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Billabong Tahiti Pro Webisode #1

The boys talk about Chopes’ and what being in Raimana’s world is all about.  I love small pass!


The Skatelord Returns: Volcom In Columbia Part 2

Tropical skateboarding will de-hydrate you in 7 minutes flat.


Redbull Presents: Minor Threat-Part 2

I wonder if it’s too late for me to learn every air in this video? I also wonder if surfing shitty waves everyday will hamper my efforts?


July At Snow Park NZ

I love that shot of the Possum Bourne statue.


Strippers And Powder Junkies Teaser

Cool video coming out in September from our shredder friends from Japan.

It’s easy to forget that Japan is still experiencing the devastating effects of the tsunami. Donate if you can.


An Intimate Restaurant Date With Kelly Slater

Kelly surfing Restaurants while everyone else was at Jbay.


Gall Dang It’s Mudhole Water Draggin’

The only thing that would make this video better is someone getting really hurt.


Toy Soldier Skaters at awsm.com
Toy Soldier Skaters

Skate or Die maggot! I want these rad little toy soldiers. My favorite is the one checking out the concave on his deck.

Buy It $ TBA Categories: Gear

Skate Or Diet

Someone throw the kid a rope made of Laffytaffy for shitsake!


Loy Back on Board from Birdhouse on Vimeo.

Birdhouse’s David Loy @ Quiksilver’s Door 33 Park

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