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Spaniard Ed Talks To Kevin Jones And Willy McMillon About The State Of Snowboarding

I approve this message.

I think Ed from Buoloco needs subtitles so that you can understand what the hell he is saying half the time.


Paster Blaster: Penny Skateboards

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and hunt dinosaurs with a spear? Well, this is nothing like that at all. However, Penny skateboards will bring you excitement and danger from the long lost time of free love.


Slater Is Part Dolphin

Kelly shredding a really fun looking right in Central America. I think he gets more speed body surfing than I do with a board.


Pinchmysalt Presents: Surf Madness!

Sterling Spencer’s surfing sarcasm makes me an instant fan.


Shaun White: Winning Vert Run

Shaun skated like an animal on Saturday night. Easily going 3 feet higher than everyone else on every air. In typical dramatic fashion, he waited till the last run to take it.

Seriously, the heel flip frontside air was like 11 feet high.


Bob Burnquist’s Winning Mega Run

I’m not sure how fair Mega is with one of the 2 permanent ramps being in Bob’s back yard, but man he’s good at it.

Oh yeah, Tony that was a switch backside 540.


Pastrana Talking Shit

Hanging with Travis in his trailer with his broken ass foot. He tells us about mudding his drawers at the same time he slammed and not realizing it till he got to the hospital. This is the X Games coverage everyone wants to see.

Travis’ team at Subaru hooked his car up with hand controls so that he could drive in Sundays race here at X Games 17. Travis Pastrana is badass.


The Art Of Flight: Teaser Trailer 2

Travis Rice and Brainfarm put out another ocular orgasm of snowboard cinematography. This time it’s metal up your ass for the soundtrack. The world premier is coming up soon in NYC, see you there!


Will The Mini Take The Mega?

MItchie Brusco putting down 9′s in Mega Ramp practice. Rumor has it he does a 720 over the 40 into the 900. I’ll be standing there tonight waiting for Jake Brown to do a 25 foot high 900 to answer back.

Don’t let this thumbnail of Sal scare you off.


Reef Presents: Benny B’s Secret

This is episode two of the Satly Summers series from Reef. ┬áBenny Bourgeois has a secret…I hope it’s not herpes.

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