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AWSM On Alli Episode 21

This week I try to get to the bottom of why some people skate one way and snowboard the other way. ¬†Jussi gives me some insight on why it’s like that for him. Then I sit in my man chair and review the new X Box 360 game, Dirt Showdown.


Kelly Slater Wins The Volcom Pro Fiji

Kelly wins another one against the Brazilian wonder boy, Gabriel Medina. In perfect 5 foot Cloudbreak, Kelly had a 20 year advantage over Gabriel. The eleven time world champ has been coming to Tavarua since the beginning and knows that wave like the back of his hand. Congrats to Ke11y!


Bucky Lasek: Rally Car 50/50

This past weekend, Bucky got thrown off his line going into the kicker portion of the Global Rally Cross race in Texas. He had no choice but to abandon his current line and 50/50 a barrier for 100 feet. In typical Bucky fashion…he pulled it.


Nitro Presents: One Run With K-Nut

Knut Eliassen goes for it at Park City. He does 3 triple corks in a row followed by a double backside rodeo and a back lip down a quad kink closeout donkey dick over a pit of rabid lions.


Yesterdays Cloudbreak Supersession

As the footage slowly gets uploaded from the coconut internet on Tavarua and Namotu, one thing is becoming very clear. Yesterday will go down as one of the heaviest days ever surfed. Cloudbreak started off unruly in the morning while they started the Volcom Fiji Pro. Two heats were run and it was decided that the 3 foot chop running up the face of the waves was not good for anything but bucking people onto their backs while a foam ball the size of grocery store attempted to eat them. Well, that afternoon the wind changed direction and 90% of the best big wave surfers in the world were there to take advantage of the lower tide and calmer winds. Reef McIntosh may have got the wave of the day. For sure he got a cover. It was sick to see guys like Josh Kerr who you don’t usually see throwing themselves over ledges quite like that, going at it with the specialists in big wave charging. I was also blown away by Damian Hobgood, who for some crazy reason was sitting inside of everyone taking off on these scary drainers over about 2 inches of water. I have been caught on the inside at Cloudbreak before on a head high day and it sucks, I can’t even imagine what yesterday was like!


Sitting Shotgun In a Lancia Stratos And Delta S4

Supercharger with a turbo.


Parallel Parking Done With Boss-like Precision

Wonder what the learning curve is on this?


Volcom Pro Fiji: Cloudbreak Freesurf Session

The boys getting a few without the singlets on. ¬†Looks like they better bring their A game tomorrow, the swell looks like it’s going to be massive.


Real Street 2012: Jaws

How do his body parts not declare Jihad on him after jumping down all that shit is beyond me.


GoPro: Kelly F* Slater

Here are some things the F could stand for: farting, fencing, fellating, fornicating….

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