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Thrasher Magazines: Street Beers

I can almost smell Div Adams through the computer.


Jossi Wells Can Shred

Professional free skier Jossi Wells can shred on a snowboard as well as double daffy, spread, spread, tuck, a “kick ass blaster” off a mega kicker at the X Games. Jossi’s a cool cat and it’s rad to see him actually have some skills on a one plank as well as the two planks.



See what happens when you shoulder hop?


Spitfire Wheels: Andrew Reynolds

Don’t call it a comeback….

Andrew Reynolds has been on a tear since winning the Maloof Money cup this past year. Look for an Andrew Reynolds signature wheel at a skate shop near you.


Amazing Audi Commercial

It has a dolls eyes….


X Games Reel Snow: Dan Brisse

Dan Brisse has gigante huevos.


Karate Kick

Jay Davies and Rye Crakie boost a few.


Now I Have Two Movies To Look Forward To

Wes Anderson makes gems. Now with “Moonrise Kingdom” and Ridley Scott’s “Prometheus” coming out I am regaining faith that re-makes are not the future of movies.

Thanks to Spatziba for opening my eyes to this, I had no idea Wes Anderson was even working on another film.


I Like To Watch This And Think There Is Hope For Snowboarding

Nicholas Muller is exactly what’s right with snowboarding.


One Word To Describe Danny Way

From the upcoming Danny Way documentary Waiting For Lightning.

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