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Woodward At Tahoe Grand Opening

This past weekend the new Woodward facility at Boreal Resort in Tahoe opened to a massive crowd. There were pro abound including yours truly.  The facility is amazing to say the least. It has everything you could possibly want. Mega ramps into foam pits and resi’s, trampolines that bounce you to the ceiling, and a perfect cement skatepark with more lines than Disneyworld on spring break.


New RS4 Avant: 13 Minutes Of Wagon Porn

Dear Audi USA,

We here in the United States are sick and tired of only being offered increasingly boring choices in the utilitarian automobile department. Not everyone wants to have a “mom tank”  built to tower over everyone on the freeway but unable to take a corner at anything over 5 mph.   Give us a high powered sports wagon and  we will be happy. Oh and while you are at it, get rid of that normally aspirated bologna, and strap a couple snails to the side.

Sincerely, The USA


Lemme Drink Some O That Shit!

Pepper spray neutralizer…or just windex.


Volcom Pro Fiji: The Big Day

Here is the recap of the massive day out at Cloudbreak. That afternoon it cleaned up and was one of the, if not THE  heaviest session of all time at the legendary Fijian break.


Selfish Skateboards New Video

New Selfish skateboards vid dropping the end of June. One can only hope that J Casanova has an amazing rap video somewhere in there.


Bottle Cap Blues

You can open a beer with just about anything, even a slice of pizza.


Umthumbo: Durban Street Team

Umthumbo is a program in Durban South Africa that helps get kids off the streets and give them options like skating and surfing and soccer to re direct their tendencies to something positive.


AWSM On Alli Episode 21

This week I try to get to the bottom of why some people skate one way and snowboard the other way.  Jussi gives me some insight on why it’s like that for him. Then I sit in my man chair and review the new X Box 360 game, Dirt Showdown.


Kelly Slater Wins The Volcom Pro Fiji

Kelly wins another one against the Brazilian wonder boy, Gabriel Medina. In perfect 5 foot Cloudbreak, Kelly had a 20 year advantage over Gabriel. The eleven time world champ has been coming to Tavarua since the beginning and knows that wave like the back of his hand. Congrats to Ke11y!


Bucky Lasek: Rally Car 50/50

This past weekend, Bucky got thrown off his line going into the kicker portion of the Global Rally Cross race in Texas. He had no choice but to abandon his current line and 50/50 a barrier for 100 feet. In typical Bucky fashion…he pulled it.

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