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Gall Dang It’s Mudhole Water Draggin’

The only thing that would make this video better is someone getting really hurt.


Toy Soldier Skaters at awsm.com
Toy Soldier Skaters

Skate or Die maggot! I want these rad little toy soldiers. My favorite is the one checking out the concave on his deck.

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Skate Or Diet

Someone throw the kid a rope made of Laffytaffy for shitsake!


Loy Back on Board from Birdhouse on Vimeo.

Birdhouse’s David Loy @ Quiksilver’s Door 33 Park


Burton Presents: Storm Warning With With PBS News Team

Danny Davis looks amazing as a 70′s newscaster. I really think he should ditch the whole David Crosby look and go for Ron Burgundy.


Foster The People: Helena Beat

Seeing as how MTV would rather show swamp trogs in reality situations, and not give us videos anymore, I find it my duty to bring them to you. Here is this summer’s most overplayed song and it’s video companion. By the way, I’m one of the many that is overplaying this song like crazy. Enjoy


Erik Boner…I Mean Roner, At The Us Open Of Surf

This is the best coverage of the US Open I have seen.

Bonus Brandon Lillard sighting!


Clay Marzo In California

Clay comes for a few barrels at Zuma.


5 Year Old Sage Katz Is Better Than You

I swear it looks like one of those remote controlled surfers.


How To Claim Surfing

Throw your hands in the air and wave em like the judges score ain’t fair!

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