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Shit Snowboarders Say

I am here to set the record straight,  snowboarders say way dumber shit than that daily.

This was in response to the amazing video “Shit skiers say”


Thrasher Magazines: Street Beers

I can almost smell Div Adams through the computer.


Jossi Wells Can Shred

Professional free skier Jossi Wells can shred on a snowboard as well as double daffy, spread, spread, tuck, a “kick ass blaster” off a mega kicker at the X Games. Jossi’s a cool cat and it’s rad to see him actually have some skills on a one plank as well as the two planks.



See what happens when you shoulder hop?


Spitfire Wheels: Andrew Reynolds

Don’t call it a comeback….

Andrew Reynolds has been on a tear since winning the Maloof Money cup this past year. Look for an Andrew Reynolds signature wheel at a skate shop near you.


Amazing Audi Commercial

It has a dolls eyes….


X Games Reel Snow: Dan Brisse

Dan Brisse has gigante huevos.


Karate Kick

Jay Davies and Rye Crakie boost a few.


Now I Have Two Movies To Look Forward To

Wes Anderson makes gems. Now with “Moonrise Kingdom” and Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” coming out I am regaining faith that re-makes are not the future of movies.

Thanks to Spatziba for opening my eyes to this, I had no idea Wes Anderson was even working on another film.


I Like To Watch This And Think There Is Hope For Snowboarding

Nicholas Muller is exactly what’s right with snowboarding.

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