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Lib Tech Surfboards?

This is really exciting. The crew over at Boardistan got the low down on the new top secret project that Mike Olson has been cooking up and testing up in Washington.  According to the few that have seen the boards up close and the fewer that have ridden them, the game is about to change as far as the way we think good surfboards are made.

This is fairly long. Olson tends to give you all the details when talking to you about anything.


Bones Brigade Movie: An Unexpected Journey

I just saw this movie the other day. I can tell you that it’s not what you think…it’s way better.

A must see if you skateboard or came up an outsider or misfit as a youth.


Tighty Whitey’s Perfect 100

Shaun White won the X Games Super Pipe comp on his fist run. This was his victory lap and it netted him a perfect 10. Does this mean that there is no run that can be better than this? To hand out a perfect score is kind of pointless in my opinion. All it says is that there is no room left for improvement. Shaun’s run was bonkers but, in my opinion, at best it was a 97 or 98.

What do you think ? Oh, when responding, try to keep the nut swinging to a minimum and give an honest opinion on the score, not of what you think of his personal/business ventures.


Ugly Kids & Company Presents: Break Em Down…

This vid is from some Breckenridge Colorado homies that have been making/milking the best of this shitty winter in the Rockies.


Bob Burnquist’s Dream Land Game For Iphone

Mega ramp switch backside flip ? Yep, there’s an app for that.


The Birdman Can Still Fly

To say this is impressive is an understatement.


AWSM on Alli Episode 2: Ken Block

In this episode I go out to Utah and Ken tells me stuff about his stuff.

AWSM on Alli is a new show that I am doing that drops every Saturday.


Halldor @ Keystone

The best part about the Winter X Games Big Air was watching Halldor’s coach give him advice at the end of each of his runs. I hope you saw it. Lord Johannes is my co-pilot.


Front Flip On A 500 Pound Couch With An Engine

I seriously can’t believe someone front flipped a sled. I thought I was going to watch someone get cancelled on live tv.


Torstein Horgmo’s Perfect Triple Cork At The Winter X Games

Torstein’s triple cork in the big air was amazing. They showed it 5 times in Mega Horga-mo.

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