


Eric Geiselman Can Do Frontside Blunts

Cool little edit of Geiselman in South Africa. The surfing was pretty sweet, but that mini ramp looked really fun.


Volcom: Coming Of Ageless

Dusty P and Gavin Beschen do that barrel thing that everyone seems to love.


Actual Human Review: Peter Line at awsm.com
Actual Human Review: Peter Line
Have you ever thought about which one of your friends is the most likely to have a nude painting of themselves hanging somewhere in their house? Well, chances are if you know him, the name Peter Line popped into your head. We all know Peter can snowboard really well and has done this and that for the progression of the sport bla bla bla. Let’s go deeper into Peter. I just felt uncomfortable typing that.

First off Peter is shorter than the average human. He is about the size of an Ewok, just less furry and 30 times more offensive. He is eccentric, which really means weird with money. Pete lives in Seattle in some artsy loft that everyone raves about. I have never been to his home.  I picture a bunch of phallic shaped furniture in his living room that looks really weird, but is strangely comfortable to sit in. Peter loves to cook. Rumor has it that he can perform in a kitchen.  Apparently he was classically trained by the Food Network. I am again getting a mental picture of Pete in his living room filled with penis furniture and nude paintings of himself studying the Food Network. He’s probably in a robe and it’s 3 in the afternoon.

In true eccentric artist style, Peter has found photography. However, I really think his master plan is to somehow convince chicks to take their clothes off for him in his “studio”. I wonder if his studio has windows…or door handles on the inside?

Peter has a love for late nights.

So in summary, we have an eccentric little man who loves cooking and photography and has starred in many blockbuster movies. I’m pretty sure I just described Woody Allen.

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Etnies With Eero

Finnish snowbro Eeero Ettala goes apeshit at the Etnies skatepark. Apeshit? How is apeshit an expression that means to go nuts or crazy? I have my theories that it has to do with apes throwing their poo around when they get mad.  Does anyone even say that anymore?


Ben Gore Went Pro On Stereo Skateboards

Good style.


High Cascade Snowboard Camp: Session 4

Another HCSC session down two more to go.

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