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Pinstripe Skate Deck at awsm.com
Pinstripe Skate Deck

If you like your skateboards like works of art, then check out the meticulous detail that is going into these decks. Pinstriping takes a very steady hand. It seems like it would be a shame to do a lipslide with one of these decks.

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Little Snow Sh!ts

This is the future of of snowboarding, and I like their attitude.


Thrasher Magazine: Session In The Abyss

A really heavy vert session went down last week in Carlsbad at the DC ramp. Elliot Sloan did an “eggplant on the extension”-Gator


Aaron “Jaws” Homoki: A Happy Medium 2

We’re going to need a bigger board. Kickflip melon body-jar?!!!


HCSC: Session 5 Video

JP Walker, Simone Chamberlian, and pals take to the frozen snowcone for one of the last sessions on the volcano.


Wanaka Snow 101: Episode 1 Snow Park NZ

This vid makes me bummed that I’m not heading down to New Zealand this summer. I have had so many good times there. If you haven’t gone, you should go soon. Truly one of the coolest places to go on this big blue marble we call home.


Sponsor This: A Snowboard Movie Teaser

The gratuitous use of slow-motion makes me want to stab my eyes out, but the trailer is pretty sweet.


Krux In Japan Part 2


Coastal Carnage Final Round

The cab disaster was the balls.


MGMT Performs Kids At The Us Open Of Surfing

I’m the guy in the middle with the red Quiksilver shirt on.

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