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Silver Trucks: Biebel Ballin’

This reminds me of that DC edit at Danny’s and Collin’s warehouse where they had all these crazy basketball shots. Biebel has sweet manny flip skills as well as a mean high jump.


Nike SB Skate Movie Teaser

This looks to be pretty heavy hitting.


Salomon Snowboards: Saas-Fe

A couple weeks back the Salomon crew headed over to Switezerfrance to have a little early season shred session.


Etnies x Plan B Skateboards: Ryan Sheckler

Ryan’s new shoe the 6LX is dropping very soon. Plan B skateboards and Etnies teamed up to bring you this hodgepodge of awesomenss.


Skateboarding VS Architecture

Cool New Zealand produced piece on how skateboarding and unique architecture and public spaces can co exist.


Ken Block WC Wales Rally: Hang Time

Ken can ollie his car super far.


770 HP Audi Quattro S1 Replica Sounds Nice


Nyjah Huston: Rise And Shine Full Movie

Wow is all I can say. Watch it now before it gets pulled.


Blast From The Past: Suicidal Tendencies Possessed To Skate

Wow this just brought back memories. Yeah for Natas footage.


This Explains That Smoke Monster On Lost Better Than JJ Abrams

Smoke monster turns out to be Jacob’s brother…Jesus H Christ, give me a break. Seriously, in all of television, that was the biggest let down ever. Didn’t explain the mechanical noises it made or anything. Nope, it’s just Mr. Black, Jacobs evil brother.

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