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New Baker Video: Bake And Destroy

Mike Burnett sighting!


Audi TTRS Ripping Through An Australian Tarmac Rally

The sound of a de-catted inline 5 is like music to my ears.


Monster Avy In The French Alps

Wow, super slow wet release slide all the way to the dirt. It’s a wonder nobody was killed in that.


AWSM on Alli: Episode 7

How are the breakers? Some lefts, rights, a-frames, green rooms?


Ride With Us: Big Sky Country

Idaho delivers the goods.


Taj Burrow Wins The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Taj took out Adriano De Sousa out in the final minutes of the Quiky Pro.


Twin Turbo V10 R8 Boner

I desire to have this one day. Watch the digital speedo in the middle, it struggles to keep up with the acceleration.  Everyone needs that in a daily driver.


Archetype: A Short Sci Fi Film

This is one of the coolest short films I have ever seen. It really reminds me of the short film that got the director of District 9 the go ahead to make his movie. Apparently, Hollywood is already sniffing around at the idea of making Archetype into a full movie. Hopefully it can be done in that same realistic, gritty way that District 9 was.


The Great Carlsbad Gap Is Gone

One of the most iconic North County San Diego skate spots has met the blade of a large piece of construction equipment. RIP Carlsbad Gap


Humps-Starring Julian Wilson

Jules goes and gets a few cracking backside twirlys while at home in Australia for the beginning of contest season.

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