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Bruce Irons: Tail On Fire

Bruce Irons is a rad dude that has been through a lot this past year. More than the flair shots, I like just listening to him talk about the passing of Andy and where he is right now mentally. Love ya buddy. AI RIP


Hey Taj Thanks For The Dinner And The Sex

Dion Agius new surf flick, Thanks For The Dinner And The Sex. I know that anything with a provocative title sells, but sex?



This kid probably burned his “blades” and bought a Razor scooter that night.

That ramp was eventually convicted of sodomy.

After the incident, every time he farted it would sound like a rape whistle.


Nate Broussard Is Pro For Roger

Roger that.


Brixton: Fall 2011 Collection

Brixton has the most stylish hats around. They go great with ironic facial hair configurations and anchor tattoos.


DC Shoes: Danny Way-NVRBRKN

D-Way is Captain America.


Weeble Wobble

Man, this guy almost died. You would think that he might have wanted some elementary skateboarding skills before attempting to bomb the local hill. The part where he almost hits that car is sketchy! Plus, look at that mustache…

Thanks to Spatziba for the linkipoo.


Hesh-Tech With Cody Lockwood

Cody takes Burnside apart testing out some new Thunders.



The Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle. Ken Block’s new Ford can be set up for all you sideways sliding needs.

Vid by Pierre Wickberg


Bucky Lasek Winning Run: Dew Tour Ocean City

Chris Miller and Paul Zitzer talk us through it.

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