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Laps At The “Ridge”

Low tide snow year for almost everyone won’t stop the fun. You hear that Mother nature…


Audi Snow Porn

Looks like a good time. I wonder if Breckenridge will be cool with me doing that?


Ben Raybourn Will Shred Your Face

Only nerds wear glasses. I bet he’s super smart.


Oh My Various Worshiped Deities , Ridley Scott’s Prequel To The Alien Trilogy…Prometheus

The origin of the “Space Jockey” from the first Alien movie. Where did the Xenomorphs come from? What caused Hicks game to be over¬†? I don’t know if your up on current affairs, but this is going to be awesome!!


Christmas Fail

I think I’ll start my shopping today.


Kolohe Andino: One DayCEMBER

I don’g know why CEMBER is capitalized. It’s probably to be artsy. Art often takes the road less traveled. Kolohe is still good.


RVCA Presents: Cory Kennedy And Bryce Head Up The Coast

Nothing better than a road trip up the coast.


Solomon Team Vacation: Grenier And Bodie Making Bets

Grenier, being the gambling scumbag Masshole that he is, thought he would make a quick 20 spot off of Bodie Miller. Bodie, being a total and complete sandbagger, took the bet and walked off with Grenier’s Andrew Jackson. ¬†That twenty was Grenier’s travel budget for the whole year. Java spent the rest on hookers and blow*.

*The above statement was thrown in for added comedic effect. Java is a church going Spaniard and would never do such things.


Merry Xtrememas

Don’t be naughty this Holiday season or eyes will bleed.


Combining Two Of My Favorite Things: Star Wars And Japanese People

Laugh all you want but her English is a million times better than my Japanese.

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