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The Beginning

Just two bro’s down in Mexico riding tandem jetski.


Jed Anderson/Nick Dirks: The Re Edit

Directers cut


Juliet’s First Hardcore Song

Is it me or does she look exactly like the singer from Faith No More circa 1990? They definitely are wearing the same outfit.   She has a better voice that’s for sure.


Luke, Don’t Give Into The Dogside Of The Force

This is funny to me.


Volcom Presents: Dan Brisse-Harsh Times Of Real Snow

DB shows you what went into his part for the X Games Real Snow.  Looks like the dude at the end got herpes under the tree that morning.


Mega Party

Listen, if you party as hard as these 50 something men at 3 in the afternoon while changing a tire, you are ok in my book.


The Helgasons: Loud Laps At Park City

Looks like somebody listened to the Ghetto Boys on the way to the hill,  pounded a Monster and picked up the camera. Although, when you really listen to it, the running commentary sounds more like Kid Rock’s little dude that died.


Somebody Get This 7 Year Old A Caffinated Energy Drink Sponsor

Just kidding.


With Great Power Comes Greater Laziness

“Total pile of Sith Master Dave has become” -Yoda


The Skies Are Falling And It’s Waist High And Glassy

Is this surfing in the year 2212? God, I hope not. That means that stand-up paddle boards are still around.

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