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AWSM On Alli Episode 17

This week I review the new DC Chris Cole Lite S SE, talk about the Lower Pro, and break down the top 5 vids.


Shadow Skating

Shadow boxing, shadow dancing, and now shadow skateboarding.


Pro Tec Pool Party 2012: All The Top Rippers

The big bowl event went down this past Saturday up at the Vans Park in Orange. The best in bowl ripping came out to shine, but in the end it was Steve Caballero for the Masters and Pedro Barros once again for the Pro devision. I can’t believe how fast and huge Pedro goes in that bowl.


Ian Smith: Bug On A Windshield

Ian slipps out on the take off and gets spit into the wall of the Boreal step up gap at Snowboarder Mag’s Superpark 16.


lego heavy weapons

Have you ever wanted to make scale replicas of the weapons you would find in Call Of Duty out of Legos?  This book gives you the instructions on how to make your own functioning arsenal of brick shooting super weapons.

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Pro Tec Pool Party Warm Up Session

The Pro Tec Pool Party is this weekend. All the heavies have been up in Orange getting ready to draw fast clean lines and take the title. I am going up to watch the Miller family make skateboarding look like it’s supposed to.


Frontside Triple Cork 1440

Off his toes! Are you kidding me?


If Your Thursday Sucks Watch This



You Riding

This free to play web game is so damn addicting. Why this isn’t an iphone app is beyond me.

Play it here.


Snowboarder Magazine Super Park 16 Day 2: Shin Clip Front Flip

Watch and you will see the most nutball trick since the sideslip pole-jam backflip front lip.

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