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Gabriel Medina: ‘Now I’m Here And I’m Just Ready To Do It’

Gabriel Medina would go on to win the Quiksilver Pro France earlier this week in a final against Julian Wilson.


Volcom Canada Tour: Part Toonie

Part two of the Volcom team goes to Canada eh? for some shredtime.


Wolf Creek: Footage From Opening Day

Thats pretty neat.  RIght there is some fun looking snowboarding. You can tell it’s fun snowboarding by the way it is.


Tourettes Guy: Sounds Like Chewbacca Taking A Shit

I’m sad on the inside because tourettes is a terrible disease. However, on the outside, I’m doubled over and laugh pointing.


Plan B Team: Aloha From Hawaii

Man, Duffy can strum a mean ukulele and Sheckler can land shit from great heights.


GT3 Pikes Peak 2 Wheel Drive Record

That right there makes me want to drive fast and reckless. Forza 4 anyone ?


Skateboarding In Oregon Is Fun

Luda-Crooks n’ the gang get busy with more of Oregon’s cement masterpieces.  That kicker/snake run at the end is amazing x 10.


WTF Wednesday: “Vere Do I Gets A Varrel, Zees Es 2011?”

I am dying.


Josh Kerr And Asher Pacey: South Of The Boarder

Kerzy has become one of my favorite surfers lately.


Gleaming The Cube Trailer

I always loved the switch between the freestyle board and the regular sized board and the back and forth from goofy to regular.  Oh, and Natas’ ollie into the back of the pickup truck used to be so bonkers.

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