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RVCA Presents: Cory Kennedy And Bryce Head Up The Coast

Nothing better than a road trip up the coast.


Solomon Team Vacation: Grenier And Bodie Making Bets

Grenier, being the gambling scumbag Masshole that he is, thought he would make a quick 20 spot off of Bodie Miller. Bodie, being a total and complete sandbagger, took the bet and walked off with Grenier’s Andrew Jackson. ¬†That twenty was Grenier’s travel budget for the whole year. Java spent the rest on hookers and blow*.

*The above statement was thrown in for added comedic effect. Java is a church going Spaniard and would never do such things.


Merry Xtrememas

Don’t be naughty this Holiday season or eyes will bleed.


Combining Two Of My Favorite Things: Star Wars And Japanese People

Laugh all you want but her English is a million times better than my Japanese.


Josh Hawkins Gets Some

From the Powell Video Fun!


Thrashers King Of The Road: Part 4

Shenanigans and tomfoolery abound.


DC Shoes: This Is Snowboarding With Ryan Tiene

You may recognize Ryan Tiene from that scene in Mtn Lab 1.5 ¬†(go to 4:13) where Ken Block almost hits hit ass and spins his hips around the other way. I wonder if Tiene thinks that if he stuck his ass out just a hair more he would own 80% of DC Shoes right now. I love Tiene and am bummed we don’t get to travel together anymore. We had some good times in New Zealand.


VSTR: Surfing In The End Of The World-Patagonia

One man, a few cameras, and a solo session in the middle of nowhere. This clip has soul.


The Hobbit Trailer

Oh my God… that gave me goosebumps. I can’t wait.


Dusty Payne: Lost Atlas B-Sides

Dusty had so much good footage for Lost Atlas, they couldn’t use it all.

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