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John John Florence Wins The Billabong Rio Pro

Congratulations to John John Florence on his first big win of 2012.


Nixon Supertide

The new Nixon Supertide is a surfers best friend. With tide forecasts for over 200 beaches across the globe, you will never again have a session ruined by a drained or swamped out spot. The Supertide features a incredibly clear and easy to read face that handles glare like a champ. With 5 colors to choose from, this watch can fit any fashion need. Good looking and functional, everything we expect from Nixon.

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Jacksonville’s Kona Skatepark: A History Lesson

This is a great piece on the oldest skatepark in the USA. I skated Kona once a long time ago, it was about as burly as a park could ever be. That tombstone is not messing around.


Surfing Baby

Man this little guy can shred!  Start them young I say. This kid was surfing in the uterus.


Stereo Skateboards Vinyl Cruiser

Now there’s an idea…a plastic skateboard that actually grips your feet!


Kelly On A Few Little Ones

This vid of Ke11y shredding up near his home in Santa Barbara is fun to watch. Just a couple high tide waves that Kelly seems to find all the right places to crank a couple cutbacks and pop a few airs.


Wilko’s Tubesteak

Matt Wilkinson gets under a few lips for some major tubesteaking.


Volcom Presents: Alec Majerus

Sixteen year old talent looking stylish beyond his years.



That’s not a parking spot!

*go to 49 seconds for instant action


Julian Wilson Shredding D’Bah While On The Injury Rehab

Doesn’t look like that ankle injury is bothering him anymore.

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