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Skateboarding Classic Clips: Cardiel

One of the best styles in the business. Here’s some old footage of Cards and friends.


Red Bull Minor Threat: Episode 1 Mentawais

Pairing pro’s up with the rookies and sending them to a tropical wave paradise.


US Open Of Surf: This Is How Slater Dusted Dusty

Seriously, Kelly Slater must have dolphin dna or something.


Windell’s Snowboard Camp: Session 6

The summer shred season is coming to a close. Now your either heading down to NZ or South America to chase the dream.


This Is What Happens When You Cheat


Lil’ Wayne Drops Fools

A large part of me wanted to see him get concussed.


I’m A Stupid Cat


This cat lives it’s stupid life inĀ Cleveland.


Drift HD POV Camera at awsm.com
Drift HD POV Camera

The POV camera market has been blowing up lately. The new Drift HD camera features a compact design with an lcd screen so that you can see what the hell you are filming. Based on most of the videos I have watched from the POV angle, people could really use a point of reference. Available August 31, 2011.

Buy It $369 Categories: Gear, Tech

TB-20: Still Making Money

Totally Board, 20 years strong and still going.


Tim Humphreys: GoPro Snowboarding 2011 Edit

TIm has been giving the world some of the best GoPro snow footage for the past two years.

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