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The Making Of Absinthe Flims Twel2ve: Gigi Ruff

Gigi is such a character. He’s like a little mountain gnome that can do anything he wants on a snowboard.


Pedro Barros Is No Joke

Pedro goes so fast and huge it’s scary. With the Protec Pool Party coming up this weekend at the Combi it should be a good show.


Aqua Grip Surfboard Wax

The guys over at legendary snowboard wax manufacturer One Ball Jay have surfboard wax too. They have actually been making this for a long time but I just noticed this sweet packaging for the wax. Kids love skulls.

Buy It Categories: Gear, Surf Hard Goods

AWSM On Alli Episode 16: Disney Surfing

In this episode we head to Florida to ride man made waves and roller coasters.


Kid Creature Launches Limited Edition Surfboard Line

The Kid is everywhere!  Remember everything bought from Kid Creature donates 10% to help kids in need.


Gabriel Medina Surfed Like A Man Possessed At The Nike Lowers Pro

I went up there on Saturday to watch the final heats. Gabriel was on a mission. Every single wave was surfed perfectly all the way to the beach. I don’t think he fell more than 5 times the entire event.


Matix Presents: Krooked Park Crashers

The Krooked team dropped in on the Matix skatepark for a little session.


The Kona School

Yet another school that I am jealous that I couldn’t go to.


Jager And Bombs With Nathan Fletcher

Nathan has a new commercial for Jagermeister.


Bothers On The Run: The Jackson 2

Eric and John Jackson are going from Alaska to the bottom of South America on a 6 month journey of adventure and granola. I can’t wait to see this unfold.

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