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Clint Peterson: Stride Gum Commercial Outtakes

Your mom’s pretty good…


Danny Macaskill: Industrial Revolutions

I wish I had 1/10 of that bike skill. I think 360ing off a 10 foot wall would come in handy on my sunday trips to get coffee with the family.


Somebody Let The Pilot Light Go Out

Man, that is some crazy atom splitting.


Backyard Pool Session With Big Bird And Pals

This vid reminds me of the old Powell movies.


Whitewash Trailer

A thought provoking film about what it’s like to be a black surfer in America. I was bummed that the trailer was over and I couldn’t sit there and watch the whole thing right now.


Dew Tour Portland: Bowl Semi Final Highlights

Jaws’ knees are made of urethane of a soft durometer.


Dew Tour Portland: P-Rod’s Solo Run

Making money.


TTR New Zealand Open: Slopestyle Wrap-up

I don’t ¬†know who they have doing voiceover but it might be the worst I have ever heard in snowboarding.


Surfing Up Highway 1 With Wilko and Damo

Los Angeles to San Francisco up the 1 is the best driver ever. Throw a surf here or there and it gets better.


A Happy Medium 2: Josh Hawkins

She did say lamp…

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