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Thrashers King Of The Road: Part 4

Shenanigans and tomfoolery abound.


DC Shoes: This Is Snowboarding With Ryan Tiene

You may recognize Ryan Tiene from that scene in Mtn Lab 1.5  (go to 4:13) where Ken Block almost hits hit ass and spins his hips around the other way. I wonder if Tiene thinks that if he stuck his ass out just a hair more he would own 80% of DC Shoes right now. I love Tiene and am bummed we don’t get to travel together anymore. We had some good times in New Zealand.


VSTR: Surfing In The End Of The World-Patagonia

One man, a few cameras, and a solo session in the middle of nowhere. This clip has soul.


The Hobbit Trailer

Oh my God… that gave me goosebumps. I can’t wait.


Dusty Payne: Lost Atlas B-Sides

Dusty had so much good footage for Lost Atlas, they couldn’t use it all.


Glory Ride

Not to be confused with a “Glory Hole” this skate film from the UK is pretty amazing. Watch the end credits. They are all time.


The Streets At Seven Springs

The Seven Springs ski area in PA looks like it has a pretty sweet set up. Good to see the East Coast ski areas stepping up their park game.


Snowboard History: My Part From Big Jean Fantasy Circa 1993

This was all filmed at A-Basin and Loveland Pass in the spring of 93. I’m so stoked that Chad Otterstrom digitized this. Thanks Chad!!!


Ford GT Pov

I love Ford GT’s. The GoPro footage feels like I’m playing Forza.


SpaceBalls: We’re At Now Now

I forgot how flippin’ funny this movie is.

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