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Twelve Year Old Tom Schaar Gets The 1080 First



Penny Skateboards 2012

Penny has been making a huge push globally with their re introduction of the plastic skateboard. Those boards are great for cruising around an office or going to get a coffee but not much more.


Chrome/Cardiel: Sacto To Chico

So sick to see Cards doing anything…


This Song Is Almost As Good As A Coffee

Hot Snakes are on tour right now and if you like to be kicked in the face with music go and see them or at least obtain their albums.

*For fans of Pitchfork, Rocket From The Crypt, Drive Like Jehu, Tanner and loud music that makes you want to do handsprings down your street.


Kekoa ‘Bam Bam’ Bacalso Fin Punching Waves In Hawaii

He reminds me of Rob Morrow. Like, if you look at your hand and all your fingers, he would be the thumb.


Loiter Squad: Episode 1

DIckhouse is bringing more quality programming straight at you.



The pride of Whales Vagina is back and ready to carry out the Lord’s work on channel 9 once again.


Thirtytwo Spot Check: Grenade Games @ Bear

Brandon Hobush and Spencer Schubert have a lot of fun during the Grenade Games up at Bear Mtn.  The Bear set up is so fun this year. Get up there before it melts.


Julian Wilson Wants You To Follow Him On Instagram

Jules is desperate for people to like his photos of cats, breakfast foods, sunsets, and probably a random ass or two thrown in for good measure.



Etnies: The Scheckler 6

Ryan just dropped his new shoe and filmed a commercial around Los Angeles to get the hype going.

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