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I’m A Stupid Cat


This cat lives it’s stupid life inĀ Cleveland.


Drift HD POV Camera at awsm.com
Drift HD POV Camera

The POV camera market has been blowing up lately. The new Drift HD camera features a compact design with an lcd screen so that you can see what the hell you are filming. Based on most of the videos I have watched from the POV angle, people could really use a point of reference. Available August 31, 2011.

Buy It $369 Categories: Gear, Tech

TB-20: Still Making Money

Totally Board, 20 years strong and still going.


Tim Humphreys: GoPro Snowboarding 2011 Edit

TIm has been giving the world some of the best GoPro snow footage for the past two years.


Captain Fin Co: Be Cool Man

New surf movie coming out soon from the artsy folks over at Captain Fin co.


Stitched Up Clipped Up: Teaser

Get ready for East infection that can’t be cured.


Zombie Feet Sandals at awsm.com
Zombie Feet Sandals

You know what? I think that I have seen some feet that actually look worse than these novelty sandals. People, it’s summer time, cut your friggen’ toe nails. Seriously, if your feet look like they belong on an undead brain craving creature from the crypt, get yourself a pedi.

Buy It $19.97 Categories: Sneakers, Style

On This Episode Of Cribs…

Not no regular fish…..Goooold Fish”


Hoppipolla Headwear Presents: Iceland

Hoppipolla sounds like something that Travis Parker would say for three days straight for no reason. Sweet little video featuring the Bjork brothers: Halldor and Eiki Hegason.


Quiksilver’s Door 33: Austyn Gillette

Ok, that back lipslide out of the mini into the wedge is the work of the Devil.

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