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The Coffin Brothers: Bali Bagus Part 2

Shit, I can’t be watching this. It’s a terrible motivator for the snowboard season.


Smartest Human Ever: 18 Wheeler Tire To Ball Pouch

Stay in school kids. Wait, maybe just don’t do shit that can rupture all your major organs to get on the internet.

This public service announcement brought to you by commons sense and the desire to someday use your penis.


Get It Together Full Length Movie

The East coast is having a run on snowboard talent lately. The Keep The Change crew put together a pretty tight little movie.


Subway Skating

I’m not talking 5 dollar foot longs, I’m talking c.h.u.d.s.!


Audi Brings Back The Allroad For 2013

Audi brings back their all weather masterpiece for the 2013 selling year. The new Allroad will be based off the A4 avant body instead of the A6 avant as in years past. I think the new Allroad looks sick. I have always liked the rugged looks of the that car. I know most Quattro equipped Audi’s are like tanks in snowy conditions, but the Allroad with it’s height adjustable suspension makes it the go to vehicle for shitty condition driving. ¬†Audi USA, I’ll take mine in black. It will look nice next to the TTRS. Do you want the delivery address or do you already have it?

Thanks to Quattroworld for the link. If you have an Audi or just like to look at them, head over to Quattroworld. The worlds best online source for everything Audi. Hi Josh!


Brenno Dorrington: North Point

Brenno has a mean allyoop and likes barrels.


Generations Of Skate Vert Event

The concept for the Sonic Generations contest is to pair up a team of three skaters from each of the different generations of vert skating. For example, Tony Hawk’s sandbagging team was, himself, Andy Macattack, and the Mitchie “I can do 9′s better than you” Brusco. ¬†Awesome concept if you ask me. They should do one in snowboarding.


Acapulco Gold: 2011 Summer In NYC

“Hey waddah you kids doins, get outtah my trucks”


Burton x Star Wars Snowboards at awsm.com
Burton x Star Wars Snowboards

Try and tell me that this license didn’t cost a million republic credits. I have to find a Darth Vader 130 for my boy or he’s going to disown me as a parental figure. If anyone out there works for Burton and wants to give me one, I would be stoked. Kthanxbye.

Buy It $189.95 Categories: Gear, Snow Hard Goods

GoPro Releases The HD Hero 2

This camera is about a million times more intuitive to operate than the last one.

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