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This Looks Amazing

Aliens take shits on Call Of Duty  soldiers any day of the week.


AWSM On Alli Episode 17: LFA No Way

In this episode super cars get ollied, big waves get surfed, and  someone does a shin clip front flip on purpose.


Everyone Loves A Tight Tranny

I love transitions that are hard to skate. This one looks like it has a very steep learning curve….get it?


Street League 2012: Kansas

Nyjah the wonder kid takes home another oversized check.


Arvada Colorado Skatepark

Is this Disney for skaters? Me thinks yes.


Is That A SLR Lens On Your I Phone Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The I Phone 4s has a pretty slick camera these days. A lot of people out there have a pretty mean Insta game. You know what makes your Insta game even better? A big fucking lens that doesn’t belong on your I Phone. We all know that this kit will be last weeks news in about a month when the I Phone 5 comes out in June, so if you are going to buy this to attach a SLR lens to your I Phone 4s you better do it now.

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Julian Wilson’s 9.83 Wave In Brazil

The claim would totally have pushed that to a 10. We all know a stylish claim is good for .5 points.


Volcom Fiji Pro

This teaser just made me crave a trip to Tavarua. Anyone going soon and have a spot open let me know/


John John Florence Wins The Billabong Rio Pro

Congratulations to John John Florence on his first big win of 2012.


Nixon Supertide

The new Nixon Supertide is a surfers best friend. With tide forecasts for over 200 beaches across the globe, you will never again have a session ruined by a drained or swamped out spot. The Supertide features a incredibly clear and easy to read face that handles glare like a champ. With 5 colors to choose from, this watch can fit any fashion need. Good looking and functional, everything we expect from Nixon.

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