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Sonos Wireless Speaker System

The Sonos Wireless speaker system is a game changer for your in-home musical entertainment. The speakers are tapped thru your  airport or other wireless system. The speakers can be placed anywhere in the house and controlled with your I-Phone, I-Pad, Computer  or any other modern personal device. The absolute raddest thing is the way you can link all your speakers up to play a single track or play different tracks from your music collection on each one of the speakers. Not only your music library but Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM etc. So for example you can listen to The Dead Kennedy’s while you’re cooking dinner while your wife listens to Enya doing yoga down stairs and the kids can be listening to the Muppet Movie soundtrack in their play room. All at different volumes with different equalizer settings etc. It’s a truly amazing system that has to be experienced to really get a grasp on what it’s capable of. Go out and get one!

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This Is How You Are Supposed To Park A V10 R8

I mean, why wouldn’t you?


Ryan Sheckler’s Skate For A Cause

Sheckler’s Skate For A Cause event went down at the Lake Forest Etnies skatepark over this past weekend. Heavy shredding went down along with games for the kids. The event ended up raising around 87,000 dollars for various children’s charities.


Captain Fin Co. / Summer Teeth Fins

This set of fins from Captain Fin Co. has been designed and tested by Dane Reynolds himself. Dane is super picky about what he puts his name next to, so you can bet that these fins perform. Wether they will make you surf like Dane is another matter all together.

These are made for use with a Future Fin Box.

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Snowboarder Mag Presents: Super Park 16 At Bachelor

Looks like things are heating up at Bachy. Day 1 is in the books and things are already getting serious.


Zach Rose Joins The 900 Club

Sixteen year old Zach Rose is the latest to join the super exclusive 900 club. Congratulations to a fellow New Englander !

The Club: Tony Hawk, Georgio Zattoni, Bob Burnquist, Sandro Diaz, Alex Perelson, Elliot Sloan, Mitchie Brusco, Tom Scharr, and now… Zach Rose.

Zach Rose


GoPro Wi-Fi Camera Back

The new GoPro Wi Fi back enables the user to remotely activate their camera from a distance and stream footage to their smart phone or computer. GoPro is constantly stepping up their game. Impressive to say the least!

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Woodward At Tahoe

The new Woodward facility at Boreal is almost open. They are taking a new approach to simulating snow terrain in the summer and from the looks of it, it might just work. The park is littered with transitions, jumps, trampolines, and mini ramps to get  kids whipped into shape to become the next best thing.


The Making Of Absinthe Flims Twel2ve: Gigi Ruff

Gigi is such a character. He’s like a little mountain gnome that can do anything he wants on a snowboard.


Pedro Barros Is No Joke

Pedro goes so fast and huge it’s scary. With the Protec Pool Party coming up this weekend at the Combi it should be a good show.

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